Jurgen Klopp and Liverpool players emotional as they lift Champions League trophy

BT Sport

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    Jurgen Klopp has lost six consecutive finals as a manager, but he wasn't going to let the haters stop him believing in his group of players. On June 1st all the hard work paid off...
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    1. Friday Ojie

      Just like yesterday

    2. mark kinrade

      Love this club. Liverpool are my life. Keep the trophies coming

    3. ᆞ뿌웱

      크 맛깔나게 든다

    4. Jamie Jones

      Spine tingling that best team in the world



    6. syauqi ilaik official


    7. Hashmat Ullah

      M salah great player love him

    8. Jonathan Chan

      Who’s watching this in 2020!

    9. the N.A.K

      Watch all the celebration videos- Alberto Moreno was the happiest. But he was an unused sub the whole season

    10. Xuudi Ciise

      can't wait premier league

    11. Mr M

      Philip Couthnio has left the chat

    12. James Corcoran

      Who’s here in 2020? This is genuinely the best trophy lift I’ve ever seen

    13. rohith ravi

      watching it again n again,,,literally with tears in my eyes !!!! The way Hendo lifted the trophy was a thing of beauty !!!!!

    14. Basit Abbasi

      When i am having a bad day love watching this !! 🙂 Makes my day !!! 😃

    15. jaywill4ever

      Alisson thought it was a Harlem Shake video.

    16. 황지수

      li kingverpool

    17. ShamshadFC 08

      Soon it's gonna say Liverpool lift the Premier league .

    18. C K

      Anyone watching this after they won the premier league?

    19. Ryan Murphy

      Cant wait to see that shuffle lifting EPL at Anfield

    20. Kash OFFICIAL

      *United is the best and dominant team in the world* Liverpool: Hold my trophy

    21. Quang Hung Nguyen

      Love the way J.W.Henry celebrated the trophy.He is the owner but just stood silent at the side to share the happiness

    22. 이아

      1:58 팔딱거리는 빨강 생선들

    23. nick1428

      Hands down one of the most magical group in the history of sport. They’re a majestic level of class and comradeship

    24. TheCableguy x

      Have watched this a few times hahaha but its annoying when i see the players who did nothing for us in the cl like moreno and sturridge being at the front and vvd somehow pushed to the back. Pure arrogance.

    25. The Great Metropolis

      Just here for my daily dose of Champions League winning Glory.

    26. nick fury

      Klopp, as they say “third time’s the charm”

    27. Aryan Narula

      COYS anyone? :( :/

    28. When The Rebel Comes Home

      Jürgen Klopp could become the Alec Ferguson of LFC.

    29. Jesper Bengtson

      2020 is gonna be PL, whos with me

    30. Ambroseguy 101

      2020 anyone?

    31. Jonathan Chan

      Who’s watching this in January of 2020?

    32. Iwanttheapplewatchplz Iwantheapplewatchplz

      Who is here in 2020 still the greatest moment of 2019 YNWA🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆

    33. 혀누

      King OF LIVERPOOL🤪

    34. Fanne Cristian

      Lovren is crazy , i love him.

    35. Mr Ozy

      Arguably the best team in Europe that season. Nobody come close

    36. The Official Tard

      Henderson can just count on lifting trophies to build his arm strength...

    37. Sam Broadbent

      What a time to be a Liverpool fan 💪🏽❤️

    38. Michael Carr

      What a buzz and am not even Liverpool fan.

    39. erosion271

      Think John Henry deserves some praise too. Rescued our club from behind the brink of financial failure and backed any manager we had with money. Legend 👍

    40. Andie Nuar


    41. Ameir Afiq

      What makes me feel goosebumps is when our owner and his wife joining them celebrate on the stage together. Henry and his wife, both are the reason we won.

    42. Michael Yildiz

      Amazing trophy lift. Can't stop watching. Also does anyone know the background music happening from 1:25 to 1:50 ? Please.

    43. linet rakamba

      henderson lifting the cup was cute

    44. Frank Redmond


    45. IDs Ballboy

      1 ปี 3 ถ้วยใหญ่ ทีมอังกฤษทีมแรก ที่ทำได้ สุดจริงๆ!

    46. raziq hamimi

      and now they won club world cup

    47. woodnrth4114

      anyone watching this after winning the club world cup?


        woodnrth4114 me,

      2. Mark Whittaker


    48. Shadaab Fazal

      WhO is herE AftER LiverPooL Lifted ThE FiFa CLuB WorLd CuP 2019.. Hit LikE ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

    49. Musakhar Ali

      Who's here when Liverpool wins the club World Cup

      1. Abdirahman Mohamed


      2. James Guest

        European treble

      3. Nathan Brown


    50. Wayne Price


    51. Philip Wong

      1:56 Proud John Henry :)))

    52. payton choi

      Rising sun flag = fascist symbolism

    53. Danial Farish

      I will never ever forget this moment

    54. Sebastiaan Franckaert

      December 2019, still here

    55. Celia Ribeiro

      Flamengo win! 3x0 1981 2019

    56. Tuhin Dutta

      Always knew Hendo will lift trophy after trophy ....The passion

    57. zey nä

      Again in wondmurtibilano atletico vs liverpool

    58. 아기공룡동그리

      Is anyone still watching this?

      1. gaXX

        아기공룡동그리 yes and I still get goosebumps watching it

    59. Mohssine MAROC

      Congratulations liverpool.

    60. ラッパーPUNPEE

      The great John henry