Dolan Twins

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    Ethan is the most extra person in the world... The loser has to do something real embarrassing..
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    Thank you Jesse for making this video look DOPE
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    1. Elise Volz

      How did Ethan lose when Grayson fell twice and Ethan only fell once?

    2. Smerika Pokhrel

      2019 anyone? Just wondering

    3. Edits For Kiera

      3:14 aww grays so cute he just gave E a soft fist bump🥰

    4. Stacey Douglas

      Ethan is extra Grayson is photo genic 👍🏻

    5. Lilly Candler.

      Lolll where’d you get the horse

    6. Samantha Medina

      the intro was killing me

    7. Elisa C

      He got the horses in the back...

    8. Emma Nicole

      “can i get a venti pink drink?”

    9. Genuinely Gina

      2:05-2:08 lol Grayson hits Ethan even though he’s already down 😂

    10. Myah G

      Ethan: I aM NoT ExTrA! Also Ethan: 0:13 to 0:56

    11. Lucy Tymczyszyn

      Buys a horse

    12. Alivia Lowery

      does anyone else stay till the VERY end of the video just to see that little blooper or is it just me?

    13. Maddie Eldridge

      where th did ethan get a horse😂

    14. Kara Equestrian

      AHAHAHA He's on a breed of horse called "Fjord"

    15. Dejanayha Hill

      in this video Ethan looks a lot more alike with Grayson

    16. Mela Ricky

      Im a Grayson girl but DAMN Ethan looks hot in that fake armor thingy 😋

    17. Brawl Stars

      Did y’all see Nolan at 3.47 the reflection Like if you saw it

    18. Uniquely MonTi

      “Hi can I get a venti pink drink ?” 😭😂

    19. Lucy Salch

      I wonder if they do this in their free time

    20. Drayasmiles Lynch

      Knight in shining armor

    21. anel iskendirova

      Grayson at 2:17, I think that was the Kun Tzin pose from Mortal Kombat X....😕🤪

    22. que asas

      ethan 2017 : *comes out with a horse* me in 2017 : oh my gawd 😂 me in 2019 : i got the horses in the back 🐎

    23. Alexis Marie

      Ethan’s so extra 😍😍😍😍😍

    24. random me

      Really a house lol omg they would

    25. Geneva Welsh

      "You were my brother Anakin I loved you" someone had to quote star wars here lol

    26. Sparshita Sahu

      Ethan entered as a knight,Ethan exited as a knight

    27. Spill the TEA

      Tf did they get a house from xD

    28. jdk30student

      4:00 FYI that's not a Knight outfit... that's clearly a Roman Trojan warrior costume. js you're about 2,000 years off 😂

    29. Maddy Gibson

      I literally thought Ethan was Grayson

    30. lily caroline


    31. Radhika Ailawadi

      Isn’t Grayson allergic

    32. T pose Mike Glosouski

      “hEy CaN i HaVe A vEnTi PiNk DrInK”

    33. bethany woodward

      does that pony have holes in i swear i saw holes in it

    34. 1Ddolanz

      Happy Dolan twins Tuesday!!

    35. Laila Brito-foster

      Ethan is so extra I love it 🥰

    36. Wonderful Pacheco

      2019 Jesse with the dolans omg ❤❤❤❤

    37. Łemmÿ Čhanneł

      Where tf did they get a horse

    38. Tayvin Browers

      My notification is on like it was sense the first time using GEsels and I like you very much you guys are so cool

    39. cookie monster

      Grayson could get seriously injured if he fell backwards

    40. Autisthicc

      I hope they know that Jousting was in the medieval times and not the Roman times 0:52

    41. Angelika D-A


    42. Georgina Apostolovska

      I wish i was that horse🥰

    43. Rilety Byrnte

      Where the heck did Ethan get the horse

    44. Madyson Kelley

      aww yay my fave youtubers in one vid

    45. Oshendra Perera

      What happened to the horse though.. 😂


      4:22 thick

    47. Emily Poll

      Grasysons already winning in his opinion and his opinion only lol

    48. Ray Magliacano

      Jesse! What a Fun Surprise!

    49. Bianca Furlong-Donaldson

      I want the drink Ethan brought

    50. The Galaxy Cats 2000

      I know a Norwegian horse named Daisy at my stable how looked like the horse in this video 😅