Jonas Brothers - What A Man Gotta Do (Official Video) - REACTION!


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    CHECK OUT MY REACTION TO: Jonas Brothers - What A Man Gotta Do. I LOVE LOVE LOVE when they have the wives on set for a music video, just makes it that much more enjoyable!
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    1. S1LKY

      Loving the iconic scenes!! Nick and Priyanka - Risky Business Joe and Sophie - Grease Kevin and Danielle Say Anything

    2. BOB BOB

      Priyanka is an actor (has done more than 60+ movies in Bollywood)(2002-present), Miss World winner, singer, one of her hit song getting over 160+ million views, which featured Pitbull, Will I am and many more. Director, producer, (has her own production company), Model (being the first ever person to be on Vogue India and the first South Asian to be on many Hollywood covers such as Vogue, Instyle etc. Unicef brand ambassador, entrepreneur, philanthropist. She is the highest paid Bollywood actress in the world and the most followed Asian on Social Media. Was on the cover of Forbes 100 most influential people in the world and have also named her one of the most powerful woman in the world. She is the first actor ever to successfully cross over from Bollywood to Hollywood, debuting in Hollywood in 2015 with her playing the lead in the hit 3 season show Quantico on ABC (being the first South Asian to headline an American network drama series), earning her 2 Peoples choice awards. Starring in multiple Hollywood movies, such as Baywatch, Isn't it Romantic etc and is currently working on 4 Hollwood movies and 2 Bollywood movies. She has also received the National award by the Prime Minister of India. She has been working with Unicef for over 13 years and has been paying for 70+ childrens education and healthcare for over 10 years. She has been known as one of the nicest human beings in Bollywood. She is an Icon and Legend in the Indian film industry.

    3. BOB BOB

      So happy to see your reaction to Priyanka and thanks for saying her name right

    4. Atiharsh Singh

      OMG!! You're so good looking. You're perfection!!

    5. Pedro Castillo

      Amazing song and great video by Jonas Brothers a great tribute to the classic movies: Risky Business, Grease and Say Anything....excellent👍👍

    6. Kashvi Miglani

      Priyanka and Nick 😍

    7. Alvaro Aguilera

      BOYYY¡ your arms 🤤🤤🤤🤤🤤

    8. Harrelson Saliba

      You’re a cutie 😍

    9. OneloveCarlos

      I like the vibe. Good reaction

    10. G

      Love this

    11. Shreya Pandit


    12. Kevin Roui

      You seem like a fun person to hang with 😂

    13. Surya

      Your arms are flailing all over the place, chill 😂

    14. rb10rob

      Can you react to BANKS music? Also your super cute even with that pimple

    15. Daniel Canto

      nice vid

      1. S1LKY

        thank you!

    16. Alexander Olinger

      I think I’m the first view! You rock!

      1. S1LKY

        thank you!

      2. S1LKY

        @yescarycan you're both first!

      3. yescarycan

        You beat me to it, hmph !