Jonas Brothers - What A Man Gotta Do (Official Video)| REACTION

Ez x Flacko

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    WASGOODY GANG! If you mess with this video let us know, we got ya’ll!
    This is our reaction to What A Man Gotta Do
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    1. Zalina Zamanova

      Sophie Turner the best ♥️

    2. RG B

      It's their wives

    3. Fatima Adam

      Please react to Priyanka Chopra's music Video Exotic ft Pitbull it's AMAZING 🔥

    4. Megan Ames

      Lol those are scenes for movies like Grease, Risky Business and Say Anything.

    5. kevin_jonas_fan _forever

      Priyanka is Nick's wife Sophie Turner is Joe's wife aka the black haired/blonde girl And Danielle aka the one in the house is Kevin's wife

    6. Miranda Breeden

      Joe’s scene is from Grease

    7. nety nety

      Y'all should react to Cazzu❤she's from Argentina🇦🇷

      1. Ez x Flacko

        We got you

    8. NVP

      They're recreating scenes from famous movies. Nick was doing Risky Business, Joe was doing Grease and Kevin was doing Say Anything.

    9. Cheyenne Peterson

      Kevin and Danielle been together for 10 or 15 yrs and have 2 kid's Joe Jonas wife is from game of thrones and are thinking about having kid's and u already know Nick's wife so yes they did another one with there wives God they are gorgeous

      1. Cheyenne Peterson

        @Cornetto yeah i know i was just making sure math isn't really my strong suit i barley passed it in highschool i only graduated early because i had 5 extra credits math sucks that's why i said either 10 to 15 yrs i had to look back at married to jonas and then did the math

      2. Cornetto

        10 years in 2019


      Hell nah this song is a whole vibe, it’s a 10/10 🔥

    11. Naemah Aidid

      Can y’all react to Mamamoo egotistic please

    12. missourigreen051

      React to the Birds of Prey soundtrack trailer.

    13. Rebekah Redford

      "Big ass quads" 😂 you right

    14. Supersim7 Rulez

      React to CNCO bonita

    15. Kimby Pacheco-Ayala

      Can u guys react to Mamamoos Hwasa and Loco- Don't?🙏

    16. Anthony Torres

      EZ!! Why did you give that look to the camera when flakooo said he got alms big ass quads Hahahaha