Jonas Brothers - What A Man Gotta Do (Official Video) [REACTION!] | Raw&UnChuck



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    1. Christina h

      They love to do videos and performances with all their wives like this 😁

    2. Celebrity Pop

      omg i just peeped they played a scene of the movie Grease in this video

    3. pittroadsixzeroseven


    4. Rachel Cogley

      Guy in back ...holy... he is beautiful ... what ....

    5. Joseph Montoni


    6. Really Tired

      Joe's part was based on the movie Grease. They were kicking everybody out because it was a dance competition. Same as the movie 😊

    7. Rebekah Redford

      Dang, Siri had to cheat you guys on their names lol, and when you starting singing along was awesome cuz that's how catchy it is! Awesome video!

    8. BOB BOB

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    9. Mackenzie

      Are u guys going off the list now? And btw y'all should react to don toliver- no idea if u haven't heard it

    10. Kerri Brussard

      Kevin, Joe and nick.

    11. J. JJ

      If you squint, you’d think Soldier Boy and Swae Lee we’re doing a reaction video 😂

      1. My Sister’s Keeper

        On gawd he looks just like soulja

    12. thatkidd

      Ayee welcome back

    13. parkviewmo

      You guys are fun!

    14. Nash Tlulo

      I paused your video,when Pri wink,both of you your face 😂

    15. superhotfire 69

      He lowkey look like comethazine

    16. Marilynn L


    17. Karine Blain

      Reaction to Bexey .... honesty, any song will do .

    18. Deyse A. Santana

      Heey, can you react to the single "walls" by Louis Tomlinson?

    19. Elione Bhianck

      melhor reação de hoje !! keep doing , you are amaizing .

    20. Elione Bhianck

      melhor reação de hoje !! keep doing , you are amaizing .

    21. ezzie amv

      yall boys funny, listen to giving girls cocaine lil peep

    22. Giuliana Clarke

      I always enjoy watching your reaction videos, especially the ones with Zay. They're the best! You guys should react to one direction next!

      1. ZaeStylez

        Giuliana Clarke we have a bunch of 1D Videos Up Alreadyy. Take A Look Through, There Will definitely Be More Thoughh 😁

    23. ボアズフランシス

      Damn long hair dude hot asf😱😱 Does he have ig?

      1. ZaeStylez

        ボアズフランシス Thanks I Appreciate It! 🙏🏽