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    Hello There!
    Here is our first ever reaction to the Jonas Brothers, this is their latest music video, 'What A Man Gotta Do'. We really enjoyed this, we hope you do too. If you have a suggestion for our next reaction, then please Subscribe and leave a comment down below. If you are a Jones Brothers fan, what other videos should we check out?
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    Original Video:
    What A Man Gotta Do
    Jonas Brothers
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    1. Geeks of Mucklebee

      First time we (Me and Ollie) have ever watched / reacted to the Jonas Brothers!! We hope you enjoy it!

    2. CrashMax

      They kinda recreate scenes from 'Risky Business,' 'Grease,' and 'Say Anything' movies with their wives)

    3. Yurikkkooon


    4. Gaxelle

      What a funny video! I've never seen it either, nice reaction :)

    5. Winston Niles

      The Jonas bros? This is what we need guys.

    6. Conix

      Sansa Stark with the dance moves!

    7. Lazerx1

      Nice!!! And yes, they always have their wives in their videos as their love interest, which is really nice. They're famous as being a successful band back in 2006 but they've luckily had a successful comeback as adults. They were originally featured in the TV movie "Camp Rock" on the Disney Channel back in 2008. Here's one of their biggest 2006 pop hits "YEAR 3000":

    8. Dennis

      Jonas Brothers are great. Awesome you guys do a reaction on it. Have a nice day Mucklebees!

      1. Geeks of Mucklebee

        Thanks you Dennis.....Our newest Patron!