Joel Klatt thinks Chase Young can potentially win the Heisman Trophy, talks LSU | CFB | THE HERD

The Herd with Colin Cowherd

The Herd with Colin Cowherd

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    Joel Klatt joins Colin Cowherd to talk Ohio State's Chase Young, LSU, Alabama and quarterback Tua Tagovailoa, Oklahoma, Michigan and head coach Jim Harbaugh. Joel also reveals his list of the top 10 college football teams in the country.
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    Joel Klatt thinks Chase Young can potentially win the Heisman Trophy, talks LSU | CFB | THE HERD
    The Herd with Colin Cowherd

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    1. The Herd with Colin Cowherd

      Will Chase Young win the Heisman Trophy this season?

      1. Jonah Smith

        Mythified that comment didn’t age well did it?😅😂🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

      2. Jonah Smith

        No, Joe Burrow is going to win and it’s not even going to be CLOSE. Put money on it.

      3. Idk Me

        Nope even tho it’s well deserved

      4. amy barlow


    2. bbjamin12

      The LSU is overrated argument didn't age well...

    3. First Last

      ......I do not believe Colin has actually watched Chase Young....

    4. sective

      lol he got absolutely shut down against michigan and wisconsin and got destroyed in the heisman, this guy is insane

    5. Romico Barnes

      Just looking back at how wrong Colin was is hilarious

    6. Lana Linderman

      Joe Burrow stats says it all. He should win the Heisman Trophy. Get away from the BIG TEN Thinkers! Sorry, My husband went to OSU and he thinks Burrow from LSU should win the Heisman Trophy. I lived in Ohio and Burrow should win the Heisman.

    7. anthony bolling

      Colin is literally so incredibly stupid.... you want someone big and fast and chase young is exactly that.... im quite actually dumbfounded in what he is saying here

    8. Ed Sev

      Joel you are wrong about LSU and you will always be biased no truth in your words you talk to hear yourself for a BS show I don’t think you are as smart as you dress Biased views will catch up to you bro

    9. Ed Sev

      Joel platt biased little ten keep underrating LSU we have something for you all

    10. LunchBox

      Chase Young has been dominant in "College". His dominance will not translate to the NFL because of his style as a pass rusher. His technique isn't elite like von Miller or Joey bosa. He doesn't play with strength & power like Khali Mack or jadveon clowny. His frame is not ideal for NFL pass rushers, he is very thin for 265. At his length he will probably be about 280 in NFL which will slow down his edge speed, but that's what makes him so good in college. Other than speed rushing outside, he doesn't have any other notable pass rush moves.(ex: swim move, dip, rip, pull, swat, club, spin, bull rush) I see him being a mix between low end Vic Beasley & high end jadeveon clowny.

    11. Payton ThaProphet

      That LSU criticism didn’t age well

    12. Tanner O'Dea

      who watching after Auburn beat alabama?

      1. Carlos Ramirez

        Tanner O'Dea lmao freezing cold take on that

    13. Jules C

      No one cares about the Heisman. It’s a joke. Look how many heismans in the nfl go nowhere. Welcome to NY Chase. We suck, you don’t.

    14. Kornfarmer

      Joel Klatt should run for president

    15. Idk Me

      It’s funny how Joe Thomas is LITERALLY the greatest OL of all time and he was a slow B1G tackle 🤣

    16. Idk Me

      sEc TaCkLeS 🤣

    17. Ed Sev

      Let’s not kid each other schedule penn state next year vs auburn or Alabama Buch buach bauch buach.

    18. Ed Sev

      Auburn and South Carolina I bet could beat Ohio state and pennsyate match ups

    19. Ed Sev

      Putting LSU down is a hype thing for himself Tells himself in the mirror everyday I’m a great guy and I’m an analytic type of guy I’m sure a great guy so what I say about SEC teams stands doesn’t matter what they are and do

    20. Ed Sev

      He brags about Iowa heheh

    21. Ed Sev

      First off when you think Alabama is an over rated cupcake team playing team just exactly what is Ohio ? What needs to happen is Ohio and Alabama should play each other in playoffs 2019 LSU and penn state play each other Or are you guys scared You want to push bama out because you don’t want to deal with a team who will beat u like a red headed stepchild

    22. Jrebbington

      Colin, now that Bama lost to LSU, im curious to know what your opinion is. AND WHY the HATE for LSU

    23. Max Miller

      Literally nothing but bad takes haha

    24. Ed Sev

      Alabama and LSU are still no 1 and no 2 Auburn should be no 6 at least they are no push over

    25. Ed Sev

      The most watched game in college football is once again LSU vs Alabama the no 1 and no 2 teams clash even in Europe and other continents watched this game of 2019

    26. 02phenom

      This segment didn’t age very well for Colin

    27. Vikram Bansal

      This aged well

    28. amy barlow

      Joe borrow will win hiesman.

    29. Kyle Hessler

      Who's here after LSU went into Tuscaloosa and won?

    30. Emma Johnson

      And now he's suspended lol. Typical Buckeye Scandals

    31. Odeh Karadsheh

      Gotta love Joel klatt. This dude knows his football. He showed who the informed reporter is. Way to go man.👍

    32. Michael Jordan

      Can’t win it anymore😂

    33. Zeus Deuce

      His odds just took a hit

    34. Joseph Armstrong

      Annnnnd Chase Young just got suspended. No Heisman 4 U.

    35. Alec Palliser

      if LSU beats BAMA its gona be joe burrow

    36. Jared Echols

      Sec overrated

    37. Chris Thurber

      Aww joy sticking up for her brother

    38. maddymud

      If they can give one to the D-Back from Toledo

    39. Jakefrum St8farm

      Good points Joel Klatt.. but we cant discount Woodson played some offensive and return punts and kicks


      Joel Klatt needs to have his own show

    41. Grant Shreves

      Colin is getting sonned by Joel the whole episode. The amount of big ten offensive linemen in the NFL is outstanding. Colin just hates the big ten and teams like Iowa and Wisconsin

    42. phroz

      Always thought Chase was a white guys name wtfff

    43. RiSinG SuN9

      Stereotype much Colin? Wisconsin has put more NFL lineman in the league in the last decade and a half.

    44. Nipple Flicker 29

      Joel Klatt shoving facts down bama fans throats love it

    45. hahah lol

      College football is bama.your not good until you beat bama period.

    46. bigdap100

      11:13 “Chase Young may as well be a warrior back up center!!!” LMAO That was funny but Colin needs to stop hating, Klatt was on his job today!

    47. Clay Pierce

      This proves neither of these guys watched Suh in college

    48. Ryan Ring

      Just google Joel Klatt, Ohio State. All this dude does is pump up OSU. It's ridiculous. Joel Klatt should not be taken seriously.

    49. Connor Estrada

      Got roasted on the chase young take and was definitely wrong about the Oregon usc upset 😂

    50. Colton Voss

      Yanno I hate Colin but I kinda agree with him on LSU

    51. Danny Hardesty

      Alabama will beat Ohio state

    52. Dylan Drake

      Most people use pornhub. Collin Cowherd uses the SEC network

    53. Kevin Fowler

      Where Collin was wrong 😁

    54. Levi Lively

      Actually, Chuba Hubbard is the best player in the nation. Him rushing for over 220 yards against TCU, which was the first time in Gary Patterson's 20 year coaching history that anyone had ever rushed for 200 yards on him solidified that for me. Plus he leads the nation in rushing yards and it's not even close.

    55. Hear MeOut

      I don't think Cowherd or Klatt have to worry their little heads about Bama fans talking to them. We prefer to talk to those that understand football.

    56. Hear MeOut

      Bama typically plays their toughest games in the second half of the season. Mr. Klatt should perhaps consult the NCAA record book and see where Alabama's SOS ends up by the end of the season. Who gives a Klatt what the SOS is before you get into the meat of the schedule. A lot of the teams who have high Opposition W/L records at mid-season are those who lost to their opposition in the first half of the season. If you're undefeated, then you have PERSONALLY added 6 or 7 losses to your opposition's record, so would Mr. Klatt be more impressed by the team that gave all wins to their opposition to improve the SOS? Joel Klatt leaves so mch to be desired. He doesn't adequately understand the statistics that he loves to spout.

    57. Justin Brosious

      Young is overrated

    58. LSUFAN101

      I don’t really understand how LSU is overrated it was a 23-13 game against a really good defense and then on Auburn’s last drive LSU lost delpit and stingily I don’t think they are overrated. GEAUX TIGERS

    59. Antonio Russell

      Anything to aid OSU to get any publicity,Joel Klatt is up for duty. OSU doesn't have meaningful games and it's a QB award. OSU vs Michigan can't beat Bama vs Auburn in a regional sport #SameDay. The SEC CHAMPIONSHIP GAME IS A TOP 5 MATCHUP,so that's swallows the BIG 10 CHAMPIONSHIP. It does every year.

    60. Darin Anderson

      What you mean Cowherd Alabama hasn't play Nobody