James Corden Comes Clean About Carpool Karaoke

The Late Late Show with James Corden

The Late Late Show with James Corden

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    After the Internet went wild with anger and despair over a video clip of the Carpool Karaoke car being pulled on a trailer, James takes a moment to weigh in with the truth: he drives and he should get a little credit. And James gives a peek of the new season of Carpool Karaoke: The Series - available for free on the Apple TV app: www.apple.co/_CarpoolKaraoke
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    1. 死神

      I love James Corden! Even if he’s not driving

    2. Duane Pluto

      You can see the video here-gesels.info/video/video/lrepbduciZuLxYM.html

    3. Martinfamilystl

      I dont know if u guys can see it but i see that he does not turn the wheel in every vid

    4. uhmanilovethecake

      Please do a show with Beck.

    5. kellie majestic

      We love you James!! You have the Greatest carpool karaoke ever, Do it your way, it’s fucking awesome!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

    6. jenicotia

      This freakin series is making me want apple tv

    7. V Vedhant

      Can anyone tell me what song is it on <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="341">5:41</a>

    8. poppy


    9. nicola baitup


    10. Zoe

      imagine when they find out titanic was filmed in a pool

    11. Ra Hall

      He never drove and it’s perfectly reasonable.

    12. MR NO ONE

      So hogwarts ain't real..!!

    13. isabelle

      heart been broke so many times i-i dont know what to believe

    14. Architectophile

      Imagine how people would get furious fast when they find out Vin Diesel was actually not driving the cars in most of the times in Fast & Furious.

    15. Zarin Tasneem

      People didn’t know this lolll

    16. Gerrard McLean


    17. I Dislike

      He is keeping them safe

    18. Delaney Myers

      it's been obvious all along that James doesnt drive the car... if he danced and looked at his guests while driving he would constantly be in accidents

    19. Jackie Lordan

      I am glad he don't have you seen it

    20. Nina 3

      Your still awesome!

    21. Aly G

      Duuude I really like James he’s so funny it’s better then Ricky Gervais

    22. The Commenter

      I wonder if that is real audience cheering tho. Or is it that recorded tape of audience cheering you see in those typical comedy sitcoms......just sayin'

    23. Thomas NRW

      ... is that true with Santa?

    24. Thomas NRW

      Lets hope, that they dont find out, that you sing playback 🤭😉😂😂

    25. Luli Ferreyra

      With Niall was he driving?

    26. Noot Noot

      More like Car-Pull Karaoke am I right? 😏

    27. Maja Karlsson

      wow i cant believe the carpool scandal was just an elaborated advertisement trick

    28. Jackson Ballantyne

      James cordon carpool karaoke is the best

    29. Dark Knight

      If anyone thinks he really is driving all the time they need their head checked. It’s not about him driving anyway it’s about doing a fun interview and watching singers sing their songs in the most natural way.

    30. Aeron Arador

      Ohh, CarPOOL, pool, pull. K

    31. maia Kaushal

      Only James can make a bad situation hilarious

    32. jimmy mok

      I died when James said assgaze

    33. Georgie Thomas

      and this is why we love james cordon

    34. Abhipsha Biswal

      Why are people enraged about nothing?

    35. itzgalila

      lmao i didnt read bts🤔🤔🤔

    36. Nedzad Ibrahimovic

      faze rug♥️

    37. Kurnia Dwi Putra

      Imagine when people noticed that most of part at Hogwarts in Harry Potter movies are CGI

    38. Thomas Jr. C.

      It's not all the time that the carpool karaoke gig was merely towed, when it was deemed safer. James actually did the driving as in this case when they were pulled over: gesels.info/video/video/iL6KiL3QpXeZtmY.html

    39. maria georgieva

      James Corden. Do a carpool karaoke with MCR. Please. For the sake of us Emos who didn't have to cry on March 22 this year.

    40. PonyoNoodles

      Is there gonna be a carpool karaoke with Paul McCartney and Ringo Starr..?

    41. ReznoV Vazileski

      I for one really appreciate he doesn't drive the car when he's unable to do it safely because I have to use the road to and I have a huge preference to not get killed by an idiot playing guitar while actually driving behind the wheel. Don't see what's to be mad about when somebody is being a responsible adult lmao all those crybabies need their drivers' licenses pulled cus clearly they wouldn't have made the same call.

    42. Remorseless One

      Let me save you all some time, James is clearing this up because he has a new carpool karaoke show airing on Apple TV.......I know...🙄

    43. DIY SaRa

      He’s hilarious 😂

    44. Alicia V

      You tell em James!! Haters will always hate!

    45. Aja


    46. Sasha Onedirection

      Damn, 20M views😂

    47. Mariam Khan

      Wait till people realise that The Simpsons are actually controlling the world

    48. Rohit Dugar

      It’s like finding out the actors don’t perform their own stunts Doesn’t matter you watch it coz you like the illusion

    49. Sam Robinson

      It's all true most of his carpool karaoke is like this. Many of people have seen it and I have seen many video in Hollywood

    50. Pati Bielecka


    51. Carlos Conesa Carbonell

      James won me here, he's a good sport.

    52. Rachel Goldblatt

      You may need to correct that list you didn’t drive the car for the 2nd Harry styles on he was driving😂😂

    53. steelsheen

      I always thought the driver (James or some other celeb) was either driving the vehicle with guard cars surrounding them (because that's what I noticed, they almost always have the same type of vehicles surrounding them) so that nobody runs into them or sudden stops since James is distracted OR that the vehicle is being towed because James / celeb driver would keep steering that wheel when they're slow to the point of stopping or they would make a turn and the steering doesn't match the kind of steering to make that turn. when you drive you can tell that easily.

    54. Crystal Cain

      I am a die hard fan! ❤️ Carpool Karaoke!!!! 😃

    55. Xylo phone

      Do it with Taylor

    56. NorCal Disc Golf

      you a fraud. that is funny.

    57. Manasvini Verma

      Omg he's hilarious!

    58. Natalia Villalobos

      But wait, wasn’t Harry driving the second time? I’m confused

    59. Nara Loux

      In the list of when he was in using a tow or not,I DIDNT SEE BTS!!

    60. when you can't find cool name

      I love how it says he drove during the 2nd time with Harry Style, but during this carpool Karaoke Harry was the one driving

    61. Mesha Brown

      Whoever took that video of them being towed was some nosey roomers. What if they were famous and did carpool karaoke and James was drunk or something and he was still driving. Have some respect y’all 😔✊

    62. Stinne

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="290">4:50</a> number 2.. I’m not crying, you are (but in a cool way;)

    63. Noah Lewis

      He did not tow Michel Obama

    64. H2WHT

      How about when stevie wonder was driving?

    65. Not A Troll

      You left ASAP Rocky off the list

    66. RandomThings

      Damn he really explained himself in this vid

    67. Password is incorrect

      Big Oopsie

    68. Gabby Hansen

      imagine being twitter user assgaze

    69. Olegario_ART

      Аха ха, я так и знал, что он так снимает свои видео

    70. Emmanuel Goldstein

      Paul McCartney was driving the car?

    71. Octavian The Future Praetor

      James handled this like a champ and he deserves way better than all of the shet he gets for that! He is a sweet guy who doesn't want to endanger anyone! 💙

    72. D1

      Is this fake audience laughter wth?

    73. Irene Rojas

      The deception. I thought at first but then I realized he was not driving.

    74. Kyle Gonzalez

      What a scandal, this is a huge lie! He should be fired

    75. WhyCan'tYouUnderstandMe?

      Your show seems to have no James and no celebrities. That’s literally the only we watch the show....

    76. Diana Maqque

      Best part about this video was when high hopes started playing

    77. Shade Industries

      LOL james you could have just "NO U" and walked away This channel is far from a lie. It is the best late show ever!

    78. Zi Xuan Lim

      At least he’s not staying in a still car with the background sceneries moving 😂

    79. Molly

      “This is the biggest lie since Santa!” All 6 year olds: “wait what!”

    80. Morgan S

      I lovee him. I love the way he handled this omg😂😂😂❤️ He’s amazing and ofc safety is first! Even I get distracted while listening to music and talking with friends, let alone, celebs! It was just so funny to realize he wasn’t really driving!