James Blunt - Monsters [Official Video]

James Blunt

James Blunt

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    1. Lisa

      I didn't sign a permission slip for this feel trip.

    2. Cosh Lau

      sound good and greatly.

    3. Sakibul Hassan

      Thank you very much for writing the perfect song for the parents of everyone. I lost mine to a similar disease and was not able to say goodbye as i was never prepared but this song really hit me hard today. i have somehow made my piece and would like to appreciate the parent that i have alive i hope i can take care of him better than the one i lost..... i pray for your dad and all the parents and especially the children who stick by them through thick and thin.... you guys are special.......

    4. Sandra McAuley

      Lovely song and video. Brings tears to me when I here this song.

    5. Suddnlymilli

      He sings and I imagine " totally goosebumps" ....and tears in my eyes...🥺🥺

    6. danny rios

      My momm is my dad and mom and we going threw a hard time😢😢 she might have stomach cancer and this song was what i needed ❤❤😢😢

    7. danny rios


    8. Dayle Blair

      My husband has dementia and both my children cry when they hear this song. Sometimes life can be so mean.


      This song just made me collapse into a thousand tears. I’ll never forget the day my dad passed, and the emptiness that it has carried over the years. I regret telling my dad “No” when he’d ask if I’d like to go grocery shopping with him. I regret not watching his favorite TV show with him, even though he found happiness in it. I regret not holding him tighter on the last day he was here. If I would’ve known my father was to be taken away from me at 13, I would’ve spent everyday with the man.

    10. treysen pedersen

      this hit me so hard and so true i listen to it every day now

    11. avery bob

      I'm so addicted to this song ♥️

    12. Jay Ganja

      i lost my dad at 4 years old. Im 31 now. i still have a couple memories which ill always cherish. i had to become a man on my own which took alot longer than normal people but i think i did ok. i love hard and i lose hard. mom did her best and i love her for everything she did. love you mom and dad

    13. Waka Maka

      that choir made me ugly cry

    14. Waka Maka

      hectic man

    15. Gemma Cantellow

      I saw you on loose women, your amazing! I said I love you when the promo shot was being taken but I hope you heard me! and I whistled when you came on to be interviewed. Your a star and I’m so blessed to see you xxx

    16. littleglob

      Just beautiful❤ a masterpiece xx

    17. heather lightowler

      Be brave and think of him he loves u with all of his heart caues we love u caues u are brave good luck James blunt Like if u agree with me and subscribe to him

    18. Sam C

      Me and my husband came to watch you last night in Newcastle omg what a performance you were amazing great singer cracked jokes had us Geordie lot in stitches definitely coming to see you again on your next uk tour but more to the point this song to your father had me silent crying tears falling down my face i was blown away love to all 💙❤️

    19. Petr Stachel

      No words needed! ❤️....it is my turn to chase the monsters away....

    20. Richie Josef

      Ugh 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

    21. Chris Hannon

      Wow this is stunning..

    22. glasgow757

      just beautiful.....

    23. Daniel Bryan

      What a heart felt song ..only the real people will relate ..love this

    24. mitty6678

      Taken in one shot, when producers wanted this auto-tuned James said no as he wanted true raw emotion for this one. I have cried so many tears for this video alone.

    25. Gilles Goulet

      He doesn't need a god, he needs a kidney ...

    26. Jessica Ward

      My daddy used to love James blunt singing 💔 my daddy was murdered when he was 24 and we had “goodbye my lover at his funeral” my heart is broken

    27. Joanna Parcheta


    28. Fan Page

      Cmon man this song deserves more views..

    29. Rupert Gaston

      I lost my dad last year in September. I wish I could have said this to him 💔

    30. Nick Sawyer

      What a beautiful song. Reminds me so much of my relationship with my dad. I lost him nearly 10 years ago aged 52. Made me cry. Thank you James x

    31. Lawrence Rainford

      I’m going to go hug my dad

    32. Eugenia Prevato

      La dedico a mio padre che è morto un anno fa...

    33. jason jardine

      Wow...Chael Sonnen can really sing

    34. Kate Bowen

      The distress in his eyes makes this so distressing, I know that feeling. My father passed before I turned 18, I wish this song came out then. Our child ignored it

    35. 薛雅雅

      i miss my dad .... but he passed away..

    36. Chris Morris

      what a song you can feel the emotion this is the first time I have herd this song in can relate to his words in the song very very emotional right now. yet another great song bluntty with words to toudh every emotion

    37. Ian Berry

      Beautiful. I saw JB in concert in Birmingham last week and this song brought tests to my eyes and many others too.

    38. Lea Smith

      Hauntingly stunning . Masterpiece Mr Blunt, I would give my life to be able to write lyrics like this xx

    39. randumz randumz

      you can tell how much he means to him. this is just pure emotion.hes trying so hard to to keep the tears in

    40. Shannon Walker

      "Its my turn to chase the monsters away"- helping his father not fear this journey of treatments and death... truly hits you on the heart.

    41. maria scavello

      Oh my god....thank you 😭

    42. john robertson

      OMG. How powerful and heart stomping. Shows his Love for his Dad

    43. Cl0UD N1N3

      wow.... that hit hard !

    44. Mr Hamilton

      I'm impressed

    45. narelle berridge

      Crying can't stop thinking about my dad I said goodbye 7 years ago BEAUTIFUL

    46. Mega Lisna

      I wish you had concert in south east asia :(

    47. Bobi backstreet


    48. John Howard

      I never sang for my father but I wish I could have. It's over 30 years but the pain is still there not raw as it was but he went far to young

    49. m M

      My friend sent me this song because she knew my dad was my hero, but when I lost him I didn't know how to express myself. I listened to this and realized as much as I want him back, he was suffering. Very humbling song. Thank you James, for making me cry, but for finally in a good way.

    50. EthanGryphon


    51. Lil Linda


    52. britbrat33456

      Took all my feelings and made them into a song. Wishing my dad was still here. ❤️

    53. Victoria Filippelli-Corbett

      Nice song, but damn, his screeching sounds like a freaking DYING CAT.

    54. Lorie Wild


    55. Richard Cotton

      Thanks for a great night in hull James loved it 👍

    56. Inbal Ida

      oh my god...💜

    57. Rinpuia Ralte

      All the dislike are from people without a soul. Like seriously, how can someone dislike this. As someone who lost a father who was an alcoholic. I feel this song to the bone.

    58. Frankie do Nascimento

      Powerful-lost my dad on 4Feb2020.

    59. Zakaria Laziz

      I pray for your dad James, we all do, much love and respect You made us crying so bad as it is our dad...

    60. Annoney Mouse

      Real singer not many of them around now very rare