Is Cristiano Ronaldo back to his best for Juventus? | Serie A



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    Cristiano Ronaldo can’t stop scoring goals for Juventus and after his brace in Juve’s 2-1 win vs. Parma, ESPN FC’s Alejandro Moreno, Dan Thomas and Steve Nicol dissect how CR7 has been able to turn things around this Serie A season. Moreno says that Ronaldo’s fitness issues at the beginning of the season sapped his confidence and now that he can trust his body it’s not a question of if he can score goals, it’s how many he can net.
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    1. Yash Jodahsing

      They said that he was done, but he was actually warming up 😂😂

    2. Dimitar Bachvarov

      Espn you are a joke in journalism

    3. ash unknown

      Eusubio is greatest Portugal player of all Time he bring a unknown Portugal team to semi final of world cup n was top scorer n best player in WORLD STAGE and WORLD RANKIiNG. Ronaldo zero compare to eusubio

    4. ash unknown

      Ronaldo should go back to united lol try make that CLub better why go top teams always hahaha

    5. ash unknown

      Time to retire Ronaldo u never won a work cup at least messi has one last Chance in world,cup 2022

    6. Godfrey Okello

      These are real wankers. They have never really been watching Ronaldo. From 2016, Ronaldo has been doing this every season; while Messi scores for fun at the start of a season, Ronaldo like a marathon runner, takes it slow and easy while building momentum. His climax is from Feb to January to end of the season where he scores for fun. This has been going on forever, but these fellows seem to know norhing about it.

    7. Jana Ponarina


    8. don juco

      Humans are evolving to live longer. To say he's not fit. Come on!! Anatomy technology is not the same 10 years ago. Look at zlanta 38 years old and he is not bitching about it. I think future generation players might retire at 40. Just saying

    9. Sahel Md. Fardeen Faez

      I love Steve Nicol's face whenever Ronaldo proves him wrong (pretty much every season) right after he's concluded he isn't the best, or past his limited best or how this was meant to be and isn't a winner or game winner like Messi, LOL.

    10. KGB

      Looks so gay..



    12. Youssouf Dembele

      Fantastique Ronaldo

    13. Schumy 7

      He was never gone.

    14. Victor Kirui

      This clowns wish cr7 would never perform again, they find it hard to praise the GOAT

    15. Pacific Oceania

      These clown like envious and hate Ronaldo a lot . I bet they can't play like him . Their Words are louder than their heads .

    16. Fabio Castro

      Ronaldo:wins champions, euro gets Ballon dor Messi: Wins la liga and Copa del rey gets Ballon dor 🤦🏾‍♂️😪

    17. سوشا تهرانی

      You are completely alone in Juventus😓😭

    18. forza juventus

      Lol this guys are so called C-class pros..

    19. Le LoSa

      Once, once, once and once again Cristiano proves you wrong, don't you get tired of always failing to predict his performances

    20. Alan Joji

      6th one coming

    21. DLlive R

      Cristiano is cristiano the best

    22. Hasan Mahmud

      These guys aint got a clue what they are talking about

    23. Idiris Mowlid

      I regretted to subscribe this channel.

    24. Dolly Ann

      Bar is start getting like Argentina. When Mess sit down ,they team making wins easier. It's be coming a norm and no body is bad talking messi.but r onaldo. O yea age is stepping in.well I tell you this a man is old as he feels not by looks.ronaldo is football king.

    25. SeeYouProductions

      Sarri is useless

    26. Negan Grimes

      Babbling idiots are typical case of stupid correspondents : Yesterday they were sure about something and today they explain why it didnt go that way. Actually these a$$holes just want to use names and fames to get more views, and to get the paycheck. Anyways, fark them :))

    27. Fadli Omar

      Thanks to these clown.. they the one who pump him up

    28. Price Muza

      ESPN Clowns * 7 vs CR7

    29. dj m

      Thats right its all about fitness

    30. Carl Gois

      I think the problem is when you compare players. Especially players as Ronaldo and Messi.

    31. Ale z

      Same clowns who said he was finished, espn it's trash. I never thought I'd say it, but sport television is way better in Italy.

    32. Ratonhnhakéton Raj

      These noobs idiots Their mouth should be stitched

    33. Amaze


    34. Jude Titus

      ESPN idiots. They hate on Ronaldo nkt

    35. Joe Jones

      thought you's melts had him as finished ???

    36. cristo joshy

      He is back by showing his class to overtake messi.....CR7❤️

    37. link

      Grande cr7

    38. Arist Sumpi

      Messi n Ronaldo will never b bad ...note this even when they retire they will retire being in the top...they will retire only because of their age not because of their quality fade...

    39. pritam de

      This same inbreds were trashing him... While they have not played less matches than cr7 goals...Combined that it is...espn sucks

    40. Moneygood Mauri


    41. SAHIL RAJ

      Bro , You all are discussing this . We as CR7 fans have already declared that Ronaldo is going to win the next Ballon'D Or

    42. Ranto Jefri

      Cristiano ia the best player

    43. Lord IceWing

      He’s in top form but boy get rid of that hairstyle

    44. No Name

      The GOAT.

    45. Yeison Guapacha

      Número 1 en el mundo 🌍


      When the team it's on its peak Ronaldo stands out when the team it's crumbling apart he Fades and runs

    47. Mr. Nice

      Dickriders. Double standards.


      Do you guys really think that Juve needs Cristiano to win? Juve has been winning the title for the past 10 years, he just wants to be there to be considered the best player ever. he should have stayed in sporting lisboa and become champions, then we would be talking.

    49. joseph bassene

      If serieA has pièce of interest we have to say it cause cr7 he doesnt nées this ad

    50. Psycho Sinister

      Messi is the best player of Spain Ronaldo is the best player in all Europe Why call them world best if they didn't even won the world yet ???

    51. Playboi CashApp

      Messi getting that 6th ballon d’or woke him up

    52. Abdoulaye Coulibaly

      CR 7 like

    53. Camara Sanoussy

      Cristiano Ronaldo7 CR7? The Best footballeur!?

    54. Akshay Koul

      Remember never say He is finished ,bitches when he starts whole world watches.he always does it during the second half of the season

    55. Edgar J Reyes

      Is he Fet?

    56. Kelvin Richu

      I realised I shouldnt be watching this show I believe I am better than them in anlysing football

    57. Anoop Sreedharan

      these are a bunch of clowns just clowns

    58. Nikhil Sharma

      He was never finished . He is Cristiano Ronaldo .He and messi are probably the best 2 players in football history

    59. Viral Dream

      They are jokers. They have been paid to say like this.

    60. Greg Richard

      Do the people know that Cristiano Ronaldo season starts up slow and at the end of the season he wins everything