Irish People Try Asian Alcohol

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    Sake, plums and... a big root? Irish People discover Asian alcohol! MERCH MADNESS:
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    Always fans of alcohol here on the TRY channel, we decided it would be nice to try out a few different varieties of sake, plume wine and more from various Asian countries such as China, Japan & Korea. We sat our Irish People down for a proper taste test - ginseng was a surprise!
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    MC (Maty-Claire): TRY.Media/MC
    James Mitchell: TRY.Media/James
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    1. Placebo_Jones

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="333">5:33</a> lmao did she just call him a Jew?!

    2. Exisist

      Using Jew as an insult is still okay in Ireland?


      Dude.. Tasting just Japanese /Chinese alcohol is not tasting the whole asian drinks.. Think big.. ASIA IS NOT JUST CHINA/JAPAN

    4. Perry Chiu

      God give me strength, the chinese one is for cooking lmao

    5. jin choung

      what? no soju?

    6. Mark Lipsinic

      So disappointed you didn't have them try Shochu.

    7. Designation Zero

      Boil rice in water with a stick of canela, add sugar. Serve cold. Yum!

    8. fuzz428

      The Chinese rice wine. I bet it tastes like Communism.

    9. fuzz428

      Did anybody else like the way the girls gripped those bottles?

    10. Smiling Man

      How are you not gonna have LJG in an alcohol drinking video!?


      Y’all forgot corona

    12. Blossom Earth

      Where’s the leather jacket guy

    13. elchasai

      corona was just around the corner when this was filmed

    14. Shahani Braga

      The girl with Dermot is borderline subtly racist tho... Dermot, I'd smoke you out then drink with you.

    15. Ron Carpenter

      Seriously, I am Irish American and I think you're all awesome. Funniest channel ever!

    16. Stealthi Master

      My two favorite gals Ciara and Lolsy, make it happen often please.

    17. Saba

      i just love ciara😂👌

    18. poinked

      HAHAHAHA they really drank that cooking ‘wine’ bruhhhh

    19. Nina Asha

      REVELUVs 👀

    20. Demon妖怪

      Why there is no Indian alcohol

    21. Sayo 84

      Lmao chinese rice wine used for cooking!!!! Hahahahaha

    22. john harding

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    23. high roller

      Ciria must have no taste buds lol

    24. StreyX

      That is the heaviest pour I've seen anyone do.

    25. V's World

      Two of them keep pouring too much

    26. Leon Draw

      I didn't know ms. piggy was irish!

    27. Ya Boi

      This has not aged well...

    28. TexanUSMC8089

      They have gensing gum too. It's horrible. LOL

    29. TideFan Yankee

      More Ciara.......just say'in....

    30. 009ZeRo21

      Omg almost died when she's like (I leak a little bit) hahahahhahhaha

    31. Ninja Turtle

      i dunno about you but i KINDDDDDDDDDA don't think he likes that rice wine....

    32. Sam Marvin

      Wait...did Ciara and Lolsy reference Sound of Music in their little song?

    33. khgjhg

      Lolsy is soooo cute!

    34. Jaxsf1

      @ Laura- you’re totally spot on with your looks like a head comment. The whole thing about ginseng is that it looks like a little person, it’s even named after that.

    35. Matthew Martin

      While the Gensing wine is real and is indeed not an animal...there are places in China where you can get an alcohol with a cobra in it. No joke. Been there, seen it with my own eyes. And I don't even drink so I know I wasn't seeing things

    36. Michael Branch

      I've watched hundreds of the "Try" videos and they're absolutely hilarious however, Ciara is the Absolute most badass male or female I've ever seen!! Period! No facial expressions no matter the alcohol proof! She just looks at you like "What?" I would be absolutely embarrassed if I was on the show seated next to her as I'm gonna look so wimpy as imma make some of the most ugly faces the world has ever seen! Love these videos!!

    37. Zawadi Omotunde

      One broke dermot all he could say is No NO

    38. Tyler Lingle

      so they all have coronavirus now?

    39. isabella McGaw

      you know that your sapost to heat up the sake

    40. Raiju7

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="513">8:33</a> is the most adorable thing iv seen in a while.

    41. Jon jonsson

      You do know that sake often gives a fantastic headache right?.... i would use a sake glass..not a full drinking glass..but what the hell sorta

    42. Ms. Star Alvarez

      How has there not been a video of them trying HELIUM INFUSED BEER😂

    43. Chanel Cupcake

      They're drinking cooking wine 😂

    44. Bethany Escobar

      Omggg the grey hoodie is Red Velvet RBB🥺💕💕💕💕

    45. Half_BakedRTPWI

      I swear Dermot sounds like Blue from Blues Clues

    46. D. Wayne Harbison

      You missed out on Soju from Korea. It basically tastes like rubbing alcohol.

    47. Ricky Daley

      omg i got kinda scared cuz i thought there was an animal in it i dont know why lmao

    48. Space Wizard

      "It's like apple juice but someone said ... shhhhhh."

    49. Certi Bantz TV

      Try West Indian Rums

    50. Wendy Elena

      No weirdness, I f%#*ing love these videos. Brighten up my day, the Irish way!!! 😘

    51. Nani ga Maniga

      The smoking hot one actually got drunk. All the girls are hot, but you know what I'm saying

    52. Anita Erdei

      Please try pálinka from Hungary🇭🇺 I promise it will be fun.😁😎

    53. mschilepepper10

      I absolutely love it when they drink ❤️ they’re sooo funny 🤣

    54. yourmetalgod69

      "what's your point?" BWAHAHAHAHA

    55. Neil Moorehead

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="514">8:34</a> I could watch Ciara, and especially Laura forever. Absolutely hillarious, and very random. 😂

    56. Ronald Stoner

      😆 Ciara kills me! She looks so wholesome and innocent and she drinks like like a Marine! I think I'm in love. ♥️

    57. Sandy Prater

      Why does new chick keep pouring herself a soda sized glass when she's just going to take one sip? Also, I actually cook with that Chinese rice wine.

    58. tanner ausbun

      still waiting on Ciara and Leather Jacket guy to be paired together!

    59. Deepu Nair

      This is not asian drink... Lol 😂😂 You should change the heading to some asian alcohol

    60. f montes

      Ciara steals the show every time.

    61. AJ

      go red go.. had a good laugh when she said they made it out of Keith Richards hahaha

    62. Anonymous Anonymous

      ShaoXin is for cooking! it's like drinking rice wine vinegar!

    63. Bow Dabbs

      Good pairing the rookie with Dermot and I believe her name's Carla probably spelling that wrong sorry anybody you pair her with she's a monster of a beast I can drink like nobody's business but she has a poker face if she went to Vegas she would own all of Vegas and like four days

    64. jonas Hyldgaard

      i found it funny that you're trying Asian alcohol, and at <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="469">7:49</a> James says chin-chin. in Japanese ochinchin means pen*s

    65. Aspen

      Where was the soju!?

    66. gene carlo

      Ciara is a Irish wonder woman 🥰

    67. Jeff Wallace

      I love Ciara!!! She rocks!!!!!😂😂😂

    68. Jeff Wallace

      Where’s leather jacket guy??!!!!!!😂😂

    69. Christian Start

      It tastes like a condiment! 🤣🤣🤣🤣

    70. Steve Burton

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="427">7:07</a> For the first time in history, Ciara makes a face

    71. Andreas karlsson

      "oooh, the comment section" mwahaha he knows the interwebz!

    72. James Gilhausen

      Wanna see Dermot and that hotty Ciara in a drinking video together please!

    73. Brian Phillips

      I was sorta hoping they would try Korean soju.

    74. tehfawkinman

      "I just don't like rice wine." Next drink: Chinese Rice Wine

    75. Carleton Slight

      I know it tastes like ass when Ciara isn't downing them like it a girl's night at a pub

    76. Michael Hwang

      I wanted to see something that's common like: makgeolli, baijiu, soju, and junmai shu. Maybe in the future?

    77. Calvin Taft


    78. Lance Chong-Kit

      They didn't try bamboo baijiu😔

    79. Natiej85

      Did she call him a jew for drinking rice water? Gotta be kidding me.

      1. Laura Gough

        Natiej85 calm the ham there, I asked who hurt you

    80. Chris WG

      Haha this was classic! I swear Maty-Claire looks a little like she's one of the Redemptoristine Sisters hehe Really cute!