Insane Relationship TikToks (w/ Danny Gonzalez & Drew Gooden)

Kurtis Conner

Kurtis Conner

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    We're on tour right now and we found some insane relationship TikToks that confused the hell out of us. So, enjoy three boys who separately make fun of TikTok come together to make fun of TikTok some more.
    TikTok cameraman:
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    1. jayden castaneda

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="923">15:23</a> thank me later

    2. Acid Crikey

      The wrong person doing the wrong intro for the wrong channel, love it

    3. Yoshikage Kira

      TikTok bad continue in the comments

    4. Bluelavaba

      I apologize for the entire country of Russia for these shitty tiktoks

    5. Hannah Toste

      How did Kurtis clone himself two times?

    6. Simply Tokyo

      Tik Tok bad Tik Tok bad Tik Tok bad Tik Tok bad Tik Tok bad Tik Tok bad Tik Tok bad Tik Tok bad Tik Tok bad Tik Tok bad Tik Tok bad Tik Tok bad Tik Tok bad Tik Tok bad Tik Tok bad Tik Tok bad Tik Tok bad Tik Tok bad Tik Tok bad Tik Tok bad Tik Tok bad Tik Tok bad Tik Tok bad Tik Tok bad Tik Tok bad Tik Tok bad Tik Tok bad Tik Tok bad Tik Tok bad Tik Tok bad Tik Tok bad Tik Tok bad

    7. cock and ball torture

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="735">12:15</a> is a jam

    8. AwesomeKitten K

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="1002">16:42</a> Filthy acts at a reasonable price

    9. Kerry Brown

      How do people film this shit in public

    10. Mimi Mimi

      This ad of Hello Fresh was like Kurtis said to them: Ok so now we are doing hello fresh ad D&D wait what ad Kurtis: you know what's......

    11. Color Code

      *T I K T O K B A D*

    12. Invincible Jawa

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="516">8:36</a> why does drew look so *pained*

    13. Summer Li

      LMFAO i was laughing so hard

    14. Summer Li

      drews face is so creepy when drew turns his face sideways it makes me shiver

    15. varsha saga

      at <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="966">16:06</a> Danny looks like a sloth crawling.

    16. Kawaii Kookie

      Three white dudes laughing

    17. Liv Manson

      Their vids always have the best comment sections

    18. Everly Butera

      this is why I don't sleep

    19. Ruta

      i love cvpoooot and the golden trio!

    20. Christopher kukura II

      I was waiting for them to kiss in the tik toks

    21. Moopy Cow

      keep in mind- this is tik tok kids

    22. cacti chaild

      If Drew and Danny mixed, they would make Kurtis

    23. E-D TOYS

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="516">8:36</a> drew looks so happy that they found his joke funny. 😭😭 I love them

    24. enbykyouka

      in the thumbnail it looks like drew is holding kurtis

    25. mideee

      What’s up with your hair

    26. Gabriele Piarulli

      Odio il fatto che la metà di questi siano italiani...

    27. Kerry Roberts

      It’s freeze tag but with moronic teenagers.

    28. Adrianna Vale

      Imagine if someone saw them making the Tim tons and called the po

    29. Shiva Gautama Christ-Chan

      I like how the third just shows how one black friend is better than four white ones

    30. talk less

      I never knew Cerberus had a human counterpart.

    31. Sean Patrick

      Oh shit I Have that Blockbuster shirt. Mine is a tent though. I'm like fat as fuck.

    32. Rayna Falch

      they are two different people, Kurtis Conner and dranny goodzalez

    33. Basset Bob

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="801">13:21</a> did Kurtis nite his lip?

      1. Norah K

        wow how you did you notice

    34. I am MoreGregthenDanny

      I actually could hardly breathe but the end🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    35. Jennah Kay

      fuck your phone and kiss my face. that should be a new song

    36. MAM. D

      Kurtis is growing a beard on both his arms xD

    37. HUDA HD

      that's the Best

    38. Pauleen Modyim

      The Powerpuff girls look different

    39. Watson Delmick

      Til tok is cancer

    40. julian g d

      i love that kurtis is the girlfriend in the tiktoks

    41. GrayNeedsSleep

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="869">14:29</a>

    42. GrayNeedsSleep

      Kurtis is like when you are in 6th grade and you sit at the table with your sibling who is in 8th grade.

    43. NFL Buzz

      W H E E Z E

    44. mercymaddox

      Those recreations were hilarious !!

    45. Naomi Sedore

      All I could do was laugh! Please make more videos like this! 😂❤️

    46. Amiya Kenworthey

      "Take her out boys!"

    47. Zachery Mccollum

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="900">15:00</a> 'sic em'

    48. The Hoot

      The ones you made were better than the actual TikTok videos

    49. rob etheridge

      The Wuhan Virus is going to destroy Tiktoker’s lives.

    50. HKez Real

      I subscribed am i truly Gre- *do i get an extra greeting*

    51. Laboratory X

      You guys should make a joke TikTok account literally just so that you can post those TikToks

    52. film time and more

      THIS VIDEO Is the best

    53. Leather Up Studios

      When people get in my way on Black Friday <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="872">14:32</a>


      My poor Kurtis baby barely zoomed in himself. It's literally his channel. Lmao I love this guy

    55. Poignant Shiz

      The Crossover we needed and we got... tho I kinda wanted more gayness lols

    56. musical trash

      Just realized this isn’t Danny’s channel I’m a dumbass.

    57. Mundane

      Is no one going to talk about how pretty the blonde in red shirt is?

      1. GrayNeedsSleep

        Its danny Gonzalez.

    58. nexxuem

      i laughed a little to hard at the last one...

    59. Gionite

      i love cvpooot

    60. Pepper Spray

      As a fan of Kurtis I will now identify as a curtain

    61. Olivia Ogilvie

      Y’all 3 are great together 😂😂😛

    62. julianne is tired

      rewatching cuz quarantine 🤧

    63. the big E

      Tbh high school really is just a bunch of people standing around like animal crossing villagers

    64. Alexis Vane

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="541">9:01</a> please tell me the song. Please.

    65. jamie s.

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="875">14:35</a> sis got cvpoooooted

    66. soggy todd

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="682">11:22</a> kinky 😏

    67. alice flores

      *Nervous laughter*

    68. F. Hale

      Bro I don't why <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="832">13:52</a> made me laugh so hard😂😂 he's just sitting there looking at the camera and the filter goes on😂😂

    69. Sam E

      okay, reading these comments... i ain't gonna lie, i am disappointed with the amount of people (mostly straight/bi girls) projecting their fetish for gay men onto real human people. it's not like they're fictional characters you can just ship. they all are in committed relationships, like that's so disrespectful. even if it's subtle, it's still uncomfy to me. everybody all like, 'they're his two dads XD', 'they're treating kurtis like their gf :O", etc. like wtf? also not to be a party pooper- like i laughed at the tik toks too cause theyre just ridiculous, but like it bothers me that they never brought up the intense misogyny and rape-culture oozing from these tik toks. this ain't it chief.

      1. goo goo ga ga

        !!!!!!!!! couldn’t have said it better

    70. Sam E

      they ain't gonna mention the way all of those cringy tik toks were just treating women like objects??

    71. Sophie Does Stuff

      i've seen this so many times it is so funny

    72. unipotato 182

      “ I just carrot, I don’t know anything “

    73. Colleen Homan

      Their giggles

    74. The Dude

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="665">11:05</a> the guy in black: DM ME THAT SHIT!

    75. James Fletcher

      Kurtis sorta looks like a bottom who's just really happy to be sandwiched between two tops.

      1. Sam E

        @James Fletcher if you want, I can delete my comment btw. i don't want to be mean. i am just expressing frustration as a gay man at the way i've noticed certain people (not even you necessarily, and i don't know your identity obviously) throwing around "top" and "bottom" willy nilly and projecting these positions and their gay implications onto random straight guys they think are cute. does that make sense?

      2. Sam E

        @James Fletcher so you don't think it's a little creepy to speculate about these guys' sexual positions as theoretical mlm? i don't normally get in internet arguments and tbh idk what is wrong with me right now, but i guess it built up over time for me. obviously you can comment whatever you want, and have fun and consume media and react to it however you want to. but do you at least understand where i'm coming from? am i being crazy?

      3. James Fletcher

        @Sam E I don't know how im treating them like fictional characters. All I did was make an observation that I found funny and wanted to share. If anyone in the video finds what I said unsettling then that is a matter they can take up with me. Thank you for sharing your opinion.

      4. Sam E

        they're also real people in committed relationships with women. people who would probably find it uncomfortable that they're being 'headcannoned' or treated like fictional characters

    76. Faith Cockrell

      OMG this made me laugh so much😂🤣 thank you for making my day♪(^∇^*)

    77. Livurochy

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="27">0:27</a> Okay but where did Kurtis get that shirt I want it

    78. Taltzi

      all of these vidoes have a weirdly homoerotic vibe

      1. Sam E

        this comment has 'I fetishize gay men' vibes

    79. Milk Mimes

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="969">16:09</a> custody battle gone wrong

    80. MorallyQuestionable

      Does drew not know what gambling on a fart means?