I Secretly Built A Mansion Under a Strangers Base | Minecraft Home Invasion E7



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    1. LoverFella

      If you liked this, check out my entire home invaders playlist :) ----> (do it or else perish in flames) ---> gesels.info/longPL2JHQ3nw3CNxfEVmABhKOS-CXUD8hmJAo.html

      1. A Random Person

        What if I wish to perish in flames?

      2. w33dMAN

        Can I play with ps4 like this?

      3. Hope Kirby

        @FrozenLynx i think you are so ?pasative

      4. Foxy Uwu

        LoverFella Can you tell me how to get in that world? Please and thank you (you might not see this)

      5. DragonHeart

        you never did Continue tho ^^" - kinda sad

    2. Gryps Randomizer


    3. Diego Ramos

      I have the same mansion in minecraft

    4. Poultry Man

      This is a Rizzial house I can tell

    5. MMM Thompson

      They copied that house of a vid

    6. mr gold 100 rock

      Um I have the same mansion in Minecraft

    7. Reed F

      You look like Sypherpk

    8. Scarlet Foxxie

      If anyone would like to know how to build the home please visit the original creators channel Rizzial. He always makes amazing homes for both creative and survival. I use a lot of his ideas for my minecraft homes. 💖💖

    9. A Not So Average Boomer

      The first house is a tutorial from Rizzial

    10. Lil_Jordyn8

      This guy stole the house design!!! I know this because I came across a tutorial of a guy building this house from scratch a long time ago. Credit??? Sorry, I've never watched this guy before so I have no idea if he had mentioned this before.

    11. Qualker Reboot

      I just realized this is NOT factions : (

    12. Agneta Rupšytė

      What is this server named?

    13. benjamin studios14

      Isn’t that mansion a GEsels tutorial

    14. Isabella Morris

      The mansion above loverfellas base was originally built by Zizzal

      1. Isabella Morris

        Check him out

    15. jessica martinez

      The person watched a tutorial of the house

    16. Steve Hoelscher

      3:38 he said base like Davie504 says BASS. XD

    17. sergioaguero 1894

      the first base where they steal things from has been copied from a tutorial because ive made the exact same one before XD

    18. Speaker22

      texture pack name ?

    19. creation 01

      1:24 u cut the video because u can't dig or place a block because u 3 are all in 1×1 block.... I know because my brother and i got stuck in 1×1

    20. Jim Nguyen

      Omg that mansion design was Rizzial! 😂💖

    21. voidwolf

      what server is this

    22. Derpy Shark

      This guy is ether a hacker or plays this game way to much

    23. Ogichidaawag [Spry]

      Need to make a massive sink hole under someone's base so if they dig down they'll fall into an abyss.

    24. john doe

      What texture pack is this???

    25. John Wick

      Props for the division three footballs finest prayer😂😂

    26. Dutch Star

      You should booby trap their chests

    27. Manga- -Writer


    28. GiulisLulis

      Does anyone know what shaders he uses??

    29. Noah Thoughts

      Are u gonna do part 2

    30. JJimJJam

      do you play on java or not?

    31. Renee David

      The house you used in thumbnail was in a tutorial video thumbnail on you tube

    32. The Krinkled1

      These are awesome! i would try using a painting for a false area you could run into if you were worried about being discovered. like a hidden panic room.

    33. Siew Keng

      The first house was actually designed by The you tuber rizzial

    34. Bluelight Cult

      What kind of server is this? How are all these houses not griefed and raided already?

      1. LoverFella


    35. Fluffy Alpha Whale

      You secretly stole a pic of a house from a youtuber

      1. Fluffy Alpha Whale

        Hello,i’m fluffy alpha whale brother, My little bro go insane after his favourite youtuber just replied and he his taking pictures of this msg amd sending it to his status, i just wanna say thank you for making his night (And yes he got a phone at the age of 11)

      2. Fluffy Alpha Whale

        I can’t believe a guy i watch since i was 10 replied to my message (Thank u, u made my night)

      3. LoverFella

        no, I took this pic myself on my own server that someone random built.

    36. vlotusv

      TASTEBUD sez : STUPID GRIEFERS @ 12:25 gesels.info/video/video/qbiso92vlaRk24c.html

    37. Z4X

      the 1st house you invaded was from a tortoral lol

    38. Eddie & Fun

      Woah! So cool!!! I liked it

    39. TheBabadookWasOverrated

      Is it really a mansion if it doesn't have a PS4 and a copy of Bloodborne for a reasonable price?

    40. Mihaitza

      On what server are u playing?

    41. BruhMode

      i dont support communism.

    42. fricckEXE

      What server u guys playing

    43. wisewolf

      Pimp my base the next lvl

    44. Diamond Gaming

      You know you cant say "let's get ready to rumble" right?

    45. THINGSANDSTUFFTEEVEE Thingsandstuff

      I watch your ark vids but please tell me why you play Minecraft ? An adult playing games with children defo bit strange

    46. Prii D.

      Just found you guys this morning.. I am impressed and entertained lol

    47. vortex pilot

      What server are you on

    48. Jeff M


    49. 12ManFan

      Is it just me or would they have easily been able to hear the nether portal?

    50. Sophia southforce

      On which Minecraft Server are you playing?

    51. Cristian Gomez

      I dnt even play minecraft never did but I cant stop watching your videos 😂😂 hilarious

    52. Sven Arvidson

      The mansion is not urs it’s on youtube

    53. raptor 9094

      There was a GEsels video on how to build that mansion

    54. William Lafond

      Why cant you just do like the wet bandits and chase macaulay around?

    55. hayden

      are they playing on a server or a realm???

      1. LoverFella

        My server, link in description

    56. Avalon Part Core

      Hey love

    57. Alexis Cervantes

      You made me wanna play minecraft again and enjoy watching the vids lmao

    58. Anže Kuhar

      is your friend hebrew?

    59. Thomas Livy

      Tutorial house

    60. Avacado :]

      They litteraly coppied rizzials tutorial.