I got banned on the Vatican's Minecraft Server



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    A cursed tour of the most famous family friendly Christian Minecraft server. What could go wrong?
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    1. FitMC

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      1. brüh productions

        666k subs on Jesus's server

      2. Elevatorz

        @Slick Snipering They are litterally one and the same. Catholism is a denomination of Christianity

      3. Elevatorz

        Bitwarden is much better, tbh

      4. Slick Snipering

        Christian and catholic are not the same you idiot

      5. Cyril Leblanc

        have you said that this video was sponsorised ?

    2. La isla de Pyrsim

      666k subs

    3. hopsiupek !

      Ironically, when i watch this video you have 666 thousands subs

    4. Polaris Rmk Khaos 850

      why u got 666 000 subs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    5. wxbrainiac

      im watching this while he has 666k subs lol

    6. Osodan


    7. Kayson Mueller

      666k subs, *uh oh.*

    8. ThatOneDude

      Catholics and Christians are 2 different things get it right smh.....

    9. F4ZE PACINO


    10. CrAzY LaZy

      Bruh thank god i am muslim

    11. Felice Starace

      I Am Italian and I am subscribed🏛️RESPECT FROM ITALY FitMC🏛️RISPETTO DALL' ITALIA

    12. MrCobalox

      what happens if you name yourself with a criptic name, could they /ban you just by name tabbing or not? or also having a seemingly blank name

    13. carlos green


    14. Grant Dettwyler

      idk why its assumed that christian are just perfect, in fact its part of there religion that no one is perfect, including them.

    15. Ricky Alexander

      "How does this server exist?" Coming from someone who plays 2b2t :P

    16. Unworthy Slave Of Christ

      I used to play Minecraft. Do you know how much distress and pain it caused me in my life? I was constantly angry all of my life, always greedy for new things, always detached from my family and friends, I had so many fights on that game, hurt so many people, sought revenge on my friends and caused them harm in real life (not just only on the game), I was always swearing, staying up all night and staying sleepy all day long, and learnt many bad things from other people on this game. Overall, this game tempted me into sinning so much, that it never gave me a normal life. When I finally stopped playing, only by the grace of God, I started to have a happier life. I am a teenager, and I want to tell all children and young people and adults that games do not make you happy, but they only hurt you and other people and give you a miserable life. I stopped looking at a screen all day and night playing games and started to pray the Rosary, and have become so peaceful and full of joy. It doesn’t mean I don’t suffer ordinary things that people suffer, but God has made me patient and full of happiness, and has restored the normal life I lost because of gaming, that actually my life is better even before I started gaming and during my gaining (which was the worst part of my life). Glory be to God. Isay that God freed me from this game because it was so addictive, and it wasn’t me who freed myself, and that is why I give God all the credit and glory.

    17. ned ned

      bring the curch of the crafting table to this server

    18. Bruhama

      I actually feel bad for the priest. Good intentions and morons on the internet have to ruin it.

    19. applehecc

      Isn't it... catholic..?

    20. Yippie ؜

      FFS Family Friendly Server

    21. GuardrailHitter

      so this is where all the memes sprung up?

    22. bob Hansen

      jesus banned by god

    23. Michał Szczepański

      >I don't see anyone speaking Italiano Idk maybe because non-americans can speak more than one language?

    24. ThatQwertyPi

      I think this is going to be the next closest thing to 2b2t

    25. IJN Fusou

      Bruh imagine if PobBob joined this server lmao rip

    26. The AllMightyGuy

      TALEANO, seriously? Bruh, its italiano

    27. Old Joseph Joestar

      What client?

    28. Endous Clarifroar

      Is it just me or does Fit kinda looks like Vin dessel a bit.

    29. Endous Clarifroar

      Imagine if all of 2b2t's players joined this server.

    30. Lord Gaben

      And alt acc lol

    31. Ja Mes


    32. ༒Gorm Auslander༒

      This server needs moderating plugins

    33. Chris Strachan

      im surprised theres no satanic pentagrams

    34. Traveling Scraper

      Get a Jesus skin and use Jesus hacks

    35. Andrew Rebholz

      FitMC has been declared a heretic.

    36. Matthew Aasen

      Literally a “no cursing on my Christian Minecraft server” situation

    37. Dracarius Duxtorm

      2:46 XD wtf, they didn't even get the Trans Flag right

    38. Max Otto von Stirlitz

      Jesus Hack , Ironic

    39. Terra20209

      "Youhavetrouble" has already shit his panta in the first minutes of fit on he server lel

    40. Aki Kitano

      I've never read the bible, so i have a few questions for enlightened people. If a bible verse is somebody smiting children for making fun of him, is the whole bible just salty people taking their anger out?

    41. UNIKAT 428

      6:13 Look at those Floating leaves. ;)

    42. Captain Germany

      Lol trans rights. Imma go blow it up.

    43. rikejMiJakubLoL

      What cheats do you have?

    44. Dick Cheese

      Ight ima head in

    45. Súrmjólk

      what is the ip address?

    46. Normanas Klinkevicius

      It's shit

    47. FOON

      They banned Fit for trying to be Jesus

    48. Piercodio

      OMG! The trans right road is my life!😂😍😍

    49. Peter Quad

      Christian server exist... 4chan: TEAM UP BITCHES WE HAVE A SERVER TO TORN DOWN

    50. Ksut

      The real reason the Vatican made this server is to get more choir bois. Cuz Catholic

    51. snowf00t

      Loved the 2 kings 2 24 reference

    52. Frey

      It had good intentions and if people actually respected + with good admins and backup then it will really be a peaceful server :)

    53. Britannia Chan

      Where's my family friendly Islam server? Inshallah

    54. Laura Richardson

      more of this please

    55. Fat Letterman

      Grief spawn ALL OF IT

    56. Araceli Zambrano

      december 14, 2019 FitMC: I AM WALKING ON WATER I AM JESUS

    57. Camera

      Don't be a goof, ya hear, we take very kindly to your kind, and we wouldn't like to have any problems getting into heaven, now would we?

    58. Jordy V.

      Let's start a crusade!

    59. 1000dumplings

      why is no one talking about the trans flag road

    60. wasd gmr

      Who else noticed the server warning him? 3:58