I Created The Richest City In Minecraft | SkyBlock E5



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    Who wants to move in next?
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    1. WanBy1 One


    2. Isaac Rojas

      You want one carrot best I can do is 7.5 million dollars -loverfella

    3. Super Basher

      Which version is it

    4. Rocket




    6. Chris Mead

      What texture pack do you use?

    7. ivy mm

      *Raises taxes* *Kills them for not paying* *Ruins their lives* *Arrests them* Loverfella: *it's free real estate*

    8. Michala Verma

      My v,

    9. Warrior Cat Fan

      After you should do this again but as a alt account and see how fast it is for us normal players.

    10. Regan Regan

      what shaders?

    11. Daniel Moore

      loverfella ripping people off

    12. TheRealCowDude Livvy

      (not sponsored) www.outback.com/

    13. TheMightyBaby

      I luv ur vids and my dream is to do one of ur challenges My mincraft username: PandaLexi

    14. Nate Dawgy

      1 carrot = 25k LoverFella: give me 40k just round it up XD

    15. Smokey Plays video games

      MORE!!! I LOVE THIS!!!!!!!!!

    16. Alison James

      That looks like the krusty crab

    17. Reiley Smith

      Ok I just got an account for minecraft and discoed so I am very broke can I work here for free 😂😂 jkjk unless...

    18. Just a squid

      did I skip an episode

      1. Just a squid

        i got skyblock mixed up with trade up

      2. LoverFella

        Yes, check the playlist

    19. Elenor Rushall

      You always brighten my day. 🤤

    20. Yolie Chavez

      You should have tax .

    21. Cjaiih

      @0:20 The fact that she made the Krusty crab and she’s calling it outbat steakhouse 🤔

    22. Una Galan

      You’re kind of being mean don’t make it too high for them

    23. Carol-Ed Wese-Mark

      What's the address to the sever

    24. Kaitlyn Burton

      Lol this editor is great 0:28

    25. Wish I Was Rich

      More trade up vids?

    26. Ilol Goggles

      I love loverfella because he says no bad words

    27. Kai Labrador

      happiness... at its finest.

    28. Rafal Lempaszak


    29. Hazel Coles

      Batgirl is a whole mood

    30. Småen Sandstå

      I lost my island, and all my stuff😢 I got a jingle axe in kit free, and lost it... i was just wondering if you knew when people get their stuff and islands back?

      1. Småen Sandstå

        Ok great! Thank you so much for your answer!

      2. LoverFella

        I think we have a team working on fixing it now

    31. SippySooJuicy

      Does Liz have a GEsels channel ?

    32. Orson Swift

      “Another day another dollar” -Loverfella 2020

    33. Mujahid Syed

      Well, apparently, it's not free real estate

    34. MaximzM

      batgirl playin the major role in this sca--- i meannnnnn video love it! LOL

    35. Mrjoe Bobb22

      What server is he on

    36. Rafe Rasmussen

      Make a middle class city and RIP them off too. Tho put them under the rich city and give them 5 by 5 by 5 plots. Increase the plots by 1 by 5 by 5 and charge them 3x(the price they last paid you for land) for every expansion

    37. Stepbro Gage

      Buy a plot for double the price and get one free!

    38. Davini Lewis

      your island is just a scam

    39. Steal Steel

      Sees the auction house.... Lover : It's free real estate.

    40. kyla inggo


    41. vRainFn

      Loverfella:we will arrest them for blackmail Also loverfella:If you come in You HAVE TO buy something

    42. XxVenus _BunnyxX

      Print lizz to jail!she expanded her plot without paying

      1. XxVenus _BunnyxX


    43. Dark Fight546

      #discord fan

    44. Sheikh Gaye

      how the heck do you crash your own server's economical system?!

    45. tricky toad


    46. Kylie Morgan

      2:43 Loverfella: "...you've been living on lover estates for the past week now, do you have any complaints?" "I've been slowly starving to death..."

    47. Angelayna Schultz

      Why can’t mobile devices join your server?

    48. Cowal ༺Leͥgeͣnͫd༻God

      discord ans server name and stuff?

    49. TheCheeseDubh

      Video 20 of posting comments intill Loverfella hit me up up on discord and maybe does a vid with me (TheCheeseDubh#9803)

    50. Adaminator

      I love when loverfella forces people to give him money

    51. Rubi

      this is the first time i have ever disliked a video

    52. SIEGE XYZ

      what is the discord server code?

    53. TVG Core

      Money=power power=knowledge money=knowledge

    54. Ryan Long

      The outfat steakhouse looks like the krusty krab

    55. Geometrical Demon

      Loverfella you are the #best #most#bestest GEselsr ever

    56. indravadan patel

      How does someone join loverfella’s server

      1. LoverFella

        Link in description

    57. Origami Starclopse

      This is satire

    58. t r

      my favorite number is 67 this is the best GEselsr

    59. Matthew Nissen

      nice vid keep ruining peoples life 😂

    60. Connor Hall

      I don’t know how to join the server