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    I Built A FAKE RESTAURANT To Get FREE DIAMONDS In Minecraft! LIKE for more MINECRAFT VIDEOS and SUBSCRIBE for more POKE! :D gesels.info

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    1. Viridiana Manquero Hernandez

      When he said "sit back and grab your Doritos" i quickly ran to my kitchen to the pantry grabed Doritos and when back and enjoyed😂

      1. Alexia is the best


      2. Lica Cristino

        @JustineZanne Yes i do

      3. Lica Cristino

        WOW lol thats so funnuy i woulf but.. i had no doritos but thats so funny like really u did??? Cos thats funny lol 😂😂😂

      4. alliyan abdullah

        Poke I want your discord server invite plzzzzzz

      5. Franklin Mwangi

        i now jelly

    2. Runa Laila

      Poke are preston John?

    3. Gian Alvarez

      Is jelly greater than poke...like this if you disagree

    4. Tyrell Andrew James

      Did you ever play with jelly only games

    5. Jalal Nassif

      I now jelly.

    6. meidenne teriz

      How to come in your server.

    7. meidenne teriz

      Im a fan of poke

    8. Alexia is the best

      When he said "sit back and grab ur Doritos" I remember that I have Doritos in my room so I look up and they are right by my dresser. Wot?!?

    9. JG Gaming

      peanut putter and jelly swamwitch

    10. User Test

      Do you have a shovel that makes the dirt grass block ?

    11. Ybe 07


    12. Cute Nguonly

      I no jelly

    13. Hugh William Berg

      Why don't u just Disguise?

    14. Lian

      I don’t know why but you make calm, happy and positive whenever I watch your videos ☺️

    15. Stevow 82

      I was eating doritos while watching this!

    16. Just_ o1

      Make a pit fall trap

    17. Heroina Santana

      And it wus so so so funny when he said go grab your bag of dioritos and enjoy it i 😂😂 so hard I almost farted

    18. PranksJustSlay

      Ik the yiutuber jelly your better than him

    19. xD clan n

      can someone please let me join a realm on java edition my name is SanLiam

    20. Robert Dent

      Jelly and craner and josh

    21. Ramesh Babu

      Jelly is cool.

    22. Cason Banks


    23. Tere Diaz


    24. Winson Yong

      jelly poke

    25. Jenahrose Davies

      Do a bank

    26. Evangelos Papadopoulos

      i want to troll jelly with you

    27. Evangelos Papadopoulos

      i love jelly as much as you

    28. Dizzy Mapping

      I love the poke a dots in the outro

    29. Amy Daw

      Ik who jelly is he is my third you tuber but you and hyper are the best you better

    30. Emma Hardy

      Troll your freinds by turning into one of them and make clones of them

    31. Abiel Bugahod

      I know jelly mr.crainer and slogoman

    32. ChrismasGingerMan

      i know jelly

    33. Ryan Badgett

      How get saber Dylan evil

    34. Hershey Club

      I literally went and got doritos

    35. Caroline Ni

      Jelly is my favourite GEselsr you’re my second

    36. Yahia’s roblox Adventure

      Do a pay the most challenge for free DIAMONDS

    37. Serenity Adams

      Not to be mean I think jelly is a better GEsels than you.........................jk

    38. Mary Mary

      And it's emerelds and dimaids

    39. Mary Mary

      Make a pet store and you have to price pets

    40. TedThePan AmazookFan

      Make like a kind of Dock where you make people pay for fishing. You will lend them a LUCK OF THE SEA III fishing rod or only be like 'if you fish here you might get valuable items. This lake is the lake of luck'. Name your dock 'LAKE OF LUCK!'