I build a Giant Flying Meatball in Minecraft


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    1. NightmaresPen

      Lets make pewdiepie join hermitcraft

    2. Ivan Roberts

      Bro, you are gonna have to stop using the lords name in vain, or I’m gonna have to stop watching. Please repent and ask for forgiveness. PLEASE. I love watching your videos :(

    3. LGDS Memes

      Felix logic: -Can build flying meatball -Cant build cobblestone generator

    4. Aiden and Eugenia SONGCO

      Make a bengt robot that shoots fire charges and moves and shoots tnt too

    5. Kon Foo Hao

      Pewdiepie this video is so! Lag

    6. Nyamdorj Odonbaatar

      Is a new vid?

    7. Blue Plays

      m u m n o j u b n o

    8. Naomi Santos

      this was posted on my birthday thanks pewds

    9. PaascheHaren

      noob nooob nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooob

    10. doron cohen

      mumbo jumbo: who are you? pewdiepie:im..... you

    11. Unique King7

      Lol “my biggest fear is that it’s not gonna work...my biggest fear is that it’s not gonna work in way I don’t understand why it doesn’t work”- Felix also legend has it those two big L’s in the beginning are still moving...

    12. Nat Brooks

      World war three: *It all started with a meatball…*

    13. G1DRA

      is this version 1.15?

    14. Camron Flurry

      I can't believe he didn't know how to use the /fill or the /clone commands, that would've saved a lot of time.

    15. Drose

      tas bien?

    16. Dallin Frost

      What’s the Italian Music?

    17. DonoFab

      Pewds: "I'm gonna make a giant flying meatball" Pewds' computer: *Sweating profusely*

    18. Qwerty David

      Shhh, don't tell him about world edit

    19. Sean King

      he could make a death star

    20. Haizi Izzudin

      Dude do a collab with Mumbo Jumbo >.

    21. Gaming360 Tips BD

      *this game does not need a monster pc*

    22. Gaming360 Tips BD

      *is this a last episode*

    23. Jack's Gaming Hub

      : -)

    24. courtney tuxford

      He looks so cute with glasses ngl

    25. Misha Tekotin


    26. Jennifer Castro

      Bart Simpson laugh at 10:18

    27. W.D Gaster

      Can’t believe this was the same guy who believed a bunch of 9 year old children that he could sleep in the nether

    28. One Life

      Please make more Minecraft vids Pewds! We want it a lot.

    29. David Tighter


    30. Albino


    31. leidien abuan

      How sven go right up there

    32. Laila Boudaia

      Pewds:”but can I stand on it?” Also pewds:* realizes he can* Pewds:*cue evil laugh*

    33. UserNameLess


    34. shortiee シ

      is it just me or does he don’t have the hype-

    35. Catherine Briat

      Putain chui mort il a parlé fr


      I'm from Indonesia:🇮🇩 after I saw your minecraft video I was interested and subscribed to your channel

    37. Kyle Roczniak

      does it work *UPWARDLY*

    38. Emil_mc

      How the fuck did that thing make multiplicates after it self

    39. ShankyStabBio

      I’m rewatching this vid to recreate Hiroshima on my channel

    40. Tree That was planted during the teamtrees event

      Its So Powerfull That It Can Clone Itself

    41. Kellieryan 2-o

      Pewdiepie 100 million subs Video 4.4 million views T series diss track 99999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999 many years later 99999999 more years later welcome to 9262832763 the earth still exists let’s keep going 999999999 views

    42. Mary Flores

      In the future you will make a plane that drops boms

    43. Hezmo

      4:30 XD

    44. Scooter Mcpeanuts

      *walz of the meatball man intensifies*

    45. Alexis Buenrostro-Loza

      That’s not the real Sven that dog has a red collar

    46. Alix Eskandar


    47. bob

      When pewdiepie's high end desktop with 2080 tis cant take minecraft

    48. Fienix Sakib

      Like please 😊

    49. Shirou Radman

      I like how he makes something as boring as building a massive red stone derived machine so interesting.

    50. Fist of Water Polo, Carbonation!

      Me: many singular man tears Pewdiepie: PIXELINGS

    51. Random YT

      It look loke a mouth

    52. _ HoonKittey _

      i just noticed the background music is the music "from" the fishing mini game from club penguin

    53. milk tea

      where tf is sven

    54. Eco Gaming Club

      very funny

    55. TheSporehacker

      It's ok to eat meat

    56. TEKKO

      Pito de loro

    57. Joaquín Yornet

      The meat ball man ..... From runmo Fuck!

    58. cyroyarn

      M e a t b a l l M a n

    59. Limelyte

      Anyone notice the shadows never moved from meatballs of location...

    60. Chrystian Facun

      i think its not a meatball its pacman