Dolan Twins

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    Thank you to everyone who participated in this video!! You guys are the best and hopefully you saw your box in the vid :)
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    1. Ben Salandanan

      Salamander? Me last naem?

    2. Cassie Dix

      “Sorry about the slime. I got you a present.” Why do I ever watch anything else on GEsels seriously lol

    3. Liza Castellanos

      Anyone from 2019??

    4. Fern Scott

      Grayson s voice in this video is so cute tbh

    5. Farrahnaz Clarke

      Thats wasnt a ear ring it was a tampon idiot

    6. Shantel Mabuza

      5:30 i was dying of laughter!!! Greyson makes my life when he's angry!!!

    7. Jenna Raymond

      The white thing on Grayson's ear was a FRICKING TAMPON!

    8. Paige MJC

      11:07 Impressive 👏👏👏

    9. J A D E

      5:54 no comment needed

    10. Isabel's Room

      Those chips are so good and there from Mexico

    11. Savannah Borrego

      5:35 😂😂😂😂

    12. Cheyenne Hagan

      Ethan how do we open it. Graysen stares Ethan 🔨bang* bang* On graysen head he opens it 🎈🎈🎉😂😂😂

    13. Xiomara Gamez

      What happened to there warehouse

    14. Maddie Volm

      Gray: oh more slime Ethan: can i see it Gray: NoOoOOOO!! Hesitates Gray: f*** NOOooOoOO!! Me: wheezing😂

    15. Lily Ackland Lowe

      this video should be called: “the dolan twins bullying each other for 13 minutes and 55 seconds”

    16. Frostyy vf

      It’s a dildo

    17. Bts’s Dog

      Oh my 7:49 Am I the only one that’s like that when I try on old clothes?

    18. Lily Ann

      Omg the dirty underwear grossed me out !!!

    19. Life Of Peyton

      5:55 i laughed to hard

    20. Loretta Pfeiffer

      Yeah it's a real good lay

    21. Chelsea Gueye

      They son agressive

    22. Chelsea Gueye

      Rip couch


      5:51 I’m dying

    24. That Bitch

      5:56 my two last brain cells in math

    25. Mystic Maddie


    26. Sara

      what was in the last box? :/

    27. Kaydyn Myers

      12:55 Grayson’s face😂💀

    28. Leoná Reid

      7:55 HAHAHAHA

    29. Gacha Tuber

      9:55 This is just Ethan being the cutest boy ever💕 and Grayson's laugh after omg ❤️

    30. Josiah Pizarro

      R.i.p the maker of the slime

    31. Annalisa Palmer

      and the vid should have you opening 50 fan mail boxes

    32. Annalisa Palmer

      you guys are sooooo funny and cute!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    33. Ashley_ burritos

      Am I the only one who thought Grayson's voice was raspy

    34. Łĕxï Šãbèľ

      Tampie Chinese foob underwear crapy slime a mustared a bag of ds a note that days CHOKE ME tishes pregnant test d flowers a black square omg i hate to break it to u but. . . U HIT THE JACKPOT🤑🤑

    35. Ximena Ortiz

      4:54 those are Mexican chips and they’re sooo good💖

    36. Ryan Robinson

      8:02 yeah no thats not an earring try not to wear that in public

    37. Samantha Vasquez

      Ive been told, If a guy pees on a pregnancy test and it comes out positive then there is a chance they have kidney cancer... so thank god the test came out negative

    38. exclamglam Lori

      The duck is sooooo cute 🔥💞⭐️😂

    39. K Pipestem

      Try vinegar on the slimed area

    40. Chloe Nance

      What even is that?! 12:51

    41. Josephine Channel

      ethan ltrlly just crushed that piniata on grayson's head i'm CRACKINGGGG

    42. Karlee Breadsell

      Omg the last package was a condom

    43. Alyssah Delgado

      One word: Yikes 😳😳😳

    44. Georgia de Man

      They look so good in this video 😍😍

    45. Balaji Santhan


    46. Miley Roberts

      What the heel 10:55

    47. hannah maple

      Never laughed so hard in my life!

    48. NadiaPink

      I have a feeling i know what the last gift is.

    49. •Nebula Spiral•

      that fucking balloon got me dead and they were like "w-wh.."

    50. Caitlyn Stibbe

      is anyone binging the dolan twins rn? no just me? ok.