How Hazard And Giroud Help Each Other | Chelsea Tactical Analysis

Piotr Foot

Piotr Foot

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    Hi everyone! Welcome, today we focus on Chelsea's offensive animation, especially with the relation between Hazard and Giroud, promising as it looks?
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    1. Piotr Foot

      Hi guys! Here is my analysis on how Hazard and Giroud work together, and Chelsea's offensive animation at large. Don't forget to leave a like if you enjoyed the video. Cheers :) You can support the channel on PATREON: (fair way to support content creators) TWITTER:

      1. arno222444

        Spot on Piotr, that's exactly the reason why Giroud plays for the French starting XI, even when he does not score his presence has an impact on the french attack and the opponent defense. I think the Giroud's haters do not understand much about football.

      2. Luge Beatzz

        Piotr Foot listening to pellegrini they had West Ham defending the whole game narrowly and Hazard doesn't like playing as a winger who hugs the touch line so he gave Zabaleta an easy task that sometimes made it easy for West Ham to get their attacks through after breaking down a Chelsea move, with 15 minutes to go Willian and Hazard interchanged the wings and stretched West Ham they all had to play deep because Chelsea stretched their defense, They couldn't rely on morata option of bringing the team to the game and it's like Obiang, Rice and Noble were 3 defensive midfielders who made sure they cut the lanes to Hazard because he was the player moving centrally between the lines and the one likely to hurt them!!! Think Chelsea should get a new striker who can get them goals from a set piece, in games like these a goal is enough to disrupt the low block game plans by many teams playing 10 behind the ball, hope Sarri will be working on new attacking patterns too!!! NICE ANALYSIS.... I loved it

    2. Noobies Kobis

      gird is number 10 type of player thats why he so good in passes the ball

    3. metal garurumon

      Giroud is the best target man right now.

    4. Moms Kasha

      They played in farmer league. Overrated players.

    5. FilthySavual

      Are you a fan of Medieval Total War 2? Because this sounds like the soundtrack from Stainless Steel.

    6. Judesmile

      Not much persons understand how Giroud is important in a team for the space he creates by good positioning

    7. Styk Lannes

      Giroud a 5 suarez dans chaque orteil

    8. Cobbster

      Both ot them speaking French adds to their chemistry.

    9. Edgar Cordova

      What exactly does a target man means?

      1. Piotr Foot

        muchas gracias hombre, siempre un placer

      2. Edgar Cordova

        I see, thank you for the quick replay! And this was such a insightful video, keep it up! Greetings from México.

      3. Piotr Foot

        A striker able to receive direct play, and holding the ball to bring team mates into play

    10. Helcio Oliveira

      Please, give me your playlist, so nice

    11. Felipe Moura

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="343">5:43</a> i think ive heard this in some rpg game

      1. Le Subtil

        This is Bach

    12. Khalid Isa

      People expect him to be a goalscorer but he sacrifice by being a target man and people say he is a bad player

    13. Dullahan

      And to think everyone in France say that Giroud is the worst player of the team selected by Deschamps, I keep telling people that his job is really important and that no one can do it as well as him. But yeah, he sure isn't Mbappé and most people prefer seeing a small fast and technical loner than a tall, slow and strong teamplayer up the field...

      1. RPOGONZZ

        Most french love him, just people who don't know football who hate it

      2. floc160889

        I meant “greatest” dribbler of course 😂

      3. floc160889

        Dullahan AMVs&Co Not everyone in France says that, believe me. I for instance have been following him since he played for Montpellier and had a very important part in them winning the French Ligue 1 for the first (and so far only) time and I have always been convinced by what he brings to France. Most of the people who hate him do so only because in their sorry minds, they are convinced that Giroud is the reason why Benzema was kick out of the French team. Others, as you put, want a stricter who will play as they do in FIFA or PES, dribbling the entire team and run as fast as Mbappé for instance. They don’t get how important a player as Giroud can be even if he is not fast and not the greatest drinker of all time.

    14. オリヴィエ・ジルー

      I Love Giroud!

    15. GNR 0000

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="496">8:16</a> jorginho looks like a puppet master pulling the strings to launch an attack

    16. HARKANO

      LES FRANÇAIS MANIFESTER VOUS 😂🤔💯💪💪💪🇫🇷🇫🇷🇫🇷🇫🇷🇫🇷!

    17. deni sherlock

      Good selection of music, i'm tired of listening to EDM crap in a football video

    18. Tam Siufung

      Can u make a analysis of why most of the united players are underperformed?

    19. Yeboah Kwaku

      And morata helps who?

    20. vybhav badri

      I actually think that this combination of Giroud and hazard is not to disimilar to Griezmann and Giroud(particularly euro 16). Giroud doesn't have the greatest scoring record but his link up play, his aerial ability, his contribution defensively, his partnerships and his physique and how he uses all these qualities are why he is such an underrated forward.

    21. Tirthankar Ghosh

      How would you compare Giroud's performance in Arsenal with that in Chelsea.

    22. Michael Ram

      Just like how Giroud use to help Alexis.. Giroud the underated Superstar

    23. Samuel Kronberg

      An analysis of Erik ten Hag’s Ajax would be amazing!

    24. RACH21IT O

      Please make a video on luka modric a player analysis

    25. degreatal

      Giroud wins the world cup not without reason, and mostly he was in starting 11. You can't only expect Giroud to score a goal (which is he also good at it), but the team play of Giroud is one of the best and entertaining to watch, he's false no 9 and target man. I support Arsenal, but when Chelsea plays Giroud, I also watch Chelsea.

    26. Arpit Rohilla

      I like the song

    27. Daniel Andrews

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="246">4:06</a> - If only we had 2 Hazards...

    28. 신성연

      I never knew giroud was this good. And thank you for your amazing analysis. I always wanted to know how sarri recreated chelsea

    29. John’s Fragrance Journey

      are you a chelsea fan homie?

      1. Piotr Foot

        No, PSG fan all the way

    30. Mohamed Ashkir

      Compare hazard with giroud and hazard with costa

    31. Alvaro Jaramillo

      Great video! May I suggest if you have the time to do so, make similar videos of how players from other Premier League teams associate with each other. For instance, the understanding on the pitch between Mane, Salah and Firmino. Another example is Eriksen's linking up with Dele and Harry Kane, and how Lucas Moura now incorporates into this. Thanks for your consistently great content.

      1. Piotr Foot

        Thank you very much, suggestion taken into account ;)

    32. harelma24

      Great video mate. Clear and backed with a lot of examples. Keep bring them.

      1. Piotr Foot

        Thanks a lot :D

    33. Arturo Miguez

      Good video! It would be nice a video about Arthur and his adaptation to Barcelona.

    34. Anuntoldlegend

      The funny thing is I'm an Arsenal fan and I use to always say Giroud is the best target man in the world. There are not many target men who can match his goal scoring record.

      1. Nacho Marquez

        Anuntoldlegend yeah, same here. Arsenal fans didn’t believe me when I said they lost someone class

    35. Marcus De Villiers

      Yes. Giroud is a fantastic forward yes he isn't a clinical striker like most but he can get the job done and greatly affect play. Hazard needs to stay ontop more and the team needs to work for both of them

    36. 3XD_YT

      Always knew your channel was shit

      1. Piotr Foot

        It's not, you're just a salty loser

    37. Nguafack John Paul

      @piotre I think Richarlison will handle this role better than Mitrovic or Abraham . What are your thoughts on which striker chelsea should sign?

    38. Niv Uzan

      your edit is excellent. im a soccer coach and learn a lot from your page! tnx

      1. Niv Uzan

        I understand.. and last question if i may, in which software are you using to edit this video? it will help me a lot. tnx mate :)

      2. Piotr Foot

        I'm 22, and I don't coach

      3. Niv Uzan

        how old are you? are you also a soccer coach?

      4. Piotr Foot

        It's an honor :)

    39. kolokolok 2016

      Piotr, How can one reach out to you? I couldn't find an email of yours even in the 'about' section. I need your help in a coaching topic.

    40. 3XD_YT

      Giroud is trash just like Morata not a top team striker we need world class strikers not average Sarri will fall with these two they won't score and we know Hazard won't score 40 goals a season

      1. Symphonial

        I don't know why do you complain, Chelsea is 2nd, with the same amount of points than City (1rst) and Liverpool (3rd). Giroud is a world class striker, he is among the champion's world team and even if he didn't score, I don't think we (Yes I'm french) could have win World Cup. And Morata scored for the last game

      2. Piotr Foot

        Hazard, Willian, Kovacic, Alonso, could be Chelsea's best goalscorer

    41. Tar Alanshori

      i wondering why west ham kept a clean sheet last week, now i know that they understand that giroud is the key in chelsea offense. wonderful analysis, you're genius bro

    42. Matt Robertson

      Great video great work

      1. Matt Robertson

        @Piotr Footwill you be making a video about the chelsea v Liverpool game on Saturday?

      2. Piotr Foot

        Thanks :)

    43. dageek1000

      Giroud haters incoming

    44. JustLDGY.

      Jorginho is hazard???

      1. Piotr Foot

        I knew there'd be a comment, there you are

    45. Yashvardhan Singh Gohil

      So to succeed in europe and competing for title should they buy another striker or these two would just do..

      1. Piotr Foot

        Higuain would've been insane for Chelsea tbh

    46. Erik Lindgren

      Rudiger's passing is very underrated.

      1. Piotr Foot

        Sarri forces him to work on vertical passing 4/5 hours a day (source: Piotr Foot report)

    47. Valen Ferraro

      Wow, i knew hazard was good, but being in two places at the same time? That's world class!

    48. Andre Emanuel

      I respect him and I'm grateful he's in the team. But seriously OG is like a downgraded version of Drogba. Good, but overrated. We need to get a better target man

      1. Andre Emanuel

      2. Andre Emanuel

        +Dullahan yeah, he's a great target man, I'm not taking that away from him. I just want a better target man in my team, and I listed in the above comments who I thought those were. I never intended this post to be a Diego Costa vs Olivier Giroud debate at all. What I mean by overrated is how lately the media have been all talk about him as a great player. Again, I know he's a great player but I want a better one. I know we can get a better one. Yes, he's got a WC title, but so does Christophe Dugarry. Edit: I meant to say Stephane Guivarc'h, but then again, Dugarry wasn't that great either

      3. Dullahan

        @ Andre Emanuel Overrated? He's the most hated player in his national team because he isn't just another Mbappé and Dembélé. Deschamps is the only one realizing how important his work is. And as for his performance, it's not that important. What's fundamental for a target man is teamplay, and we all know who Diego Costa is, you can type "Football fights" on your search bar and this guy comes up in half of the results. What DC lacks is a cool head, that's what makes OG a better player in my opinion.

      4. Andre Emanuel

        Titus Popovici No thanks. I'd rather not

      5. Titus Popovici

        Get Benzema as a target man

    49. Nicolas Martinez

      Great job as usual. You should consider doing a tagliafico analysis. He has the potential to become the next marcelo

      1. Don Balon

        Tipico comentario amargo 😂😂😂

    50. M’Baku

      your channel is rediscovering its form, a bit like wissam ben yedder!

      1. Piotr Foot

        Like Zizou after he came back

    51. Cian Gross

      Can you do another video on Ramos defending

    52. callmesamad

      well done dude... i enjoy your finesse. but as a chelsea fan i cant understand why drinkwater was even on the bench while we have two defending mf on the pitch....chelsea need more attacking ideas and players such as loftus cheek and hudson odoi when the opponents put a bus in front of the goal it requires more variety to get to the goal not only 30 meters pass from rudiger or jorginho it needs short passes,crossing,switching positions and etc... to confuse the opponents

    53. [ Jay. ]

      my father spoke upon giroud before the world cup. he said giroud is key in the system france plays. when giroud went to Chelsea, i knew Chelsea had gained something.

      1. Leonard Korn

        Abu Hassan Benzema also had a longer streak of goal drought for France. Just google it.

      2. Michael Ram

        Giroud > Auba Poor Arsenal

      3. Piotr Foot

        I just made things clear

      4. obiechinaldo

        Piotr Foot you’re being too rude for someone who wants his channel to grow.

      5. Guillaume Tuss

        @Piotr Foot benzema is out cause of all the Valbuena case, and all his shity media release. I'm happy France won the WC. Now no one can say "Deschamps doesn't know how to build a team" or "France can't win with Giroud"

    54. Robert xerxes

      I have to use space button often to catch up, once u do its like poetry - almost. I Wonder if you could analyse Man Utd? There is feel of disconnect beetwen players, they seem to be afraid to attack, like they are wrongly drilled. Would be interesting what could be seen under 'Piotr microscope'. Views wise could be good too.

    55. Carlos Soares

      As a non-native english speaker, what does offensive animation stands for?

      1. Carlos Soares

        Never heard this expression before. Thank you very much.

      2. Piotr Foot

        The way a team organises their attack in possession

    56. Samurai Duma

      An interesting video idea would be to compare the cup and league Chelsea vs Liverpool fixtures this week. How the tactics change over a short period and other variables such as team selection. Would be great!

    57. Leo Carvente

      This is why Sarry wanted Higuain

    58. Sebastian Rodriguez

      Idk if to say Morata finish was bad he tried chipping smart just hit the goalie in face ;D unlucky

      1. cool bian

        he didnt it was too qickr great analysis though

      2. Nishil Bright

        Piotr Foot Did he have enough time to react from the touch from Luiz? I feel he didn't.. Your thoughts?

      3. Piotr Foot

        He should've scored though

    59. Piotr Foot

      Who do you think should start between Giroud and Morata, and why?

      1. Kautsar Harmoni

        Is that question?

      2. Dullahan

        @Zech El Preach

      3. GNR 0000

        hands down giroud

      4. AatVandelay

        what's your answer to this? Giroud for me.

      5. arno222444

        MysticWand Such a poor comment.....

    60. Bruh X

      You are good at finding patterns. Lets see what solutions other teams have to defend the 3rd man combinations between Giroud>Jorginho>Hazad

    61. JO MANGEEE

      Exquisite work! Cheers

      1. Piotr Foot

        Where are u from?

      2. JO MANGEEE

        Just before sunset where I am LOL right now

      3. Piotr Foot

        Thanks you late night viewer