Dolan Twins

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    A house tour of our new house with a tour in our house thats new
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    1. Esmerelda Marais

      Graysons voice is so funny 5:17

    2. Shante' Shorts

      Ethan was hogged tied and naked in the beginning and Grayson was hogged tied at the end where was I when this video came out

    3. alex randlett

      I miss those kinds of videos! So creative and fun! :)

    4. 99

      #area51 😂😂

    5. ʟᴀᴜɢʜ Aʙʟᴇ

      When the aliens came I jumped lol what is wrong with me

    6. Fuck A HOE!

      What crack r u guys on dude😂 “i dOnT Do dRuGs” my ass who tf thinks of this😂

    7. Anna Starr

      3:38 the aliens from area 51 coming to kill us 😗✌😂

    8. kim namjoon

      3:38 area 51

    9. DannyPlayz//YT

      wow they are robbing themselves lol

    10. Erica Lynn

      Who knew a house tour could be so entertaining

    11. Carmina Ghali

      plot twist:the aliens and wizard are nolan

    12. Zainab AL- bazaz

      ArEa 51🤪👽

    13. Skyley Madrie

      Plot twist: Nolan is behind all of it

    14. Gohan Kurosaki

      Yoooo I died when they went into Nolan's room and when Ethan ties him self up and willingly agrees to being probed

    15. Kendra Stepanek

      This video is hilarious !!

    16. emma malik

      4:43 *Scabungeon* *Natungeon* *i tUrN yOuR hOuSe* *iNtO dUnGeOn*

    17. Quenn Jay

      them robbers where hella aggressive lol but also funny asf

    18. Cesar Acosta

      They should lock there doors

    19. Ruby-Jean Jones

      This vid made me fucking wheeze

    20. Abbie Dowling

      Can we get a real house tour is the question

    21. Nabiha Chowdhury

      “i dturn ur house into a dungeon”

    22. Giorgia Chiesa

      😂omg this is the best video you’ve ever made😂😂😂😂

    23. Gabriela G.

      Y’all should have painted yourselves green for your alien movie audition!

    24. Cristal Ayon Navarro

      What 🤣

    25. Kianna_ Tumbling

      Who else noticed a daddies sticker on Graysons piano?🤔

    26. Luciana Cantu

      They rlly go all out for videos don’t they😭

    27. Sara Morella

      Grayson is the hottest person alive

    28. liz sweetcakes

      Did any one notices they didn’t show the kitchen or is that just me

    29. Mere Mere

      ok does Grayson really have a sticker on his piano that says "daddies"

    30. Lilly Saiz

      4:43 😂😂😂😂

    31. Arman Singh

      graysons piano has a “daddies” sticker💀😭😉

    32. Lily UwU

      Why tf do they look so hot

    33. 4lex 4lex

      Lmao this was fn awesome 😂👌

    34. Rachel Prescott

      “I turn ur house into dungeon”😂 why am I laughing so hard !!!

    35. Kirsteyyy XO

      I love how this video turned out .. and that the thieves were them ...

    36. Oh Kay

      plottwist nolan tied up eteeweetee 🐓🕸

    37. Emma May Tuson

      "Comfy bed ;)" LMAO I DIED

    38. choke me grayson

      atleast they still have the warehouse

    39. Payton and Katey

      G: “ not mo- aRe YoU nAkEd??” E: “If you guys wanna probe me, be my guest, I won’t resist.” G: “You’re just gonna let them do that?” E: “Dude, they’re freakin aliens, ThEy CoUld TaKe OvEr OuR pLaNeT!!!!!” 3:45 😂😂 Dolan Twins marathon 😁😁

    40. Tatianna Swann

      Me: finally, a normal video Twins: oh yea? Bet.

    41. Dede Rolle

      1:54 😂😂 you know that's Ethan 😂

    42. Charlotte Farrugia

      grays hair omg

    43. Zak Sethi

      Nolan at 5:34- THATS HOW IT FEELS

    44. It’s Ashlynn

      (5:35) Omg it’s nolan

    45. It’s Ashlynn

      Why was Ethan the one who like just went with getting their stuff taken and house shrunk but when the wizard dude came. E-who tf is this guy

    46. J. Jar

      watching again in 2019 and it’s an acid trip all over again

    47. Tatiana Franco

      5:39 *BuT iM dAiRy FrEe*

    48. Halogirl92 _

      2019 anyone and congrats on 10 million

    49. Araceli Luna

      I laughed so hard .. Ethan 😂 Grayson 💜

    50. Alexandra Martinez

      5:27 now they know how Nolan felt😂😂😭😭