HIGHLIGHTS: Juventus vs Genoa - 2-1 - Ronaldo's last-minute winner!


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    Cristiano Ronaldo scores the last-minute winner against Genoa at the Allianz to put us back on top of the Serie A table in what was a thrilling Wednesday night contest!
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    1. Negan

      🔴🔴🔴سبع رونالدو بطل 🔴🔴🔴

    2. Juan Forttini


    3. Super Seba


    4. drummer93ful

      Una delle partite più brutte di questa stagione

    5. Giuseppe Dm

      Forza Juventus

    6. Michele Fantozzi

      Criiiiiiiistianooooooooo!!!! Evviva il re 🤴🏻

    7. Alex Delpiero10

      Bonucci merda rossonera

    8. Simo 37


    9. Luigi Saba


    10. J CR7


    11. Rebecca Quintanilla


    12. Warrior_User_

      Sigo a la juve pq soy fan de cr7 (aún que soy del barça)


      Hallo calciopolli 🤣🤣🤣

    14. Aleksandar Donevski


    15. Aleksandar Donevski


    16. Jean Pierre Desir

      Cristiano Ronaldo, Paolo Dybala, Gonzalo Higuain Are the Best Player, But Pjanic,and Bernadeschi,and Khedira is the Balance of the Team...

    17. Jean Pierre Desir

      Forza Juventus,,, Forza CR7

    18. longphi phi

      Italy vietnam

    19. Flurest

      more like ronaldos last minute dive XD

    20. Zane Gabriel

      the best cr7 and juve

    21. Леночка Гурикова

      Serie A Ronaldo's video - 1,5-2 mln views Juve Ronaldo's video - 100 -200 thnd views

    22. Natsu Kiiroi

      This is Why Juve wouldn't gonna win UCL They couldn't got Easy Pinalty there to save them unlike in Serie A 🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔

    23. Nowin DK


    24. Karina Cutie

      Shame on you PENALDO....like always diving...no penalty no party

    25. Bodybildir

      You had Demiral and you went with Rugani . Why ? Is this joke ? Juve doesn’t deserve Demiral. I hope he goes. Sell him... He is the best defender in the bir world coming soon and Juve regret for him. Fucking idiots

    26. Alejandro Izaguirre

      Hala juve hahaha all cr7 lovers are here.

    27. Vicko J25

      Ronaldo diving?

    28. 白雪姫-Music

      Genoa was really a great challenge for the team, and i felt the team was improving in the middle of the game.

    29. Selassie Davids

      Did Ronaldo dive for the penalty ?coz I think despite there was contact he oversold it .wat do u guy think?

      1. Alnivol666

        Definite dive. Football is not basketball

    30. Bima IQ

      Radu 8.0. & Buffon 7.5.. FORZA JUVE...

    31. Arry Sammy

      GOAT 🐐

    32. Akmal Lim

      So nobody gonna takk about juve new jersey ?

    33. Abdoulaye Coulibaly

      CR 7 like forza Juve

    34. Cristiano Ronaldo GoAT

      i dont understand why keep playing this slow old khedira my god ...... he is so bad since last saison

    35. Mohit Chaturvedi

      5:29 I haven't seen him enjoy a goal that much in past few months. I can sense the return of the beast which juventus needs.

    36. Mr BestPesJuv

      The New kit is really nice

    37. Joatan Santos

      Muito lindo ESE uniforme

    38. Alex Cabrera

      Lo único que puedo decir es que cuadrado tiene el mismo estilo del recordado PIVE VALDERRAMA🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    39. shah7 ronaldo

      Siiiiiiiiiiii,cr7 best

    40. Gunjan Lahiri

      Matuidi, khedira need to go. Hardly creative. Ramsey and rabiot looked much better. Ronaldo hardly gets chaces other than aerial balls for headers. Very little ground play. Too slow , boring and uninspired performance from juve.