Highlights Atlético de Madrid vs FC Barcelona (0-1)

LaLiga Santander

LaLiga Santander

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    FC Barcelona beat Atletico Madrid at the Wanda Metropolitano thanks to a late Messi goal #AtletiBarça. LaLiga Santander 2019/2020
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    1. jevon Morris

      Messi is the best

    2. dueeh nyyu

      Me recuerda al que le metió al Real Madrid

    3. iTech Mobile

      I feel like I’m in a funeral when I hear this people commenting on the highlights !!!!


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    5. sotuur aeei

      What a save from Ter Stegen!

      1. dueeh nyyu

        Two reasons why Barca is holding up top: Ter Stegen and Messi.

    6. Zahra Seif Mohammadi

      Messi best player in the world

    7. vbddfy euuyt

      Messi Ballon d’Or 2019!!!!

    8. Carl Capricorn

      FIfa chat - Pep - "ay messi won his 6th" Moyes - "good on ya son" Wenger - "ah well it was expected" McCarthy - "flippin heck that kids talented." *** Ronaldo has left the chat ***

    9. georgestar sichone

      100% support you Barcelona

      1. sotuur aeei

        Messi can easily trash them if he want to. he just pity them

    10. Semih Karcı

      G.o.a.t MESSIIII

    11. Leroy Stephens


    12. Светлана Беларусь

      Бэст, вери бэст!))

    13. YHWH YYWH


    14. seeriu ciihy

      If Messi missed that goal, Idiots woulf start saying "Why did he not pass to Griezmann"

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    16. hen ko

      Oblak n Diego going to have ptsd from messi😂

    17. Diego Salazar

      Messi papa!!!

    18. Stasiu Kowalczyk

      Match like Barca vs Real Madryt That ending 🤯

      1. hen ko

        "Messi did what Messi does"

    19. Rock girl

      Messi just need someone to pass him and thats all he finish it🔥🔥🔥😁😁😁Wowowowwoow

      1. less kiss

        Marc Andre Ter Stegen, world's best goalkeeper

    20. MrSuicidal panda

      why is this video going viral gesels.info/video/video/iOB0ctPZnKB1yGY.html

      1. less kiss

        "Messi did what Messi does"

    21. MrSilender

      Two reasons why Barca is holding up top: Ter Stegen and Messi.

      1. ZI丶 Official

        Play Slow Motion 0:18 ~ 0:19 Something Kick The Ball Out From inside Goal ..

      2. Wesley Slippers

        yeah. So reliant on those 2.

    22. Emily An

      Im happy when messi smile at griezman😂

    23. Tunde Shinibara


    24. ddonkey

      Messi can easily trash them if he want to. he just pity them

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      1. Emily An

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    26. RoniLit_Vlogs

      When you put the video in 0.25x speed, you can see that the goalie didnt even touch the ball. God did it

    27. Cam Era

      Ter Stegen from Fifa 20 showed up?!

    28. less kiss

      Im happy when messi smile at griezman😂

      1. Ailsa Ni

        Messi is just to good

    29. Tori_ KHH

      Messi and Ter Stegen

    30. Ask to seduce Miss

      1:27 You can't see it all because it ends but Messi and Griezmann Huged so I think their friends 😀

      1. less kiss

        You gotta give some credit to Ter Stegen, without his 2 great saves Messi's goal would have little meaning considering they would be 2-0 up. Ter Stegen and Messi are the m

    31. It's Lexo

      Messi Nigerian u13 gesels.info/video/video/idN8fb2Qo56im4M.html

    32. Truth Revealed

      gesels.info/video/video/qsmIj7yznoh83Jk.html This is what is happening in South Africa

      1. Ask to seduce Miss


    33. Ian Lydington

      "Messi did what Messi does"

    34. Mnelisi Mdaka

      Marc Andre Ter Stegen, world's best goalkeeper

    35. Lalumuga yyir

      Bancilona kuning taikkkkk

    36. Hamza k

      this is why messi is the goat zee.gl/r2MGH

    37. Ruamoney Money


    38. big tox


      1. Ailsa Ni

        Yoooo i wanted griezman to score a goal so bad in that game

    39. Paremot Tv

      look at the my channel ty guys.

    40. Lam Đình

      Phải nói là vị thần m10