[Hi-res audio] WHAM-CARELESS WHISPER 1984


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    1. Wade D. Napoleon

      In 2020 anyone listening ? Faz parte da historia da minha vida... Q tempo bom!!! Maravilhosa, 1984 lembro como se fosse hje

    2. Tabatha Creasey

      He wrote this song when he was 16 years old ! Que guapo este Hombre Georgy Michael!!! 😉 George michael, Mikael jackson, another era, another generation. You were my youth. RIP to you

    3. Murat Aytur

      whatever is there

    4. Mukamil Khan

      Rip George Michael

    5. marcelo amparo

      Eta tempo bom é uma pena ele não voltar mais éramos verdadeiramente felizes!!!!!

    6. Anthony Silverlim

      Remembering childhood, often hear this song. Thank you for this memories song.

    7. stalyn sanchez

      Quiero tu like si eres Latino que sigues escuchando esta Buena música en el 2020 😃

      1. fred vegerano


    8. victor madera

      A night too remember, the world is a laughing matter.

    9. Kevin Bradley

      Its a hittt

    10. Annmarie May

      This song will live on forever...can't get enough of it 20yrs and courting




      Alguém Ouvindo Em 2020 Deixa Um Like ❤❤❤

    13. Eliane Antunes

      Ai meu Deus achei você Que Saudades demais ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷 2020

    14. alejandro guillermo marquez

      Este tema es WHAM-CARELESS WHISPER no es de George Michael, solista

    15. 송소영

      정말이지 조지 마이클이 이세상에 없다는게 아직도 믿어지지 않네여...! 그의 이 호소력 짙고 , 매력적인 음색이 너무나 그립습니다..! 학창시절에 추억은 이 웸과 함께 머물러 있어여...! 이 노래를 판도라의 상자처럼 열어보질 못했는데..중독성 넘 강해서..넘 감성으로 인도해서...! 정말 가슴이 절절하도록 그가 그립습니다..! ♡

    16. ali daood

      rip george 🥺😢

    17. Nicolas Souza

      Pq aquela Vagabunda me traiu kkkkkk

    18. Tunde Gabriel

      Goose pimples caused by careless memories!

    19. Monika Max


    20. Edmund Oserraos

      Beautiful song. Never gets old for me. Classic....

    21. Patricia Ordaz


    22. Garcia Wilson

      Who else loving this song in 2020♥️🥂

    23. Richard Gouldin

      i would play this song at the end of the night the sax was great in this song one of the best song written rip

    24. Jeeravan Vachrasatian

      Miss my sis

    25. Don Leumaga

      2020 listening to Careless Whisper

    26. nina novak

      George Michael, Michael Jackson, David Bowie, Qween,... They are the legends

      1. ali daood

        all of them passed away in sad way

      2. Edmund Oserraos

        nina novak Agree!!! 1000%.

    27. Carmen Loretta Mateo

      No words to describe the feelings!!🤭💜

    28. Juan Jovel

      When Im.gone.this the sond i wanted to here in my last moment. She knows why.?

    29. Anthea Green Burns

      Timeless Classic.. OMG

    30. david goodsell

      Great production. Headphones or a really good stereo (really loud) help you appreciate all the sounds.


      La circunstancia de la vida como scambia la gente que pena me da se fue un gran cantante que existió que dios la tenga en la gloria con todo mi respeto para el

    32. Paulo Castro

      Muito linda essa música 😘😘😘😘💕💕💕💕💕💕

    33. Fernando Silva da Cruz

      Esa es sin duda una de las canciones más lindas del mundo

    34. петр старыгин

      Я только тогда пошол в первый класс,песня класс...

    35. Darcy Barnett


    36. G Mattos


    37. Brian Flynn

      I am Brian Flynn

    38. victor regis

      just ...great son

    39. Nastya Agafonova


    40. OC Punk


    41. Jaime Rocha Pérez

      so great

    42. rome12333

      I Made love to this a week ago

    43. Pamela Bryant

      This is for my uncle Frog i love you and miss you

    44. Cassio Alvarenga

      Que lindo tempo bom Vivi este.momento.que.legal.kkkkkkk....hoje.ainda.curto.magnifico🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷

    45. Andrzej Babiński

      Yes poland love him

    46. Beatrice Jane Belk

      BeatriceJane Belk From Remember that Music it is great song to listen to and Dance to soften Music win you are with the one that u are with Summer of 1984

    47. Maria Realacci


    48. Cocuk oyunlari Beyza

      Çocukken dinlerdim hala dinliyorum RIP George Michael

    49. Alceo Marzoli

      A Roma se dice ....tutta n’antra camminata.....quante paccate co sta canzone !

    50. Paulo Ricardo

      Não sabia que o Silvestre Stalone fazia parte da dupla antes de ser o Rambo.

    51. Paul Shotter

      Wham careless whispers great song by them very catchy tune and very relaxing music to listen to great songs they wrote over the years

    52. Enrique Martinez


    53. mateo condori flores

      Robbie Williams

    54. Camila Ortiz

      8 de febrero 2020 luna llena verano 20 grados San Vicente de Tagua Tagua Chile, alguien mas escuchando esta bella cancion en algun lugar del mundo?

      1. Sus Frank

        Camila Ortiz invierno ❄️ nevando aquí en Chicago usa 🇺🇸 me encanta esta canción las 4 estaciones del año 😍

      2. Enrique Quintana

        Escuchando desde laredo.Texas USA

      3. pavell Ortega

        3 dias después je, saludos!!!


      I love this song, it brings me a lot of sad 😞 memories from Lima Peru 🇵🇪

      1. Brian Flynn

        MIGUEL ANGEL YOPOLO it’s beautiful music, love his music, wish he wasn’t gone

    56. MrDudujunior

      Nunca foi um cantor excepcional, mas Careless Whisper foi a canção dos anos 80. Sem dúvida!

      1. MrDudujunior

        Reveja seus critérios para cantores excepcionais , talvez você não saiba o significado da palavra. Nesse hall, posso citar Madonna, Julio Iglesias , Lionel Ritchie e finalmente Michael Jackson.

      2. Rodrigo

        Vc tá louco? Senão a maior voz masculina, uma das maiores... Blz muito melhor que Jackson kkkk

    57. Indigitally


    58. Sempre aqui 9


    59. RONAN cebola

      This will go on to the end of times!! Great song will never ends, because I'll keep playing it over and over again 😃😃😃

    60. Mpho Mofolo

      This song to me is the interpretation of life. Love it to beats😍😁

    61. Laura

      Guilty feet have got no rhythm...how true....

    62. jean petit

      George michael, Mikael jackson, another era, another generation. You were my youth. RIP to you

      1. Anthea Green Burns

        Amen to that ✌️💯❣️☝️

    63. Chelsea West

      I’ll never get tired of this song. I’ll be in my 40s in the future still singing my heart out it this. 🤣

      1. Sus Frank

        Chelsea West yess I listen that song many many times many many years ago 😍😍

      2. Mr2blue2

        Ill be in my 40's in the past and doing the same.... :)

    64. Dédé H.A.

    65. татьяна ромина

      навсегда в сердце в душе

    66. 2Pac Shakur

      so gay

    67. Auto Agent Carlolo 😬

      February 5th 2020. We're still listening Michael.


        February 14th. We’re still listening Wham

    68. Marco Aurelio Zambon

      Vamos viajar ao passado linda

    69. Dmitry Usanov

      The best and wonderful song of George Michael! It gives me hope and strong for next day...!

    70. Tolga İlgaz

      Efsanesin george

    71. Felda Macaraeg


    72. Ryan Johnson

      I was 13 when this came out loved it then love it now and came up with a joke when I was in school. Why did George Michael have chocolate all over his face. Because he was careless with his wispa

    73. Mena De Luca

      Una canzone da brividi

    74. Anar Baxsiev


    75. trance best ever

      legendary... one of the best songs... ever 💪😉

    76. jeanjean l.c

      love song

    77. Keyia Banner

      i will always love this song

    78. Simone Stopfel

      Einfach Geil !!! Tut so gut ,so tolle Lieder. Und Herzschmerz.

    79. Hartanto Junius agusta

      The sax make this song very sweet....thanks 4 your masterpiece song George michael RIP.

    80. azzuro79

      Forever timeless... Forever gold

      1. Edith Dominguez

        que tiempos tan bellos cuántos recuerdos hermosos