Here's how to NEVER be lazy in the morning, especially in WINTERS

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    It's amazing how we treat our morning time like it's just there as part of your day just like the rest of the parts. We hardly truly ever realize that morning time is perhaps the best time in one's day when a lot can be achieved.
    Usually, we wake up late in the morning after having slept late last night and rush through our typical morning routine with being absolute numb to the beauty and freshness of mornings and yet we keep doing this everyday.
    Whether someone is a global business leader or just starting their career, I’d recommend they find a non-negotiable morning routine that works for them, whether it’s working out, reading the news, or taking the kids to school. We’re all busy and it can be easy to make excuses; but the more you can make your non-negotiable time as natural as brushing your teeth, the easier it becomes.
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    comment se réveiller tôt
    se lever tôt
    wie früh aufwachen
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    1. Get Better Together

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    2. Helicopter1kobe0

      I have to get ready 10 minutes for work and I’m here in bed after a hot shower watching this . Damn.

    3. TheJasonx7

      Actually its good not to make your bed,dust mites and other nasty stuff that gets locked in,bet to wait a while then make it or just leave it. Cause you trap all the nasty stuff in your bed and all it does is multiply.

    4. chambie loves

      i always avoid my phone in the mornings, right when i wake up i get up, use the restroom and wash my face and get ready for the day THEN check my phone :) which is usually 40mins after i wake up

    5. Domenico Grimaldi

      Already do all of that...

    6. liontari

      I want to watch the video but please just take the fucking hand out the video

    7. K K

      Thank you Harry Kane

    8. *Grixern* *\o/*

      Spend time on your phone - Nah Spend the same exact time on making your bed - Hell yeah

    9. Rikki James

      My guys got people up 4 hours earlier 😂

    10. Ethan Lay

      Anyone else watching this at 3am

    11. Jalk

      Anxiety ruins everything , most people that don't go to the gym or exercise is be cause the get bother too much about what people think.

    12. MoonSilhouette77

      I have heard that making your bed is harmful to people with breathing problems as dust can settle on your made bed. Just something I had heard of and not sure if anyone else had heard of it too.

    13. Chris John

      1.) As soon as your alarm goes off, play some motivational music (to you) to get up to 2.) Exercise, and WORK HARD 3.) Cold shower This basic but fairly difficult daily routine will change your life if you can stick to it. You will have more energy and more interest in things that may otherwise seem mundane. Don't create BAD HABITS Edit: if you go off track, that's fine. It's important to understand that it's PART OF THE PROCESS. But you need to pick yourself back up and get back on track and dont be discouraged

    14. SandlyCut ™

      Me: wake shower school pc gaming food and sleep repeat for 4 years

      1. SandlyCut ™

        Ok maybe add 5day outside per year

    15. KayWalkZ

      How many of you are watching this when you should be sleeping?

    16. 先生カカシ

      found this on my recommendations

    17. Ungrown T

      Meditate in "me time"

    18. Fabijan Kadi

      Watching this video made me go back to bed.

    19. nav. een

      Instead of counting 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 I am busy watching this video

    20. Kam I

      A little advice for everyone... Go to sleep for example <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="1320">22:00</a> every night you will feel fresh in the morning and full of sleep. Have a breakfast even if it's little, that's your energy for the day to keep slim and energized have a good breakfast and don't eat till tea time. Follow this routine for a while then start going for morning walk, don't run until your body adapts to the walking, if you fancy running you can but the walk is enough now go to work and feel that you're a different person.

    21. Kam I

      2.2 lazy people has watched this video

    22. Matej Hrdonka

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="113">1:53</a> i already do that lol

    23. Andrea Gentilini

      1 wake up immedeatly 2 make up your bed 3 stretch it out 4 visualize the day/me time, breakfast

    24. Elena N.

      54321 works!!! Thanks a lot!

    25. Viannca Martinez

      “How to stop screwing yourself over // Meg Robbins TedTalk”

    26. A Dwayn

      Me: 5, 4, 3, 2, 1! 0? -1, -2 *wait what*

    27. Danny

      Breckfast is not the most inportent meal of the day. Stop living in 1983. The food priamid I'd a lie.

    28. veeaa

      Fresh energy in the morning? What's the cheat code for that?

    29. irma indriani

      my matcha wait every morning

    30. Anyrooms

      Please inform yourself about intermitent fasting, breakfast isn’t necessary

    31. Nachtfalter

      I came up with the counting trick as a kid to do stuff but I totally forgot about it. If I remember right, it didn't work so well. Maybe I should try it again.

    32. Kreon91

      Leave the breakfast out. Just try it for a while and you will feel even more energetic.

    33. Simon.

      OK that sucks. Ist 4 50 and I'm supposed to not use my phone damn.

    34. Nachtfalter

      I don't do my bed in the morning, but I hang the blankets. Unfortunately it doesn't look as tidy, but I think it's more important to let some fresh air to the matress and blankets. The human body easily sweats half an litre per night, and I don't want to lock the humidity inside a made-up bed.

    35. Bristol Jakubowski

      No I wanna sleep. Sleeping is good for your eyes and I have to wake up and<a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="420">7:00</a> am in the morning and I hate waking up I wanna sleep

    36. brown bird

      I'm not doing anything before prayer time and drink and think

    37. MrDonAndrucha

      i saw a lot of videos like that but i wake up at 5 so how can i even dream about to do such a lot things in the morning ?

    38. The Traveler

      I'm going to reiterate what was said in the video for the near-end of 2019: 1.) Before you go to bed, set up something you want to accomplish first thing in the morning (such as homework or exercise). 2.) Aside from making your bed, never do activity that keeps your attention or keeps you awake before going to bed; otherwise, you create a conflict of association by doing something that is the opposite of making you sleepy. 3.) Exercising in the morning is most important, because you get it out of the way, and it actually gives you more energy throughout the day by both warming you up and helping your blood flow regularly; do something for 10-20 minutes that requires an increased (but steady) heartbeat, so I recommend doing "Circuit Training", but don't go overboard. 4.) Optional, you can do this step at #1 if you need to schedule your activities. 5.) Breakfast does not need to be hefty, it can be a light snack like yogurt or half of an apple; you will jump-start your appetite for later meals, and it helps with better "acid control" in the lining of the stomach so that you get less reflux, and you don't over-indulge. 6.)Tying with everything said, instead of rushing your mornings, make a point of going to bed earlier so you can wake up earlier, and allow yourself time to "power up" and unwind before you anything such as exercise, eating, homework, etc.

    39. Simsalabums

      Great video. 👌

      1. Get Better Together

        Thanks mate!

    40. leroiscorpion2010

      Aerate your bed in the morning, open the window with your bed open to refresh it.

    41. team blade

      That was a great video well done.

      1. Get Better Together

        Thank you

    42. nicodorable

      Thank you for that, I always like to think of myself as a night owl, but truth is I stay up late as a form of procrastination. I really don’t look forward to the next day 🙁. But I now realize that if a want a change, I have to change my habits and my thinking. From now on, I’ll be more conscious about my time, starting with waking up early. Wish me luck🤗

    43. Another Channel

      So we should do stoutness exercises every morning like Winnie the Pooh?

    44. Clean Habitats

      I do most of my robberies and burglaries early in the morning - usually up by 3 am. This leaves time later in the morning for identity theft and embezzlement projects.

    45. JTD95

      Shouldnt breakfast come before going to the gym?

    46. Ronit Karki

      Number 2. I think that's from a navy speech (motivational)

    47. 81 786

      I crack one off every morning.

    48. FawkesMD

      After watching this video I am still very lazy in the morning....

    49. Kavitha Sree

      Subscribd.. Frm India.. Kerala 😍😍

    50. sarah c

      Women appear in this video at 3 mins 20.

    51. Alva Alfredsson

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="130">2:10</a> does not give me 20-25 minutes extra, i get up from my bed as soon as the alarm goes off because i don’t have my phone next to the bed.

    52. Jimmy

      Trying this in the morning... Time to sleep now!

    53. himalaya ahuja

      Thank you

    54. check ya chin

      Lol, call the plumber? I am the plumber.

    55. Saher Tahir

      I will try all this first thing in the morning

    56. Tsa Szymborska

      I have my me time in bed with the iPad each morning.

    57. Frederik

      I gotta bike 6km to school does that work for the exercise. So if I did everything else first then exercise to school

    58. j san

      1. Set an alarm to wake up early 2. Turn of the alarm 3. Sleep again

    59. prince Chhabra

      great video

    60. Carmen Mabins

      Why am I just seeing this.....whatever it takes

    61. Bruce Wayne

      1. I dont even have a bed (no joke) 2. Injured my shoulders so I can't work out anymore. 3. I have no reason to wake up in the morning.

      1. Pom

        Better now...?

    62. Kyle Ganse

      For the gym time you can squeeze in small at home work out! Push ups, pulls up, crunch’s, a run. Small things can build a lot.

    63. Moritz Rutkowski

      In the Me Time I would sleep in again 😂😂😂

    64. Dreamcatcher_11_

      skip breaking your fast (breakfast) till its been at least 16h you last ate!

    65. Dave Mbassi

      His name is Tim Apple.

      1. Get Better Together

        Yeah that's what Mr. Trump said. Thanks for watching👍

    66. çeci n’est pas une pipe

      You call “positivity” to wake up thinking about how you’ve got one-up on your friends because you’re getting “better” while they sleep? You don’t get better THAN your friends, you get your friends better WITH you. That’s how HUMANITY progresses. I know. Novel concept.

    67. New and Developed

      What if I need to get up for work and I’m running late I can’t do my bed or workout

    68. Coffee

      Bold claim

    69. Donald Spencer

      5,4,3,2,1... coffee, then more coffee

    70. LeeLee Beauty

      I’m glad I came across this video

    71. Petr Novák

      I would just add - you dont have to eat breakfast. Notice the downside is "you may binge eat later". If you are determined to not do that, and will actually be succesful (which is more than possible with fasting routine for instance), you dont have to eat breakfast. But depends if one of your goals is calorie reduction. If it isnt, you are probably better off eating a healthy breakfast, that is true.

    72. Jayla Rivero

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="120">2:00</a> I would say 5,5 and 3 quarters,5 and a half,4

    73. MisterBinx

      I sleep in because I hate mornings lol. I'm a night person. I don't feel right until late afternoon.

    74. Abram Moon

      5. 4. 3. 2. 1. start with me time for 15-20 mins.

    75. Karren Chris

      Sounds like he’s been watching Mel Robbins GEsels channel. This is her 5 second rule.

    76. K. M.

      How come I’m successful by being someone that appreciates sleeping in ?

    77. MrCheddahcheese

      I do intermittent fasting so I do not eat breakfast. In fact, I start eating at 1 pm. Go to the gym after work not feeling full or hungry. The first couple of weeks will be tough adjusting but your body adapts and you will quickly feel way more energized for the rest of the day. Breakfast simply means "breaking-your-fast" so it doesn't have to be in the morning. Your body adapts to the change by using the fat storage that your body has used from previous instalments of food you have given earlier. That's why you never see people who are intermittent fasters as fat people. The energy they have is from fat storage first THEN food is used to replenish that. Highly recommend. Why do you think breakfast companies campaign and lobby that "breakfast" is the most important meal of the day? Not only does it give them more money, but it also makes a THIRD of your food money go towards it. So it ends up saving you money too!

    78. Vetekornet

      the Breakfast thing is a lie, seriously why did you have to ruin it

    79. Soulful Sweat

      We love all these valuable tips!

    80. Melissa Davis

      He said not to use any gadgets then says "me time" to do nothing/ whatever you want... so like, use "gadgets"?