Here's How Fast (OR SLOW) Our Cheap Exotic Cars ACTUALLY Are



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    On today's episode of Car Trek, AutoTempest challenged the guys to drive their bargain exotic cars 200 miles on a single tank of fuel, with no highways. It was supposed to be a relaxing country drive, but the guys couldn't follow directions and got themselves involved in some good old fashioned motorsport. These cars may be cheaper than a C8 Corvette, but will they survive? SEND IT!
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    1. Ed Bolian

      Be careful with the children watching this one, there is a fair amount of my midriff showing in several scenes.

      1. Rwoarrr


      2. Mr B

        You're dressed like a moron, do you own a mirror

      3. quack man

        looks damn cute with that top

      4. Alkemyst426

        When they said, "Ed's not going to have a problem with this," my first response was, "That's because Ed's a chatterbox," And for the record Ed, that' not an insult, it is glorious, Your stories are great, the way you and your cohorts on VinWiki tell stories is captivating, and your story as you drove around the track was, well, you'd make a good automotive journalist...if you wanted to...

      5. Gavin V

        ATL CARGUYS stop

    2. Jeremy Menchaca

      Ed "I have never done this" Bolian

    3. 5abivt

      Great stuff ! 🙌🏼 All 3 ran.. slower than a 1990 corvette ZR-1 🙂 (ok fine the Aston trapped higher just slightly)

    4. Jerimiah Kent

      I have never appreciated Doug more then when I saw this video.

    5. Willis Moody

      Need more of the 3 of you together!

    6. Nobody Of Consequence

      Ed's drag race face is just priceless. Good grief, what a goofus 😂

    7. A.J. W.

      Ed is a robot. There's no other explanation. Unbelievable.

    8. Acme

      Sir you mean more ginger with the clutch, not less ginger.

    9. Andy Patt

      The one who did good sounds a lot like LFG

    10. Mr.Trick's Channel

      I love Ed's face while he was shifting on the track. He looked like a kid playing with his new toy at Christmas.

    11. KLLDethMRDRface

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="1202">20:02</a> MONICA!

    12. Wisam Alhamad

      "Predictable as a breadstick at the Olive Garden" - Tyler Hoover 2020

    13. Wisam Alhamad

      "Strong enough to put a pregnant woman into labor" Ed is a legend

    14. Wisam Alhamad

      Ed was made for that commentary challenge

    15. DJ80s

      The 2nd run isn't going to be as good as rhe first because the cars aren't cool enough. Once they heat up too much, their quarter mile time decreases. Cool air is a drag racers friend.

    16. Ninja Mike

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="1668">27:48</a> -I sound way too much like Doug... :) Best part!

    17. ashley 1010

      Definitely on par with the original Top Gear and absolutely blows away the modern one. Give these guys a TV contract now.

    18. Riccardo Bot

      Side windows should remain closed during the race to make a better time

    19. Sk8Pools

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="1542">25:42</a> Voice crack

    20. kaljuhyypio

      Soo.. My stock diesel Bimmer can hang on with your Ferrari from 0-60 :D

    21. TheMoulie

      The crap supercars challenge is, without a doubt, my fave original Top Gear episode. I can watch the moment Clarkson's car went from 'tappity' to leaving most of the bottom end of its engine all over the road and May's car for hours. The HP rolling road bit is hillarious, especially when they 'discover' the purchase of the SS no, not that SS) badge :D This is getting there, keep it up!

    22. Andrew Nelson

      funny how Freddy was driving with no lights on

    23. Whoops

      Ed's review of the Gallardo was so incredibly Jeremy Clarkson, and i am all for it

    24. Shell Shocked Farms

      I love this series! Bravo guys 🤙

    25. Sean O'reilly

      Great hommage lads. Hope it works out

    26. Tumbox

      How are you guys not doing TopGear America?

    27. Luis M. Suarez- Fernandez

      For all the kids that never got the golden years of Top Gear... adequate though

    28. Dandahermit Seals

      Ok I'm done watching. Can't bear anymore. You guys are idiots and should have stuck with K- cars.

    29. Dandahermit Seals

      Ya know that if it's paved it's a highway. Aye??

    30. ShuNeughu Shuu

      This is like a GEsels top gear

    31. Davis Reid

      Man this is some dollar store top gear nonsense but strangely entertaining.

    32. Justin Pharand

      that Aston is so pretty

    33. Ryan Hustler

      This is very entertaining. Good job you guys

    34. kvn ahrn

      guys this is good enough to be on TV

    35. Matt Anderson

      How do you burn clutch in an auto?

    36. Cafer Konakli

      As much as I like Tavarish, this is such a terrible version of Top Gear. 🥴

    37. TommyTarkov

      FERRAGIHNI VANGUARD BAM12 - what is the problem with the lambo? just put all the stuff of like the defuser and stuff just take it of looks more sexy then anyway

    38. Peter Ness

      if i were to be in charge of Top Gear i would terminate the entire presenting crew and force Ed Tyler and Freddie to show these so called proffesionals hows its done ,thankyou Auto Tempest for backing them in

    39. Son Of Waifu

      I don’t give a damn I’ll be down to have led lights

    40. Quinton Keizur

      You should challenge cleetus mcfarland to a drag race

    41. Michael Hurley

      These guys are great together. Show on MT channel? @autotempest are you listening?

    42. adios2011

      All of these cars are nicer than a corvette ...

    43. Paul Ramirez

      This is the knock off version of Top Gear(with Clarkson, May, and Hammond) I didn't know I needed.

    44. Mr B

      The guy with no chin and the fake deep voice is wearing a toddler's shirt and teenage girl's jeans lol. Dude those clothes aren't meant for people shaped like you, just wear regular guy shit ok, you're not pulling that thin young guy style off at all.

    45. Mad Duck

      this is the same as watching top gear lol i love it

    46. JKS

      Its kinda sad how cars that were $150,000+ brand new, have clutches that dont hold up for very long. Spending that much on a car, it should be more durable than 30,000 miles and a couple of "beat runs".

    47. WRR Unlimited

      These three ladies do a pretty good job.

    48. Damingo Harris

      Lmaoo Overfilling your tank is just as bad as overfilling your motor oil or not having oil at all

    49. Andrew Nelson

      Similes are acceptable in the place of metaphors

    50. James White

      What is with the footwear? All of you seem to wear the same style and brand shoe.

    51. Andrew Nelson

      You know I was about to go back to Tyler's channel but then he called them "Eye-talian". That's when I remembered that I unsubscribed from his channel because of insensitive comments like that .

    52. tiggles11

      Best part. "Oww my parking braaaake!"

    53. James Kemmings

      It's sad that 93 octane passes as premium fuel in the US. Those cars deserve much better than that 😢


      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="1667">27:47</a> - your voice when your mom walks in your room without knocking :D

    55. Maxim Seynaeve

      Corona ad in the background is a nice touch.

    56. Maxim Seynaeve

      seriously it sits SO HIGH

    57. Maxim Seynaeve

      drop that aston to the floor already

    58. Ryan Vo

      me: Mom, I wanna go watch Top Gear with my friends mom: We have Top Gear at home Top Gear at home:

    59. manny joseph

      The new American top gear please continue this show

    60. albooga

      My man was really about to go down the track with the top down 😂😂😂

    61. Murcielago SV

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="226">3:46</a> that shot of the Aston is something to behold. Those wheels are perfect for that car.

    62. 33brtl

      I wish they had gotten punished for using similes rather than metaphors.

    63. Nate Jones

      As much as he's fighting the steering wheel, it doesn't look like Tavarish enjoyed driving it.

    64. Nate Jones

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="704">11:44</a> -- Ed's making car noises. 😆

    65. Dan 309

      Ed on a test drive at work.......loving car trek......brilliant lock down binge watch !

    66. N8 DoubleYou

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="1131">18:51</a> From the dusty May sun Her looming shadow grows Hidden in the branches of the poison creosote She twines her spines up slowly Towards the boiling sun And when i touched her skin My fingers ran with blood

    67. Jason Henley

      I am over front pocket phone prints. If your gonna dress like a girl... Wear your phone in your back pocket like a girl.

    68. Honis Wagner

      camera man keeping his head down to hide his face. good job.

    69. Chris Bailey

      Nice job of consummately plagiarizing Top Gear.

    70. Sam Key

      Kind of silly for us real car guys who don't get to drive these cars?

    71. Hampus Edlund

      Never stop doing these

    72. Knight Industries

      How's this for context, CarAdvice Australia ran a Kia Stinger 330Si at 12.79 secs 1/4 out of the box in late 2017 . As quick as Freddy's V12 Vantage S! ..and quite quicker than Ed's Gallardo and Tyler's 360 LOL!!!

    73. XYS MacDonald's TV

      6 litre v12 and yes it's a v6 😂😂😂😂

    74. Kid Savvy

      Take a shot every time they say the word “clutch”, You’ll be dead in no time.

    75. Minecraft Expert

      It made the world more beautiful blabalabalaba.....ballaballalababalalallabbababbababa,alalla

    76. Delta BoXeR

      I have no idea why you kept saving your aston was beat up. There was no issues with it. Done the drags no problem and done very well. All 3 of the cars have been great.

    77. Rohit Mascot

      Very reminiscent of Top Gear!! I miss JC!!

    78. Joshua Kariuki

      when you open your browser to <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="1686">28:06</a> and have to explain to your parents what the weird noises are

    79. Addicted4Life !

      All of Tyler’s stupid facial expressions are wayyy beyond annoying! Tavarish looks like he ate the other two competitors, and possibly the camera crew! Ed your awesome, keep up the good work!

    80. Spooky Cactus

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="1298">21:38</a> LMFAOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO