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    hahahahah we made another hat of dares :'/ AHHAHH
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    1. Literally Z

      Finally a sensible no Aussie that understands vegimte

    2. Sean Clark

      Surfing in the sea! In Australia, are you mad!? haha I think its just me, I'm afraid of the sea and sharks especially in Australia

    3. Heavenly O'brian

      Grayson marry me pleeeease

    4. Sukhwinder Dhillon

      U inspire me so much

    5. Amy Nguyen’

      Gray: eat the f****** bread mate Me: Mate it won’t eat if you shove it in your face all the time! Hahaha lol

    6. Amy Nguyen’

      “Aaah aah aah” “we’re Me: how dare you you’re being so rude to our cockatoos and kookaburras (I’m Aussie)

    7. Bad Bitch Who? I Only Know JIMLIET

      Gray: Take Your Shirt Off😄 E: That's instant Karma Right There😅 Gray: _Take Your Shirt Off_ 😐 E: That's Actually Instant- Grayson: *TAKE IT OFF!!!* 😠😡🔊

    8. Cayleigh Font

      This was uploaded on my bday

    9. Ally Chesswas

      how does no one like vegimite i eat it off the spoon easy

    10. Tayla Kuhn

      Hey anyone here in 2019 BTW I live in Australia and I love Vegemite....

    11. muffinchild the meme

      And magpies

    12. muffinchild the meme


    13. muffinchild the meme

      That's Australia for ya cold weird full of killer birds and snakes and everything

    14. Melissa Vlogs

      “iM gOnNa gEt DePoRTED”

    15. NadiaPink

      3:42 look at Grayson face after he goes HAWK HAWK

    16. NadiaPink

      1,3,5,7,9 = Grayson 2,4,6,8,10= Ethan Last digit of number of likes

    17. Katey Selisker

      0:40Grayson catches Ethan ⬇️

    18. Brooklyn Martin-Brown

      Grayson: "holy....PISS I am red" Me: what the fuck does that mean

    19. Baseball Girl

      Who remembers 4ou

    20. Ernst Eric Williams

      6:45 Grayson: come get the f*cking bread mate CUTEST THING EVER

    21. Caitlynn Boze

      No one Absolutely no one Grayson:Ha Ha YoU aLoE bItCh

    22. Anabella Naumoski

      I live in Australia 🇦🇺 and I love vegimite 🥪🍯

    23. Glitter Unicorn

      “No i need to feed him” 😂

    24. Anna Allen

      I cannot believe this was only a year ago. Kinda miss the old vids. Now it’s all about fashion and money

    25. Darcie Stephenson

      im a 12 year old Aussie.......................... why do Americans eat a spoonful of Vegemite your suppose to have a little bit on a nice warm piece of toast.................BTW no hate love Americans.............my sister is there!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    26. paige greer

      im australian and even i was grossed out by the amount of vegemite e had to eat

    27. Dancing With maddie

      Holy piss I’m red - Grayson dolan

    28. Abby Randle


    29. ASMR Sister

      3:06 made me cringe so bad

    30. Camille Stephenson

      I threw up when I had half a teaspoon of vegemite.

    31. Clover Ciferri

      “come get the fucking bread, mate.”

    32. ธัญญารัตน์ หาสุข


    33. mrawesomedog

      I miss the old 2016 vida

    34. Kylie Sinn

      ok so I have a really good thing to do when your sunburnt! put the aloe in the fridge so it’s cold when you apply it to your skin!

    35. Adelae Lee

      “my punching bag” 😂😂😂

    36. Lulu Lemons

      Ethan: this would be good on the old man spot Me: I’m like WTH

    37. Isabella ANTONIOU

      omg finally someoene who knows how to eat vegimite

    38. Angelica Katlabi

      Hat of dares 4????

    39. Kayla P

      Where’s my Aussie squad at? 🇦🇺🇦🇺💕😊

    40. Yeppp Yeee

      What beach did they go to when they did the cozy cutlet

      1. Yeppp Yeee

        kaylee mote your very smart

      2. kaylee mote

        The one behind them 😂

    41. Hallie Wise

      Hat of dares 4

    42. beck wang

      Is this video filmed in the Whitsundays? Looks familiar

    43. Rosie Posie22

      6:59 does anyone else think 1 day someone is going to see that and get a picture of it... nudes leaked

    44. iakxoxo

      At 8:01 was sooo cute! 😂😭❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

    45. xXcutie _gachaXx

      Vegimite yuckk yuckkk its like a gas oil

    46. Sydney White

      3:44 got me😂😂😂😂

    47. 들부산 소년

      Gray when he is going to tan:🤚🏽 E when he tries to tan:✋🏻 *Actually E gets red...really red*

    48. 들부산 소년

      “Holly piss I’m red”

    49. Rosa Musa

      Bird what the fuck

    50. Lemon-Lime 711

      This hat is special I want that hat 🧢 we all NEED this hat we FROTH for this hat