Harry Styles - Treat People With Kindness (Official Audio)



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    Maybe we can find a place to feel good
    And we can treat people with kindness
    Find a place to feel good
    I’ve got a good feeling
    I’m just taking it all in
    Floating up and dreaming
    Dropping into the deep end
    And if we’re here long enough
    They’ll sing a song for us
    And we’ll belong
    Maybe we can find a place to feel good
    And we can treat people with kindness
    Find a place to feel good
    Given second chances
    I don’t need all the answers
    Feeling good in my skin
    I just keep on dancing
    And if we’re here long enough
    We’ll see it’s all for us
    And we’ll belong
    Maybe we can find a place to feel good
    And we can treat people with kindness
    Find a place to feel good
    And it’s just another day
    And if our friends all pass away
    It’s okay
    It’s okay
    It’s okay
    Maybe we can find a place to feel good
    And we can treat people with kindness
    Find a place to feel good
    All we ever want is automatic all the time
    All we ever want is auto all of the time
    Maybe we can find a place to feel good
    And we can treat people with kindness
    Find a place to feel good
    #HarryStyles #FineLine #TreatPeopleWithKindness

    გამოქვეყნდა თვის წინ


    1. Yosha aaa

      Fans in the future are probably gonna think this was the start of tpwk :(

    2. Maleigh Schmeling

      Why is no one taking about his really hot scream at 2:14

    3. Alejandro Acosta

      THIS song is definitely going to be in an animated movie!

    4. eqeope


    5. Tanja Haar

      I love being in the Harry Styles fandom. It's the most kind, loving and tolerating fandom ever

    6. One Direction For Life

      I love the difference between all Harry’s songs❤️

    7. Directioner forever

      Those who dislike this song definitely don't want to treat people with kindness (-_-)....

    8. bea alonso

      Al fin escucho música de verdad

    9. Zefanya Marsha


    10. Charlotte 24

      I loveee this music!! Impossible to be sad when you listen to it !

    11. teytey


    12. a l e x !


    13. Amelia Matthews

      My dad despises all my fandoms, especially Harry styles, but I turned this on and he started whistling along. My mom didn't notice, but she yelled at me for turning the song on for the millionth time today. My dad still defended himself saying it was a different song. But I heard him👀

    14. MARY KIM

      kanna.. fairy tale.!

    15. louis's avocado

      when harry says "it's okay" i rlly think in say goobye to my therapy

    16. Megan Dejero

      Harry styles is the Michael Jackson of the 21st century..

      1. Megan Dejero

        @mar in terms of personality.

      2. mar

        I think he's more like David Bowie

    17. Amelia Matthews

      Did you know that when you drown right before you die your brain releases a bunch of chemicals that makes you high, but don't worry it's a happy high. This song reminded me of that.

    18. Emmi Mangos

      This sounds like a happy finale to a musical, I like it :)

    19. Willis Styles

      This song is the reason I get up in the morning. Seriously it’s my alarm. It’s my happy song! Love you Harry!!! ❤️❤️❤️

    20. Alyssa Patten

      3:03 hey says oohhhh yyyeeeaaaahhh like what he used to do in 1 direction to the crowd😭

    21. Rameen Shoaib

      991 bullies disliked

    22. rudolph mcneill

      Damn I LOVE this guy. That cd cover is EVERYTHING!!!

    23. R. Chase Mack

      This was great when it was a T.Rex song

    24. Achille Salazar

      I'm gonna tell my kids he was God💚

    25. skeletxndoblxs •

      *harry is a genius*

    26. Music Lover

      Supreme mindfuck when i heard the line about all our friends dying ngl.

    27. Edlyn Sarmiento

      always love youuuu ❤

    28. Kleiner Fuchs

      I had "and its just another day" stuck in my head for hours now and searched desperately for it thinking it was a beatles song or sth. Let me tell you I had to laugh when I remembered it was this song

    29. Isabella l

      this is mad underrated

    30. no way

      I had never believed in angels before I knew who's Harry❤ All the love

    31. Ca Zi

      This is such a feel-good song. I can't help dancing around 💞

    32. Sophia Baldwin

      i hate that i don't like this one, but it just gives off too many "church coir" kind of vibes for me to be able to enjoy it :(

      1. Kleiner Fuchs

        Lowkey agree

    33. Steve Walker

      waht the hlel


      He should really think about making a musical

    35. Bts Is #1

      2:40 is my favorite part of the song

      1. Stef S

        Mine too!

    36. Nihaad Isaacs


    37. MaybeKahoot

      discount knock it off by TMG

    38. Allisson Baque

      this song is so good idc what anyone else says

    39. Nixolas

      This could be the world's anthem

    40. Zeinab mub

      Omg i love u, your voice is everything 🖤

    41. Kasa Amarela

      Não é ruim. Mas comparar com Queen é exagero. Não chega nem perto.

    42. emmyneminemminem emmy

      Hi. ((: I really hope that you can read this comment, im just hoping can you please do a cover of Alone by Beegees, I think it matches your music preferences and also thank you very much for sharing your artistry and soul through your music. Thank you and Godbless. -frm PH 🇵🇭

    43. Achille Salazar

      I listen to this song with the highest possible volume ... I feel like I'm in a church, am I the only one? lol

    44. Veni Aggarwal

      i WANT TO INHALe this song

    45. Katarina Cuellar

      Harry Styles is the Freddie Mercury of our generation

      1. nonya business

        nah he’s Harry. And Freddie is Freddie

      2. Lerato Morapela


      3. mikayla ikegami

        Katarina Cuellar periodt

      4. marisa cabral

        ehhhh more so brendon urie

      5. CC1289nk

        No he’s just Harry

    46. Carol

      Esse álbum tem um total de 0 defeitos

    47. Jane

      Spread all the LOVE::))

    48. Kaktus Nasiljeni

      I freaking love this soo 🥳🌸🌴

    49. Victoria Martinez

      harry doesnt have a bad bone in his body

    50. breathtakinglol

      Knock It off?

    51. Paul James Brady

      This sound nothing like Queen at all.

    52. TThaiBR

      It's awesome to see all this coments wondering what was his inspiration for this album and saying it was Queen, The Beatles, Abba, Elton John and many others. That's great because they're all incredible artists and we are comparing him to this legends.

    53. robert Lowendoski

      If Crazy by Gnarls Barkley is a 9.3, Then this is definitely a 4.6. Pure bland garbage, I doubt he even spent longer than a day putting this together. Just heard it on radio 2 so I only came here to criticize it.

    54. Miss T.E.A.

      I really like this song. The chorus is great. It has a 60s vibe going on too. Great tune.

    55. Acilia Matos

      Queen vibes

    56. Dev

      lol i guess this is music

    57. no name

      Friend: is that Queen? Me: no,it's a King.

    58. Ellja

      Bicycle race by queen entered the chat

    59. pm xxx

      Idk why this reminds me of full house ❤

    60. King O'Neil

      Knock it off? Cody ko