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    5 Ways To Hack Yourself When You Feel Lazy. JIM KWIK
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    1. Man With No Name

      The problem is I put off putting off putting things off.

    2. Y

      Here’s one good news. The more you are procrastinating, the more you get to practice, and the stronger your mind gets.

    3. DoLi CuTe PrIncesS

      Yeah ask from urself that why u r doing it nd just imagine ur results in that condition which u actually wants.......it will help u...😊😊

    4. Eye of Sauron

      Thanks man, I always end up self-hating for not doing my workout for a day, and I really need to start programming but always end up playing video games. hopefully I can also escape this loop and get that dream house of mine in the far future.

    5. chaznsc

      Thank you for taking your time to lift the rest of us up. GEsels needs an Applause button.

    6. Sarmad Ali

      Sahi hai

    7. Hira Arshad

      Amazing tips thanks 👍

    8. Tessa Logan

      Think of the end product and how good it feels then MOVE!

    9. deborah bwye

      Thank you Jim for your advice

    10. Ariff Fikri

      Nope i can stop with one sentence

    11. Brookster Q

      Everyone else’s comments are from three months ago! I procrastinated even watching this video! I’ve got problems!😫

    12. Brookster Q

      I just have problems finding the starting point for anything

    13. Brookster Q

      This sounds like a lot of work. I think I’ll start tomorrow!

    14. Thomas HEIMBURGER

      Hi, I am currently doing my final thesis on the subject of the corporate social responsibility of fashion companies and how it influences the behaviour of customers. If you could take 3 minutes of you time to answer to this survey it would help me a lot in my research. essec.qualtrics.com/jfe/form/SV_9Hsln0ggl2nQQgR Thank you in advance.

    15. DEFY

      Watching this is procrastination.

    16. shervin Samillano

      Jim kwik is awesome

    17. Voice of Disruption

      *Jim is the living proof anyone can make it if you want it enough. Loved having him on the show.* gesels.info/video/video/dtlmkb2paqBjtHs.html

    18. jp grumbach

      Shitty pics.

    19. Gav P

      But what if I'm procrastinating by watching your videos? Hmmm?

    20. Jennifer Jennifer

      Thank you Jim Kwik

    21. C. Ortega

      Video starts at <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="65">1:05</a>

    22. beah

      * add to watch later *

    23. Hữu Nguyễn

      I will watch this video later

    24. IT'S SID

      Those 231 people who disliked this video will never stop procrastinating

    25. downbntout

      Flossing: start in the back, even if not all the way back. Don't use string floss, flossers are great. Saw back n forth the tiniest stroke to get into tight spots. Press against the side of one tooth, scrub it clean, under the gum a ways too. Bleeding happens commonly at first, as well as a smell on the floss (get that smell outta your gums). Starting in the back greatly speeded up my flossing when I was learning

    26. Róbert Nagy

      . ajogdijamváltozatlan :)))9 hidd el nekem ez 5000 év mulva sokkal tobb lesz :))) de kevesebb soha

    27. soham babu

      Hard no as laziness is best tool to use your creativity and hence will lift up your productivity.One thing we need to learn is how to use it for good.

    28. Ezekiel’s Brother

      Flossing adds years to your life??

    29. YEE YEE

      Thanks I needed this

    30. J, Ludwig

      Did he just say flossing adds years to your life?

    31. lubdub lubdub

      No. 2 is really helpful. Been doing that even before watching these great ideas and would actually feel productive at the end of the task.

    32. Kaustav Mukherjee

      Added this video to my watch later playlist, feeling lazy now.

    33. mohamed ahmed

      The instinct of will power

    34. Jovan S.R

      I saw Jim Kwik's Ad before this video starts xD

    35. Abu Usaid

      H3 (head -> 💓->hands) If you are not working with your hands then there's something missing i.e EMOTION

    36. theGamers1736

      Video starts at <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="63">1:03</a>

    37. Anon Ymous

      I'm trying to work up the motivation to start and watch this video without feeling bad about myself.

    38. dorcruz

      I still feel lazy after watching this video.. 😐😔

    39. Trickster t

      I’m procrastinating by watching this video

    40. {x: neon_crow}

      "He who has why can bear almost any how."

    41. OVRCSTY

      Dude you're incredible, love your voice.. Plus the video..

    42. Pau

      yea add to watch later list

    43. cocainepowder

      all these videos saying "do this do that, follow your goal, vizualize it and you ll be good" ..it' s such NOT helpful... You need to eliminate the REASON WHY YOU PROCRASTINATE! Like I do not have a goal.. that is why I am wasting my days.. because I just do not know what to do in life, i do not know what i want.

    44. Dante Inferno

      When im lazy i think about my future

    45. Sleazy Zenni

      Thank you~

    46. Miguel Reyes

      I procrastinated while watching this video... the irony.

    47. Jessica Urban

      How reliable is advice from someone who can't even say procrastination properly?

      1. studybee

        English isn’t the only language in the world.

    48. Nalini Singh

      Start someway ,Yes thank you for post ❤️ peace and love .

    49. Rose Campbell

      It robs u from the life u desire and the life u really deserve.!! That's what I feel

    50. Ana

      starts at <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="71">1:11</a>

    51. queenie bachio

      No didn't work!

    52. Long Trinh

      im procasinating stuff to watch this vid

    53. Ash P

      Scheduling procrastination sounds intrstng!!!!!

    54. pianiste '

      Thank you. Thank you very much.

    55. Nadia Unitassia

      I dunno why but now everytime i heard PRACTICE, it kinda reminds me of LING LING

    56. Sylv Ichon

      Im procrastinating by watching this video about procrastinating.

    57. My Work&StudyUTubeAccount

      Sorry but the breaking down tasks doesn't work for me, I sometimes tell myself to just do one question on my homework, or I will tell myself to just revise for 15 minutes, hoping I will continue doing it. But no, after doing one question I quickly take out my phone to continue wasting time on social media or GEsels.

      1. Sareth

        Then start over. After break time you start over again and do one more question. And do this circle again and again. It doesn’t matter how many times you stop. It does matter how much times you start over. Trust me act like this make you better and better.

    58. merhoum rayane

      Too lazy To watch this now.....

    59. Shubham Kaushik

      Best way of stopping procrastination- Just stop procrastinating! Wow😇

    60. Gelabear 111

      H cube idea is 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

    61. GoalsFocused

      END PROCRASTINATION WITH ME - lets make this happen - I believe in you

    62. Akanksha

      If working was so easy maybe no one wouldve been watching this on youtube😂😂 but ik ..people will see this nd still watch something else instead of working

    63. Redneck Era

      motivate as fucķ lol fucķin blah blah hack yourself?! lmao done! lyfe hack oww yeahhhh you just got prank bro prankedd!

    64. Hasan Poyraz

      Please, send me this Music in the background

    65. D D


    66. Abishek Wadhwa

      ➕Watch later.

    67. renaeeM

      if there's one thing thats gonna stuck in my head from this video...its that flossing your teeth adds years to your life😳

    68. INTPish


    69. Suha kooks

      I feel lazy to watch the viedo!!

    70. Maria

      Great great great video! Ty!!!!!

    71. rukhsar khan

      I remained failed through out in my life in study could nt get marks as wished alot.failed in relationship and faced rejection at all level from home to social life. I have seen taught life and I changed my self alot and start to think postive in every circumstance.i want to change my life, career and want strong relationship .I am also slow learner but want to active in mind.you said that once you start work then close it.i have start practice to make my english good for a long time but still nt get expertise .I want to closure the things on time but not able to do .I want to settle good country and for that trying ILETS preparation and still nt sure preparation.i would like contribute in this world.how would I do still I am in miserable condition.can any one help me .

    72. rukhsar khan

      Great and informative

    73. yahye abdirashid

      Awesome thanks

    74. Ariana Davila

      The 4th one is a trap...

    75. Leo Boner

      Jim Kwik the movies about to start

    76. Parfait Pm' Mutomb

      What s the title of the background music?

    77. NiyasLife

      Honestly inspirational

    78. Antonio Tofan


    79. r Raj

      Let me sum it up 1 Procastinate the Procastination 2 Start from somewhere - Small baby steps one day would make our dreams a reality 3 Break down your goals into smaller steps 4 Don't beat yourself up - if something didn't went according to your envisaged plan , just relax and give your best 5. Schedule your goals - plan them *An idiot with a plan can beat a genius who got no plans* And a bonus one 6 Find out your why- question yourself about why your doing this

      1. Rakesh Khulem

        😂 Iam that idiot

      2. yo123

        Thanks for sum up in clear language😊

    80. Muhammad Idrees

      You are a genius Jim!