Dolan Twins

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    We look at zoomed in photos of our body parts. If you guess whose body part it is wrong, you get something bad done to that body part.
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    1. Dad ?

      He lagit just stapled himself how did that not hurt

    2. Hii Bro

      grayson: *screams bloody murder* eathan: “ew”

    3. Karli! T

      Wow! Their punishments are so brutal!! LOVE U ETHAN AND GRAY!♥️😆✌️

    4. Manu Rodriguez

      i miss them like that

    5. Laura Roberto

      I love ❤️ dolan twins and i love ❤️ Grayson and Ethan ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

    6. Theresa Mitchell

      Is it just me or did they conveniently forget to do the butt taser

    7. sini cree


    8. Victoria Viger

      Who’s on a Dolan twin marathon?

    9. Hay Dogg

      6:13 wtf!

    10. liv 2307

      3:30 belly buttown im dead

    11. Spencer Litty

      I’m spence

    12. Naomi Hebble

      *that is one thick booty* -Ethan Dolan

    13. Erica Duran

      Dare me to give this video a thumbs down so I can see Ethan in my nightmares! Jk. Love you Dolan twins 💕

    14. Robert Panther

      You guys are so good at GEsels

    15. Katherine Enriquez

      2:16 had me dying Ethan said That is one THICC Booty

    16. Lexi jo

      Pause at 5:21

    17. Sukhwinder Dhillon

      Ily guys

    18. GachaLife He3rt

      Who else got so scared for Ethan when they stapled his arm?

    19. Hayley Sloggett

      0:57 Me second guessing myself on a test because I think the answer is to obvious and i think it’s a trick question

    20. Lyric Corner

      6:30 omg the way he says sharpie is so cute

    21. Carlygames Time

      Ethan: next round is eebrow Gray: and the punishment is shapie Ethan: ok let’s get serious Gray (in deep voice ) that eyebrow belongs to me Ethan: that eyebrow belongs to me 6:25

    22. eva diaz

      When gray made those voices it brought me back to 2015 grayson :) Especially 6:46 I can't lmao

    23. Preethy Rajesh

      I like it when Ethan winks 😍

    24. lauren gracce singings

      ethan:*casually wipes blood on panets*

    25. Brooklyn Porter

      Grays hair after climbing out of the foam pit was soooo wonderful😂

    26. Mariam_ x0x

      Omdsss 7:31 got me like🤰🏻🤱

    27. p m

      id love to see ethan in my nightmares

    28. Stella Gene

      They should do more warehouse vids like, these were the best!

    29. Camilla Snake

      Now replaying this video, at 3:14 I heard “gay”

    30. Persia Tanner

      Hi u guys 👋❣️❣️ if you pause this video on 4:50 Look at Ethan face lol 😂 I'm dead 💀💀☠️☠️

    31. nana the robot

      i never thought i needed a pink taser but i think i need a pink taser

    32. Use Tob3

      I've been looking for this video for the longest time 0:35

    33. Balaji Santhan

      from 7:31 . . . i'm in grayson's lane but omfg

    34. Balaji Santhan

      why does ethan look completely normal with the sharpie

    35. K Pipestem

      E: my foot has never felt so alive Me: lmao 😂

    36. Jaeda Flores

      Bro Grayson did a back full

    37. Trinity Vlogs

      7:08 Ethan:” or else I’ll see you in your nightmares😏”😂😂😂😂

    38. Zowie Bennett

      for some reason i feel like Ethan is now more attractive with at uni-brow.

    39. Yra Yap

      No one: Literally no one In the damn world: Ethan: gUeSs tHaT pEnuS no? Gray:no...

    40. Jaz Tuaputa

      Grayson : that eyebrows belong to me Ethan: that eyebrows belong to me Reveal: its Graysons. Grayson: yesssss, fuck your eyebrows.. Dammm they make me laugh xx

    41. Perla Alcala

      At 7:04 haha

    42. •Tasha Plays Gacha•

      1:03 Grayson face in the picture is so hottttttt

    43. Audrey Bachmann

      At 6:19 Grayson was licking the foam pit square but in hot tub confessions 2 they both jumped in it but naked after they took a shower 😂

      1. serafina repole

        Audrey Bachmann omg yeah hahah

    44. Allison Fairlee

      7:44 aaaAAAAAHHHHhhhh

    45. Alejandra Ochoa

      0:16 GuEsS ThAt Pen15

    46. Kool_Aid101 H

      3:18 - 3:20 only 1 left

    47. Gracee Hutchison

      The 3.5k people who wanted to see Ethan in their nightmares

    48. Annabella Epolito

      aww, their such weirdos in this... i love it

    49. Jimena Funny

      “I see a little dirt under that to nail” got me dead

    50. Emilia Gutu

      6:28 GOT ME DEAD