Dolan Twins

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    we found our old phones and sadly remembered the passcodes...
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    1. Cassie Vanspronssen

      HAHAHAHA the DMs are so funny

    2. Charley and audrey

      Grayson needing his inhaler is so cute💕

    3. Siyasanga Ramncwana

      Ok but why did I laugh so hard at that Vine😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

    4. Cayla Wagner

      Wait so Grayson’s phone is yellow but when he did a mirror pic when he got into a snowboard accident u could see his phone was grey

    5. Cool Diy's

      So they were 15 in that time and for they didn't look like they had 15 cuz i look to my self and i have 15 and i dont look that i have 15🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😂🤦🏻‍♀️

    6. Mia Gross

      grayson when he was 13 how to get girls..or so he thought how to get girls|grayson:FELISH ME YOUR SNAPCHATTER NOW! girl:why hello girl;so bossy Grayson:yes grayson:so give it to me! girl:XXddXXXXX

    7. Iryland Gray

      Why didn’t they RESPOND they are clearly blind 🤣🥰👌🏽

    8. Iryland Gray

      Them laughing and trying to gasp for air🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 so funny

    9. Cheyanne Lacewell

      WHAT.......THE FA-

    10. 10,000 Subs without video

      Older pizza what do i say what do I say hahhahahaha

    11. Havana Rivera

      Ya’ll have no idea how many times I repeated that vine part 😭🤚

    12. Kayla Gordineer

      Grayson that intro was f***ing hilarious

    13. I don’t know my name _ 21

      I’ve got a better title for this video: *Grayson wheezing for 25 mins straight*

    14. Gracie Moo

      11:49 DO I WANNA KNOW!!!!!

    15. Sam Aretem

      Scope boy 😂

    16. Haileee Nietooo

      12:15 why did i find that attractive towards Ethan, and poor Grayson 😂❤️

    17. Olivia Kazeem

      I'm wheezing and everyone's sleeping

    18. ella robin


    19. M3N SUR

      Its a green sccren

    20. Lilli Marcengill

      There laughs are like what girls do at sleepovers at 3am

    21. Brooke Byrne

      “Goodbye forever Meghan, I will miss you so.”

    22. Sunset Surfer


    23. Gabrielle Parnell


    24. salma berrahal

      tried to find the tweet but it stayed in his notes

    25. em bee

      funniest video ever i started crying

    26. gianna usher

      Grayson: "I'm such a little goofball"😍😘😊

    27. Hayley Sloggett

      No one: Ethan: I can’t believe we existed at one point

    28. Random Content


    29. Random Content


    30. Cayla Hampton

      Grayson: the more you smack it the more it works Me: that's what she said!!!😏😀

    31. Mariana Pulido

      YES bring back the 80's 😁😁 greater music ;)

    32. Seniyah Peart

      Dunanana dunana dunana DUNANANAN DUNANANAN DUNANANAN

    33. Delphi Lestrange

      Only the dolan twins can pull of a 2 minutes and 35 seconds intro without people clicking off

    34. Ami Solorzano

      At 8:32 ethen is such a good brother !!!! Me just fangirling my ass off

    35. trinity lacewell

      Low key that montage was kinda good🤣

    36. addison hinton

      have the same knee prom as Eathan

      1. addison hinton


    37. Molly Grenci

      Grayson: I’m such a little goofball Me: He’s too cute 😊

    38. Rowan Good

      4:53 😂😂 A Salad Leaf 😂😂

    39. Emily Melendrez

      Who else wanted to see more conversations 🤣🤣🤣💀

    40. Maha Ejaz

      there is nothing more i love than your intro XD

    41. Andrea Cunney

      Call Her Daddy has a segment in their podcast about this exact problem with DM's lololol 15:46

    42. Amanda Anasiudu

      18;56 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

    43. Amanda Anasiudu

      The way Ethan said “don’t drop that thun thun thun” has me sent😂😂

    44. Kayleighh Lancasterr

      10:44 what is ethan doing in the background😂

    45. Lily Castillo

      22:49...graysons literally biting Ethan's arm off...😂😂😂😂💀💀💀💀💀

    46. Madison Orozco


    47. Shaily Mistry

      How long is the intro? 😂 lmao

    48. Abbie Dukes

      5:15 Ethan looks likes he's about to consume grays soul

    49. Always a mermaid

      Iconic outro

    50. Hajra Asif

      E asking Gray if he's good or not nad giving him inhaler dont know why i pointed that but thats cute