Dolan Twins

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    We surprise each other with custom room make overs and get bobby with the buildies
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    1. Taylor Beaver

      -swipes hands ref style- TIE!!!

    2. Natalia Escobedo

      Eathan you were supposed to hammer the nails in the stool not drill it

    3. Tara O'Shea

      23:23 two fingers ✌️ on his eyes LOL Takes Fingers off, his eyes are still closed

    4. Pewie ツ

      Why did they ask their MOTHER instead of like their dad or uncle like the MAN 😂

    5. Pewie ツ

      Why did they ask their MOTHER instead of like their dad or uncle like the MAN 😂

    6. Ritz Crackers

      Your supposed to rub the wood stain off lmao

    7. tiff

      Why does Grayson look like Brendan

    8. Emma Gamble

      Duuuudeeee Ethan killeddd ittttttt ahhhhh holy mother of god. I was not expecting thatttt holy...

    9. Frank Filiberto

      My favorite video

    10. Cait Bri

      why tf does the ending have to be so damn loud on every damn video

    11. Jiya Alpesh Sanghavi

      The 2nd half of this video OMGGGG. The expressions and the genuine smiles on their faces just made my heart warm and fuzzy and melt all the wayyyy.♥️😭♥️😭♥️

    12. Madison Henn

      He took forever noticing the pink wall 😂😂

    13. Jaden Salzer

      Drinking game: take a shot everytime they say bro or dude

    14. Meike x

      8:49 why did i laugh soo hard about this😂😭

    15. Dragon farts 22

      Grey looks like Freddie mercury hah

    16. Alfie Eats cookies

      Are they dyslectic?

    17. Bella M

      One of them look like Freddie Mercury Like if true | | |

    18. Sierra Sanchez-Rosales

      Did y’all ever notice how grays Mac book pro is named “ doolers Mac book pro” 😂

    19. Inyohoessoup

      Luke Evans?

    20. h o n e y b e e

      the people who disliked the video are jealous of graysons stool

    21. Alexandra Maria

      16:11 since when does Ethan have those other tattoos on his hand ? I knew about the "Can't fold" one but I never seen the others

    22. Amina Zilkic

      I can't believe Ethan did that

    23. Kris Strasser

      It was a complete and udder tie😆

    24. rabbab syed

      This is how many times Ethan and Grayson said "DUDE" and "BROOO" 👇🏻

    25. Lucy Hirschman

      “If your wide like me you might get stuck”😂

    26. Wyeth Garcia

      Why Grayson always shouting? Lol! 😂

    27. Komet #2

      Eithan: I just want to make something nice for my brother Grayson: let’s paint his room hot pink 😅

    28. Jack Klasen


    29. - PineappleDolan

      My question is who is dooler?

    30. Legendary Panda


    31. Amanda

      Ethan: “why am I a DIY building master?” Also Ethan: uses stain as paint and doesn’t wipe it off.

    32. Ruhina Tarafdar

      No his moustache us SO CREEPY

    33. haylee o'grady

      18:45 😩😍

    34. Bryan Zeuqsav

      The fact that Grayson got a tan from being outside for all those hours..

    35. Dalilah Mohsen - Riverside PS (1281)

      1:53 i died XDDDDDDDDD

    36. robert yepez

      Grayson won

    37. ani ochenduszko

      why does he look like the bad guy from meet the robinsons with that stache

    38. Abby Brown

      Bless you

    39. Katelyn & Chloe

      “ i can’t speak when i’m youtubing by myself “ i love that😂

    40. Kia DYI'S

      Grayson : where u get the idea Pause Ethan: I asked mom Both laugh Gray: I asked mom to

    41. Vincent Mosca

      I need u guys to come to my house

    42. Moon Angel

      Their relationship is wholesome and healthy and i LOVE IT

    43. Elizabeth Baker

      12:03 Grayson at wood working vs. Ethan at wood working in a nutshell

    44. Saiyara Jerin

      Am I the only one who actually likes Grayson’s mustache?

    45. brynn marie

      grayson, let's be honest, the mustache is creepy

    46. Mama Mia

      This is the first video I’ve ever liked

    47. Connor Haskin

      Grayson's mustache is worse than Orlando Bloom's in the first Pirates of the Caribbean XD

    48. Lilah Hancock


    49. PastelAngle69

      You guys should go in Mr.Kate diesign v design videos or some-type of Interior design show

    50. Lil MJ

      Can you guys just come and design my room 😂😂😂😂😂