Giving Birth On A Mountain Top

Dolan Twins

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    we give birth
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    1. Emily Barcoe

      Try going through that pain for 30 hours 😑

    2. salma berrahal

      I am watching this in 2019 and it got uploaded the day of my birthday omg that makes me so happy also this video is really thoughtful of them because they are putting themselves in unnecessary pain to experience what women go through almost every single day and I think that is just amazing and this one of the reasons why I love them so much because they put themselves in situation they don't need to experience but actually do, hope you get what I am trying to say💛

    3. April Valera

      Wait. Dont the patches go on your lower stomach, thats where the baby comes out righttt. I mean its not like i am a female with acceptable knowlege on child birth, nahh

    4. H8e R

      3:08: exist Me: “hey mum can you pass me the bottle of bleach OO and a straw “

    5. Garrett Norman

      Who Else thought this was very uncomfortable to watch??

    6. Alice Jeong


    7. Tk Taysha

      6:57 - 7:03😭😭

    8. googly gibson

      ethan Grayson and Nolan on the thumbnail 🤣

    9. Harjeevan S

      Grayson Great guy Really cute All nice Young Super nice One that is good and cute None can hate him

    10. Koyari -_-

      And those are only the contractions... being a girl sucks.

    11. Sheniy J

      Ik Gray hurt his hand hitting the mountain XD 2:44

    12. Paigegymnastics

      Has anybody noticed Ethan only has one shoe on😂😂

    13. Caitlynn Boze

      What happened to ethans left shoe 😂

    14. fellow human

      can we have a make up tutorial pleeeeeeeeeeeesssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssseeeeeeeeee? idk why tho or like follow one?

    15. Carsyn Kettner

      We’re u in Arizona, horse shoe bend. Cause I’ve been there :)

    16. Oreothepuppo O

      He peed his self

    17. destiny haggerty

      okay but when did ethan randomly loose his shoe

    18. Drama Central

      2:10 Grayson: E that's a lot!!! I'm gonna poop!!!!! I think im gonna poop okay hurry up!! Ethan: it's on 3... Out of 8!!! 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

    19. Shienara

      Why does Ethan have only one shoe on during his turn? 😂

    20. Alexis Franco

      At 6:33 Grayson sounded like an actual baby 😂

    21. BlueBerry Bee

      Ok but why did ethan handle that so much better then gray lol

    22. Ximena Gonzalez

      That’s it I’m not having kids

    23. Madison Smith

      6:34 Grayson sounded like a baby

    24. Jamie Hood

      "It already hurts"

    25. Cara Anderson

      so for some reason i knew the seahorse one

    26. Alex Rodriguez

      Pause.... you can get pregnant if you’re already pregnant??

    27. G. C.


    28. Gracie Laing

      I love you guys but the fuckin intro was the most cringeworthy thing I have ever seen.

    29. Seanna Orr

      At 6:33 he sounded like a literal baby crying. Omg the inner baby has come.

    30. Su Tart

      tHiS iS wHy BoYs CaNt GiVe BiRtH Izza joke don't cry

    31. Braelyn B

      Who’s here after emma’s pregnancy video 😂😂

    32. Ally Lewis

      shoutout to the seahorses

    33. Grace S

      male seahorses actually dont give birth. the mom will have the eggs and then put them in a sac similar to what a kangaroo would have and he watches the kids be hatched from the eggs. the definition of a male is that he has genitals ....of a male... so if a guy could give birth he is scientifically not a guy. not to be rude or anything i lysm!!!

    34. Kristen and Olivia’s Adventures

      5:00 Ethan did you just have an asthma attack? 😂

    35. Emilia Jones

      This is why I am NEVER having children. NEVER. Might adopt tho. (And I’ll always have my fur babies)

    36. jozephine valencia

      2019 ?

    37. Carly Edwards

      And that’s not even birth that’s just contractions 😂

    38. Aisling McGrath

      Why on a mountain top? No hate.

    39. Queenie Halloweenie

      grayson is gonna be a good husband one day

    40. Melody Fitz

      Ethan: are you ready grayson Ethan: PUSH!! Ethan: im just kidding

    41. Madeleine Cosgrove

      4:52 What happened to Ethan’s shoe????

    42. Melissa Monteiro

      You guys need to do a video with a period simulator on, go on with your day, and experience what a women goes through every month

    43. Mady Smith

      They have no clue what they're talking about 😂🤣

    44. Ellie Lauren

      nobody: literally nobody: not a single soul: grayson: im not kidding👊🏼im not kidding👊🏼im not kidding👊🏼im not kidding👊🏼im not kidding👊🏼

    45. adrianna lach

      u guys are so funny

    46. Avery Jack

      Grayson sounded like a woman actually giving birth oml

    47. passion .s

      *who came here from the womb video?*

    48. Hey there

      the contractions are only half the pain darling. a fucking HUMAN BEING is literally RIPPING THROUGH YOUR VAGINA you would literally never be able to handle the pain

    49. Laecytrey

      I 100% want them to do this again, but as intense as the Tryguys did it ;) GET THE TAINT BOIS. SEE HOW YA COPE.

    50. emily smith

      was anyone else getting serve anxiety bc of how close they were sitting to the edge… no… just me