Dolan Twins

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    You are now permanently engraved in us :) Thank you to everyone who sent in tattoo ideas and for everyone who supports us. These are for you :)
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    1. Anna Paula Santa Cruz


    2. brittany burney

      Pikachu an Dagon ball z

    3. Karen loves gacha Cat

      At 2:29 he looks shook from how Ethan shouted 😂

    4. lamia nour

      I wanna marry one of you 😂

    5. Akshita Chauhan

      Why was I getting kjapa vibes from Grayson’s hair here? 😂❤️🤦‍♀️

    6. Chloe Nance

      7:51 Nolan Dolan vibes right here

    7. Kyle Parrett

      You’re monetizing rape, and you won’t address it. Unfollowing him is not enough. Take this video down!

    8. Kyle Parrett

      How much money is rape worth?

    9. Kyle Parrett

      Enabling a a monetized video..,and not addressing it...

    10. M.Shahzad Sarwar

      It's sad how people watch them for their looks and not their personalities:-\ but I will say a thing They are CuTe. Right??

    11. Jada Crews

      7:49 and so on lmao I love them

    12. Ariyanna Archuleta

      I don’t know what Grayson got on his leg but me it looks like two melted potato’s 🥔 🤣 no offense

    13. Xx.dolanfan.12xX 1234

      In the thumbnail Grayson looks very turned on..

    14. Georgia Tacoma

      They made all of those accounts 🤣 LOL

    15. ueetineeoid

      when gray punched ethan and said fuck u for some reason it was cute lmao

    16. BlueFace Jay

      4:11 thought 🤣

    17. N U G G E T N O O B

      Did they delete their vid called "giving each other tattoos"?

      1. Lena B

        N U G G E T N O O B just noticed that

    18. Alivia Care

      5:43 Ethan: spooky ty two vibe guy Grayson: what did you just say? Ethan: spooky tattoo vibe guy

    19. 1D FAN FOR LIFE!!! !

      4:54 Grayson said my name!!!😂😂

    20. Rashmi Rao

      Watching this in 2019... replayed 7:02 like 100 time 😂😳

    21. Genna Y

      When they blur it out it looks like a water drop on the camera!!

    22. turtle_man 101

      Grayson's hair🤣

    23. James Smith

      3:44 he looks like he just saw a ghost

    24. Maddie Eldridge

      Ethan....please don’t EVER get a face tat😂 neither of them 😂

    25. GamingLife Double

      So an 18 yr old gets several face tattoos. Fast forward time to when they a 95 yrs old..... "Hi great grandpa Who drew on your face.... they don't suit you".............. :)

    26. olivia antro

      no shade but i like graysons better

    27. Camila Barraza

      can someone tell me what the hell happened at the end cuz it was hilarious

    28. Martha Amrein

      Can eathan get the same haircut as gray

    29. Hannah Wales

      yoooooooooooooooo. i was just watching this vid cause i was bored. i scrolled down into the comments to see what people had to say. all i see are comments about allegations against romeo. i looked it up. holy hell boi. hes got issues.

    30. Sarah Henning

      " he's kind of a spooky tiped to vibe guy" I'M DEAD 🤣🤣🤣 05:43

    31. P U

      Ooo u should’ve put the “wombmates” one it’s lowkey sooo cute 😩 o yea umm 2037 anyone????

    32. E Tay

      imagine the person that made these is on their body forever. im jealous

    33. beautybykris

      new jersey fammmm

    34. Maddy Gibson

      Every time I see DT I think dollar tree

    35. Krownkslimeatory productions

      Imagine having your artwork on a Dolan Twins leg... That would be the best thing ever

    36. Annais T

      ''You guys are like in me'' - Grayson Dolan 2k18

    37. Julia Francis

      4:38 finished tattos

    38. Lauren Hunsaker

      "im a furry man"

    39. Cat Catastrophe

      2:16 OMG Ethan Dolan just said my name!! He wasn't talking about me but he still said it!! Im hyperventilating

    40. Alex McLachlan

      omg gray should call the faces bob and rob...

    41. Frosty Snazz

      Spoiler alert: *Nevermind enjoy the video!*

    42. Emma Edwards

      Ethan- he's kind of a spooky guy tata oo vibe guy Grayson- what did u just say? Ethan- he's kind of a spooky tattoo vibe kinda guy

    43. Yoselin Mora

      Grayson is so cute

    44. Farah

      Wow a 10 second intro that’s... weird

    45. SnowyFeather AJ


    46. clare mills iphone diaries

      romeo is my fave such a meme i love him

    47. Glitter Thunderstorm

      6:01 !!!!!!! Exactly!!!! Tattoos have always been one of those things that remind me of something rather than the image/text itself symbolizing something. They might not make sense to someone else, but to me, they are very specific memories.

    48. Eliviah Skillen

      i have a video idea u show do the giant board game because i think that would be fun to watch.... love you guys

    49. Rana Badr


    50. Rana Badr