Getting Our Futures Read by PSYCHICS! (Love Life, Living Together, Marriage!?)

Dolan Twins

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    We met with the psychic twins to see what our futures hold. We Talked about many things including our futures on GEsels, Our love lives, living together, and marriage!?
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    1. Sof I

      PSYCHIC TO GRAYSON: You haven’t met your wife yet James Charles left the chat

    2. Halogirl92 _

      Their is a sponsor next year Me: Their Louis Vuitton fashion sponsors Production company: Their Fragrances:OO

    3. Da Bananananana

      They seem to be more worried about liking the same girl than being separated

    4. Gloomy Sadie

      I was so drawn to the "we're spilling tea" poster i couldn't stop staring at it

    5. ashley

      dude what if one of their soulmates is one of us watching

    6. Ansley Cary

      6:00 grayson is thicc

    7. Ally Smith

      should’ve asked how many years till u meet them

    8. Raeline Ledesma

      19:50 It's not Emma????! 😂

    9. Mr. Abnormal

      I can see Gray being a model and E being a director

    10. Lillian Lohmann

      Ethan almost said we’ve been sleeping with the same girl and then halfway through he said attracted

    11. Hey it’s Jenna

      They should react to this in like 10 to 20 years

    12. Maryam Abdallah

      Ethan got the most shocked after finding out his entire life about that he will end his dairy free diet😂😂

    13. Mylee VanArsdol

      When’s the sister squad getting back together?

    14. Peaches •_•

      19:52 to 20:00 Emma- Does that mean I won’t be Emma Dolan?!

    15. eva diaz

      *me trying to read ethans shirt for **24:43** minutes*

    16. Isabella s


    17. Rose Blossems

      ;-; they when 9 11 was going to happen

    18. Daniela Catuogno

      their reaction to what the psychic twins have to say makes me smile 😊

    19. Mxxxa xxxst

      “I wanna be a dad so bad“ my heart melted

    20. Arushi Phukan

      the modeling was like the Luis Vuitton fashrion week-

    21. Namrata Sivakumar

      gray is so adorable

    22. Brittany Royal

      *fans who are underage* Psychic: "You haven't met your wife yet, maybe in a few years?" Grayson: ……… Underage fans: onLy a FeW MoRe YeArS

    23. Brittany Royal

      when they started talking about moving I was like 'pls be Australia pls be Australia' Ethan: "Yeah we definitely wanna have a house in Australia one day" Me: YES *kicks chair over and screams*

    24. Blue Moon

      I LOVE how you guys are into all this spiritual stuff! Most youtubers seem tad bit shallow and believe that this is it the end. But argahdhha you guys are sooo interesting tbh! definitely inspired:) x

    25. melanie hodge

      I Love how when the psychic twins came out to meet Ethan and Grayson and they were both like “Oh My God” like they broke into their house or something lol 😂

    26. isabelle garza4life

      “Dude,I’m gonna have kids I wanna be a dad so bad”-Grayson OMFG that’s so Fucking cute!!

    27. R F


    28. Sean Clark

      Twins Vs Twins

    29. randummy

      YALL THEY SAID MODELING-gray and e both went to that Louis Vuitton show and modeled im-

    30. keshawna short

      does anyone else think they should go see a medium and hopefully get in touch with their dad???

    31. liv 2307

      I bet if they did a googling ourselves video again itd come up with emmas name and theyd avoid it

    32. brittany burney

      I can’t say I’m a fan of this episode because as they said they did call the women before getting there so how do we no it real sort disappointed it this

    33. The Turtle Zone

      In the begging I actually wheezed 😂

    34. lauren gracce singings

      she said sponsee coming up in about six months literally 2 days ago they had a louis vitton modeling deal😫

    35. Arnisa Sutaj

      Who say's aww of the full video like me😍😭❤

    36. Emilia Rose

      And then there's Louise Vuitton🤣

    37. Carly Edwards

      I can’t be the only one that was waiting for a Emma question 👇

    38. A Rodgers

      I wanna know how they knew this stuff😱

    39. Aleyda Calderon

      One of the questions should’ve been “ Are we going to have kids before we are married?”

    40. FuckYaChickenStrips

      Ugh the camera moves sooo much

    41. keili-san

      I was scared throughout this whole video

    42. Cassandra ellish

      Omg Ethan won't marry Emma!!!! Noooooo I hope that's wrong

    43. Vanesa Diazleal

      James Charles shook

    44. Cadhla O Dwyer

      so.... no more *ethma* conspiracies?

    45. Boi82

      Crazy I know how that reading would of felt ... I got my reading done over 5 years ago within that time it all came true. Well except 1 lol

    46. Emily Melendrez

      I love how there not just any physics, there tWiN psychics lmfaoo

    47. Alicia Lubowicki

      Nice backround music...

    48. Angelica Katlabi


    49. Danna Morales


    50. Jah Ski

      “the girls you’ll end up with are very talented” well, fuck. there goes my chance with ever being with grayson lmao😭😭