Dolan Twins

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    We all get hypnotized for the first time and
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    1. XxKwiax X

      At 7:20 Emma’s eyes were open

    2. My Way

      Ethan: Scared of mouse Emma: *grabs mouse my the head*

    3. Horses Are My Life

      L for Ethen C for greyson xx

    4. Alejandra Perez

      What did Grayson say that Emma was thinking that they had to blur out 🤔

    5. Jason Khalid

      How are they holding the glass when there hypnotized 😂

    6. Katy Shaw


    7. Denise Bixby

      Ethan:Trying not to laugh

    8. #swim, dance, love life 123

      I actually loved this vid and died of laughter but is it only me or do some ppl think a majority of this was faked NO HATE* pls don't get mad at me for saying this!

    9. mugg mugger

      grayson x emma or ethan x emma


      Emma is so out of it 🤣🤣

    11. Madison's Channel

      It was so fake besides the Dolon twins and some of Emma but James was so faking it

    12. BLING

      I love your videos! Small GEselsr BTW

    13. Kim Sullivan

      Dose Ethan have a crush on Emma?

    14. Maia’s Life

      Emma in the intro is sooo me

    15. Nellque Morrison

      Why didint u let jmesz do the mind reading thing

    16. Samantha Aceves

      I couldn’t stop laughing when they were sharing the water bottle

    17. Flower Blossom

      Look at Emma's hand at 4:41, am I the only one that sees the "gotem" sign?

    18. ATaylor Productions

      I'm emotional less.... I don't think he could hypnotize me.

    19. Fanfiction Freak

      The mid reading one really got me

    20. Kendall Renee

      23:36 No one: Literally no one: Ethan: Stop being a little b*tch

    21. Elizabeth P.

      2:38 Ethma shippers: OMG 😱 Ethan said that Emma’s question was a good question they must be dating Everyone else: That is a good question...

    22. Elizabeth P.

      Tbh I’m glad that they got rid of James in their group. Not saying this bc of the drama but idk I didn’t like how he talked to the twins and how he flirted with them it was kinda disgusting...

      1. Daisy 365

        @Elizabeth P. But despite the flirting Grayson called James his best friend, they could of just not started a friendship with him🤷‍♀️.

      2. Elizabeth P.

        Daisy 365 lol barely is an understatement

      3. Daisy 365

        He barely flirted with them in the videos, I just feel like people exaggerate their interactions because of Tati, but that's just my opinion..

    23. anke schulze


    24. Krystal Nguyen

      I keep watching Dolan twins videos over and over .😅😂

    25. lily k

      15:21 TEA

    26. Mal! Casshh


    27. Blanche Celet


    28. Alicia Coenraads

      15.35, it looked like he said:"She likes/loves Ethan" Could it be?

    29. little curry

      James got exposed with a little dick

    30. Life as Remy

      i know grayson when grason read emmas mind he knew she was thinking of ethan

    31. Ximena Duran

      I hate James sometimes

    32. Yuki Aishi

      james faking.... omg even the hypnotizer sees it

    33. Kelsey_ Wes

      James is faking it because when one of the twins did the whos your fav person he started laughing

    34. Laurie Cosentino

      while ethan and grayson are completely under james is trying to feel the magic, but he got the giggles...

    35. jeff pogue

      Fake Fake FAKKKKE

    36. Lily June

      4:50 Emma knew what she was doing👌🏻

    37. Ella Scamihorn

      Did anyone else notice Emma open her eyes when every one else was closed😂

    38. Grace Manion

      Ethan: stop being a little b*tch Emma:ahahah Glen:that was actually supposed to be in your head Me:HAHAHAHAH

    39. Makayla Neal

      Roses are Red Violets are Blue I miss the sister squad And so do you😭❤️

    40. Azan Saleem

      James is so cringy, i dont mean to be mean's the truth

    41. ROBLOX Cookiess

      At the stad part, I started crying too. I was FUCKING hypnotised. lol

    42. Eduardo Geekin

      Emma faking this shit asf


      Hotel? TRIVAGO!

    44. Jhany Bj

      Ethan and Emma act weird when they are around each other 🙃🙃

    45. Amazing Amaya

      21:35 couldn’t find the straw and 21:47 i missed lol

    46. Tea with Tuesday

      i think the censored thing was about ethan

    47. Zroom zroom Skrtt

      emma’s thinking: ☕️=ethan’s really cute gray: omg emma: denying it

    48. 9 kxtra

      In 4:13 look at Emma and Ethan on how they looked at each other omg 🤯❤

    49. Brodie Young

      7:20 Emma’s eyes

    50. Hanna__ Cuffe

      WHATS THE TEA?!?!