GET UP & FACE YOUR FEARS - New Motivational Video



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    Get Up and Face Your Fears! Wake up everyday stronger than yesterday, face yourself and look your fears dead in the eye. Fear is nothing more than a state of mind. New motivational video from MotivationHub with Motivational Speaker Mat Wilson
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    1. James Steffen

      The Background Music is way to LOUD... TURN IT DOWN... I CAN'T HEAR WHAT YOUR SAYING

      1. James Steffen

        The background music Destroys this whole video.

    2. THEpainting-goat

      When you feel afraid immediately let out a firce ROAR!!!


      1 M subs soon !

    4. Animesh Das

      I want it in public bloody buissness ruins everything thing

    5. Will Houghton

      This is going to be my go to lessen too before I get out of bed! Every day! Thank u! For this video!

      1. Will Houghton

        P.s. I really needed this!!

    6. Real Police Talk

      Excellent video.

    7. Sumi Mixt

      Can someone write down the audio scripts please? :( I can't hear clearly

    8. Be Great

      FOCUS ON YOURSELF. I use to work at a factory job that I hated but I knew what I wanted out of life and now I make $20k a month working for myself doing half the work I use to

    9. Leess 19

      Thanks MotivationHub

    10. Tammy Ward

      I loved the PERFECT quote " MY CAGE IS MY COMFORT ZONE " . Now that is ABSOLUTELY INCREDIBLE TRUTH!! It has my name on it!! I am sick and tired of afraid!! I feel like they are choking the life out of me!! THANK YOU!!

    11. Myra Yadav

      We can easily face our fears if we are convinced that the real fear does not exist in the world, it exists only in the mind. There is a need to train mind accordingly.

    12. Andrej Godlike

      i started dressing more well , and because of my work which i love but i never had been dressing that way and a lot of people were telling me that i should not dress that way etc.... so that's true of change

    13. Inspire For Greatness

      "No pain, No Gain" . Powerful motivation there MotivationHub. "if there is no enemy within, the enemy without can do us no harm"

    14. ody sthenics

      This got me hyped bro

    15. LaDonna Rae

      The past year taught me that every time I get to comfortable that's when something bad will happen

    16. Pajtim Pachuku

      U dont need crazy knowledge to go ahead U need strong basic knowledge to have strong foundation thats it

    17. Mitchell Albrecht


    18. Ace Hardy


    19. Arthur Davis

      AMEN. God bless! Great video

    20. Zakariye Abdullahi

      Battle Cry : Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhh. Not done Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahh

    21. MotivationHub

      Wake up everyday stronger than yesterday, face yourself and look your fears dead in the eye. It takes courage to change your life. It takes courage to face your fears.

    22. O'SSÉIN - Master Your Mind With Me

      Your biggest fear contains your largest growth

    23. WiFi Entrepreneur

      This is another great video. I love to watch your videos before I shoot a video for my channel. It gets me pumped up! Thanks! I will keep tuning in for that extra bit of motivation.

    24. Spartan-EDS-Warrior

      This is a awesome Motivation video 👍👍

      1. MotivationHub


    25. MikeflightFPV

      Is all about the long haul. Don't look from day to day but month to month.. And before you know it your arriving! 🔥Great motivation🔥

    26. Patrick Cogen

      Great video! I started focusing on the quality of my content, and I've been happier and I'm starting to grow i just hit over 900 subs!!

    27. ChrisAjibola

      ❣️❣️GLOBAL IMPACT 🌍. You are the best . Your videos have helped me a lot now I have videos all over the world with the help of your speeches 🇳🇬. Show some support guys 🙂

    28. maxamuud sheexo

      I support cannel 🙏 motivation the person who like the page raise hand🤚 ❤️❤️❤️❤️

    29. Tomy Shaw

      It takes faith, since, you can work hard sometimes and not get immediate results. Compound results are found in the long run, persistence is needed. Yes, courage is needed.