Gabbie Hanna addresses "HATE" and SHADES Drew Gooden? (she's still trying it...)

Angelika Oles

Angelika Oles

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    Here’s a mini tea about the new sponsorship laws, David Dobrik looking for a new house due to fans showing up, Gabbie Hanna ‘addressing’ ‘hate’ in a new video and more!
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    1. Courtney 12404

      Imma just sit here and continue to drink my apple juice.

    2. cherie fogg

      A rant

    3. Goofy's son Max is HOT

      Imagine Gabbie Hanna sending you her demo I would kill myself

    4. Lesseroldertales

      I very much doubt Gun Girl is making much if any money. She's a contractor and she's not smart enough to know what she is actually monetarily worth to a company to negotiate that correctly. I say this because she was initially aiming for a career on Fox News. Internet hack pays significantly less.

    5. The Justin

      You stray from the topic too much

    6. Coweydoesdrawing

      First of all, Gabbie never said it was about Drew’s video and you have no evidence for that. Second, you spent 15 minutes of this video talking about makeup and topics other than what you titled the video after. Third, the way that Gabbie addresses hate or criticism has nothing to do with any of this and the fact that you’re making “theories” on a real life person is disgusting. The fact that everyone in the comments is blindly believing everything you say is honestly sad, and you contradict yourself several times in this video (saying Gabbie only uses 10 second clips to respond to important things and then not playing the full response to something). All of these “tea” and “drama” channels are horribly disgusting, and you all need to realize that making comments and theories on people’s lives isn’t okay, and neither is using their name for clickbait. Just because someone is an influencer, does not give you the right to pry into every aspect of their lives and pick apart every section of their personality so you can “expose” them.

    7. Geoffrey

      I don't think that was shade

    8. Maddie Rose

      Me sees title: oh no honey you cannot bring drew into this

    9. HelloIdkWhatI'mDoing

      At first I saw this and was like oh shit, Gabbie Hannah's done something else, then I saw shades Dree Gooden and I was suddenly like, b i t c h.

    10. Catharina Conde

      you look amazing with your hair dowwwwwn

    11. Arianna Powell

      you can drag gabbie for days, BUT DONT U EVER DRAG DREW

    12. Em Queen

      I'm just gonna say one thing, I go through a bottle of lip gloss in a week.

    13. Alyssa Michelle

      It’s funny because Drew doesn’t even live in California ( far away from the drama ) and Gabbie does this means he is untouchable leave him out of the drama

    14. kale f

      all drew does is sit there and watch crappy movies w danny what is there to shade 😭

    15. Molly

      honestly why is gabbie more bearable to listen to with the edited voice lmao

    16. Mira Noire

      I cannot comprehend how she graduated University. I've left with tears after office hours sessions because they told me my essays sucked or needed serious revising. She really needs hand holding, both of them.

    17. incarnation_of_a_trashbin

      2 minutes of talking about fucking makeup

    18. Phantomartist !!!

      Drew gooden is best boy and gabby speaks with *g r e a t s p e e d*

    19. pahylton

      ooooh she finna sue you

    20. nanawashere

      I clicked for Drew XD

    21. Heidi's Trash Can

      What's scary is she has a degree in psychology and communications

    22. Chance Hunter

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="182">3:02</a> “I watch everything on 2x speed anyway”. Is the reason I subscribe. Thank you. I didn’t know you could do that and I’m flippin 23 yrs young!!!!

    23. ShinigamiComplex

      Is Gabbie's voice pitched up, or does she legit sound like that?

    24. angie

      drew gooden is literally one of the most unproblematic youtubers, and he never gets into drama. literally all he does is address issues with youtubers and actually backs up his point, and it’s upsetting that gabby has the audacity to be upset about that is mind boggling

    25. Ryan Thompson

      Gabbie was 100% right about the drew shit lmao there’s no way superwoman would have continued to watch because he put the CONSTRUCTIVE criticism at the middle/end

    26. Not the king of Israel

      Is no one gonna talk about the fact that the actual content of the video starts at <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="769">12:49</a>

    27. toots mcgee

      Gabbie better watch her back .... Amanda seems spooky

    28. Iman Welbeck

      i haven’t started the video but SHADE DREW GOODEN 😒

    29. It’s Chaos Darling

      Thank you so much you making this video. I couldn’t figure out who Gabbie reminded me of, and after this, I know that it’s my ex. Gabbie is just as toxic as my ex, and now, it’s so much easier to explain why and how she is toxic.

    30. Kris R-K

      She doesn't talk about drew till literally 20 minutes into the video, fyi

    31. Eva Graf

      She's gonna have a bad time

    32. Someone u don't know


    33. klarakeuroeaton

      Excuse me ? Who would come after drew ?

    34. Pink Candy

      I never really cared about Gabbie before, I didn’t like her or hate her. I thought she was just fuckin annoying in general. But I’m pretty pissed, if she really was talking about Drew’s Lily video, then honestly she prove us right that she can’t take criticism. Drew’s video was civil like always and when he made “mean” jokes you could obviously tell they were jokes. He even apologized at the end. How does this bitches fans keep thinking she’s a fucking saint? She’s an asshole, it’s never just one or two mistakes. She’s a 40 year old women still crying “I’m being bullied.” Grow a pair especially when you say the dumbest things and pass it off as being quirky

    35. Talianna

      “You’ve got one set of lips” umm

    36. elizabeth7sj

      I’m watching this vid because I didn’t want to give gabbie a view

    37. Rowan Boleyn

      Gabbie Hanna: I love criticism Gabbie Hanna when she gets criticism: I can't read suddenly, I don't know

    38. Howdy Folks

      Caitlyn Bennet is a terrible representation of conservatives

    39. OogaBooga

      video starts at <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="769">12:49</a>

    40. who is Louise

      How did Gabbie diss Drew?

    41. Dakota Blue

      I’ll always side with drew. He’s one of the few people on GEsels that’s funny, smart, respectful and informative all at once.

    42. Caden Hembree

      I’m a Trump supporter and i literally hate Kaitlin Bennett because she never even uses facts and never tries to have an actual conversation.

    43. Papa Cage

      She's so fucking annoying I'm done with Gabbie's shit

    44. Miranda Harveyy

      No one disrespects my man drew

    45. Gab & Music

      Video talks about Gabbie at <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="770">12:50</a>.

    46. Jenna Gardiner

      is nobody gonna comment on her AMAZING vibe w this look

    47. Talia Delaney

      Oh my god you spread so much negativity holy shit..... leave her alone aye.. you’re obsesseddddd! You’re influencing so many people to be negative... why don’t you try finding the positives in things/people etc.... I thought as a society we’ve started the movement of being just fucking nice... but then people like you are just cruel for no reason other than your own benefit. You get money out of bullying people and that’s so wrong. Like if you’re going to spread news about other people and educate people that’s different, you can tell people what’s happened without giving your own negative biased opinions on it. Jesus Christ stop being so mean.

      1. Jewells

        Talia Delaney You literally missed every point she made in this video. Gabbie Hanna and fans like you can’t find the difference between hate and criticism.

    48. Livi Xo

      Bruh Drew just tell the truth, is smart, and straight forward. She is just reaching now. Like stop

    49. imaan abdi

      As a greg, a little stinker,a guy and a respected citizen of Kurtis town i will never forgive anyone who shades our king Drew Gonzalez

    50. Sophie Potter

      Just on the therapy point - Therapists don’t really do that (tell you what you do is ok or not ok) and they also know that all people only present a certain perspective to them or that people have a certain narrative about themselves that they are able to make any situation fall into. They are trained to pick up on those things.

    51. Olive


    52. Rebecca Phillips


    53. FLERP JERK13

      Burn the witch kurtis town is right next to Salem oregon

    54. Nina Bee

      I love how youtubers like Gabbie pretend like all types of professional critics don't already exist... like imagine a serious film critic saying "This movie was bad" and then the director being like Ya well I don't care what you say you're a hater and you were TOO NEGATIVE to me so I'm not listening! LMAO

    55. c m

      please just talk about the things in the title it’s beyond annoying to listen to you ramble about crap in the beginning 🙄

    56. Forte

      Gabbie speaks, acts and even has similar mannerisms as a girl that stole my best friend then convinced her that I tried to poison them. I used to ignore Gabbie's issues but I truly can't now. She scares me. I think she has more mental issues that she hasn't disclosed but I may be pushing the limits of what's appropriate to say.

    57. Multifandomest

      Shading Drew Gooden? Really?

    58. Annica Danielson

      Oh she is NOT gonna come for my mans Drew. Little Stinkers? Gregs? Citizens of Kurtistown? It's time to put up arms against this evil

    59. sour lemons

      LOl i remember when i’d watch gabbie’s story times with my sister. Legit crying

    60. Dusty

      "You vote with your veiws." Sad fact is, any person covering another person, no matter how problematic, is just giving them more publicity

    61. Shiv S

      In the video, Angelika spoke about her opinion of Gabbie Hanna’s reaction to criticism, stating that Gabbie called it hate and dismissed it as opposed to acknowledging it. But on the flip side, could the same not be said of Angelika’s reaction to Gabbie Hanna’s comments about Drew Gooden (assuming that is who Gabbie is referring to)? After all, I felt that Gabbie’s comments were less “shade” or “hate” and more so just criticism. Please don’t attack me I’m not tryna take sides or anything this is just a different perspective I would like to bring to the conversation.

    62. Polite Gordon Ramsay

      Imagine trying to shade Drew Gooden... could never be me

    63. Abbey Self

      Girl. You’re so freaking pretty 🥺

    64. Aubryella Otero

      I’ve just found this channel and you are so nice to listen to! I genuinely enjoyed listening to everything you had to say on this video. I think the way you speak so directly and clearly to the camera makes you very interesting to watch.

    65. YayapLives

      It's kinda weird that this was the _first_ video suggested when I searched "Gabbie Hanna Drew Gooden" and the first two minutes of the video are talking about eyeliner. It takes 14 minutes and an ad roll to get to stuff related and im at <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="1050">17:30</a> and I must have skipped it or something because I have not heard Drew Gooden be named yet? The video format is news reel so covering a bunch of stuff is clearly the point I'm just a little baffled that this was _the_ _first_ result on the topic. Probably due to the title. I don't know, the title feels a bit misleading?

    66. Alexa Wood

      how do you ? shade drew gooden? i’m ?

    67. Mildred Lake

      Wish bond touch gave me my bracelet for free :/

    68. Christine Eliza

      RE: David Bobrick... idk why people feel so entitled to go to someone’s house that they don’t know like I understand because he’s a GEsels personality people feel like they know him but would you, as a regular person, want someone random to show up at your house? And expect a picture from you or for you to be friendly? And it’s genuinely terrifying because they share this address with their friends and keep going back. Like what’s wrong with you??

    69. Kailee Halliday

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="770">12:50</a> Gabbie Hanna drama

    70. Rylie Rat

      I no longer like gabbi

    71. DrunkenAstronomer

      Lol this is not tea related but I have the same notebook thing! I love it bc the binding makes all pages lay flat

    72. Jade Eiland

      Omg you look so gooooooddd like I love the look 👏👏👏❤️❤️❤️

    73. Lemon

      Little stinkers to battle

    74. sophiae

      greg, little stinkers, and citizens of kurtis town, _assemble_

    75. Grace Nichols

      I mean I don’t think super woman should have to address criticism if it’s just that she isn’t funny

    76. Alondra Perez

      omgg i can’t stand your attitude.. but i hate Gabbie so im watching

    77. bucket hat

      shades drew gooden??? fcking pardon?

    78. Miranda Harris

      lmao I used to watch gabbie Hana all the time and now I don’t think I’ve watched her for at least a year or two.. now I’m wondering how accurate her storytimes were bc she always plays victim and doesn’t seem like she has self awareness

    79. kiah b

      i watched this on 2X speed and when you sped up the listed assumptions, i thought the weed was hitting in a really scary way. also when you changed gab*’s voice, she sounded better.

    80. Deadllexkaskade

      Who is Gabbie? Kinda irrelevant