FUNNIEST DIY PRANKS ON FRIENDS || Easy and Fun Family Pranks by 123 GO!

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123 GO!

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    We know you love your friends but that doesn’t mean you don’t enjoy making them squirm now and again.
    If you’re looking for some fun ways to prank your besties, stay tuned ‘cuz we have a bunch of great ones comin’ at ya!
    Feel free to send these pranks to your besties but beware - you don’t want to give them any ideas.
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    1. Mirasol Banyaga

      It looks like a spider in a balloon.

    2. Mirasol Banyaga

      Oh no!emily is smiling while she was sleeping.

    3. Mirasol Banyaga

      Is silly string a household item?

    4. Mirasol Banyaga

      If emily is olivia's bestie,why would she not give her some cheese puffs?

    5. Flora Cabajar

      that is a funny prank

    6. Biridiana Gastelum


    7. Taylor Bernhardt

      i did the finger thing with my dad it was funny

    8. Bea Couros

      Emily was the one who stole the cheese puffs not Olivia so why does Emily prank Olivia right after she just pranked her

      1. Bea Couros

        Did any one else realize that?

    9. Viky’s Vlog

    10. becky Crean

      I love your videos were do you live

    11. Izan Haider

      Infinite it is youtuber

    12. Alondra Rodriguez

      Olivia has. INFINITE SHIRT OMG LOL

    13. Elanah Archer

      5:32 she is wearing Infinite merch

    14. Simra Khan

      Today is mý birthday

    15. Tips And Everything

      I love the girls 🎀

    16. Anais Gawron

      Um when it said time to get Olivia back from Emily | |

    17. Seberna Edwards

      Olivia has a infinite shirt like the youtuber, caylus

    18. sofia vazquez

      So Meen

    19. Luciana Cucu

      I know how you can prank your friends put some seletape and then friends can fall

    20. lemonsqueezy

      2:20 Me when the shower is too cold

    21. Sondos Rahman

      Emily is ticking stupid.

    22. fatma agus

      orang lagi oyes

    23. Roopesh Lanka

      Infinite=we make videos forever

    24. Nayyab’s Life

      The girl with the curly hair has it infinite shirt

    25. Rumpa Bachar

      Emily is a very bad girl.

    26. Pitufina Pitufina


    27. Abdurahim Valijonov

      When Emily put a bug in the cupcake it was so funny

    28. hager morad

      I love Olivia ❤️😍 and like 123go

    29. Kael Sove’tAvi

      You better run because I'm about to kick your boty

    30. stewart loke

      I hate Emily

    31. Jaqueline Valdez

      Emeli is so rude

    32. Umyah and amna Crafty show


    33. Khenneth Lian

      hi i am a fan an i wunt you to make a love bith video

    34. Sylvester Amoako

      Did you make 5 minutes crafts

    35. Sylvester Amoako

      I love you guys

    36. Patricia D.


    37. Cindy yuranis Perez garcia


      1. Cindy yuranis Perez garcia

        like 9 mil

    38. Pui Fun Loh

      Haha look at Oliver face

    39. Shontrell Houston

      I like it

    40. Brianna Chester

      I love your videos 😍♥️♥️

    41. Angie Ortiz

      5:20: her shirt says infinite

    42. Pinki Saha

      Olivia Emily's mobile broke

    43. Pinki Saha

      Olivia Emily chus chus dustomi kore

    44. Tre Hemin


    45. Tre Hemin


    46. lemonsqueezy

      2:20 when you take a freezing shower

      1. Eman Hyder

        That is me

    47. J Pledge

      123 go either question if you put water in a regular water bottle and then put salt water into it and it to someone what it tastes like salt water

    48. pierre yazbeck

      your so funny

    49. Deo Nsengiyumva


    50. Nutsu23 Fairytale


    51. Daunice Davis

      Infinite shirt Olivia was wearing a infinite shirt

    52. jenneh Kormoh

      El Jtirjrjdjdndjf de la

    53. jenneh Kormoh


    54. jenneh Kormoh

      A girls name value

    55. jenneh Kormoh


    56. Ebony Loomans

      Are using Infinite Army😄👻

    57. Marc Calcote

      I want 150 11 2890 60 70 80 5678 1011 28 4120 11:20 8090 50 60 70 2085 5128 e90 66228 40 20 toys with a cherry on top of all of the presidents thank you from driving from Olivia Grace heal the best person Michigan squad ascribed to my they are going to make in a minute and unlikely someday make sure you watch it can be the best everyone. Have a good day my movie 100 videos of


      And mean


      Aliviya is ugly

    60. Dipendra Pandaya

      Why was sophia making such types of faces