Fortnite Chapter 2 | Launch Trailer


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    Drop in to a New World. Fortnite Chapter 2 is here.
    Featuring 'Ruckus' by Konata Small, listen here:
    Play Fortnite Battle Royale, the completely free 100-player PvP mode. One giant map, A Battle Bus, Last one standing wins. ESRB Rating: Teen with Violence.
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    1. Michele Manocchi


    2. Willydavid Herrera

      Sansung A20plis

    3. ARTEM FOX


    4. Prstu

      When fornite Rielies at androit?

    5. rebecca lyon

      bring back tilted pls

    6. Miguel Manuel

      Like, if fortnite is dying because it keeps getting worse everyday!! 👇🏽

    7. Matthew Brimble

      Fortnite best game ever im 8 boyy

    8. T -Rex

      Like if old map was better and should be brought back


      Quando que chega o FORTNITE para moto g 6

    10. mason og

      Take off this 2fa crap and make were we can gift from from lockers

    11. the no-scope god

      Bring bounty back 2 months

    12. ttv italkconsole


    13. ttv italkconsole

      One thing fortnite please could you bring edit aim assist and aim assist

    14. Ab Khan


    15. Jerosso 20

      Pls change the new autoaim to the old autoaim the new autoaim is sooo badddddd :(((((((( and dont fill the lobbys with pc players on ps4!!!!

    16. ya Rebeimi


    17. Hermojenes _12

      Fortnite is the worst game ever

    18. Dariusz Chamarczuk

      Unbann jarvis

    19. Sanchez Rolando

      Fortnite is getting boring add something new to fortnite

    20. Cyril Ezeanyagu

      Tell Xbox to make your game free today my birthday pls make it free fortnite was my favorite game now I can’t play it

    21. ZDsuperguy

      I Kinda Want Next Season To Be A Western Superheros Themed Season And I Hope That In It We Can Get A Knee Slapper Music Thing Cause The Moment I Saw The Knee Slapper Emote I Was In Love With The Emote And Mostly THE MUSIC

    22. OG Meteor

      I want the old map back!!!!

    23. xboxdrifty boyy

      I have a xbox i wasnt really mad when fortnite was gone for 2 days cause i still had roblox

    24. xMartas

      why fortnite removed bandage bazooka? theres challenges to do with it😡

    25. Ganman Plays

      I HATE! Fortnite! It keeps kicking me out of the game and once, I almost lost my account! 😡

    26. Viking Gamer

      Epic please listen i bought your toy product and it will be cool if there was at least a scanning button in fortnite so you can have the skins if you buy the figure

    27. Aaron Hatfield

      Can you add a Alan Walker skin please!

    28. abdallah sheikhnur

      # Free Jarviss

    29. Zohad ALI

      My account name is door 756 crazy please help

    30. Zohad ALI

      I cannot swim in fortninte chapter 2. Please help

    31. GameplayGeekX

      1:07 Lol cowgirl

    32. Gamer Nick

      I skal tave flere bandage bazooka

    33. SPACE_ PILOT_2006

      ME:I cant wait to used the Bush EPIC GAMES: WE HAVE REMOVED BUSHES

    34. Bethany Elphick

      U put xev

    35. SPACE_ PILOT_2006

      Hi I'm epic games I'm done playing nice time to throw you OUT

    36. Tomas Zak

      50vs50 pls

    37. SPACE_ PILOT_2006

      Vulture backbling

    38. vlad melashvili

      Do Chapter 3 in 2023!!!

      1. vlad melashvili

        And where you can ride and cast on samines And on the cars

    39. Erik Noveron

      Parents: YESS I GOT MY SON BACK!! Fortnite: It’s not over yet

    40. DTsunFlower Videos

      Thx for not taking out Salty btw I always drop there!🙂🙂🙂


      algun español vivo

    42. Busayo 5

      Buff the pump it sucks so bad

    43. Lucy Tobon

      Contenido de calidad 👌🏼👌🏼

    44. Dark -Sniper101

      Unvult the bandage bazzoca so I can do my challenges

    45. Pedro Nava

      And you think fortnite you put melee weapons like bats

    46. Static 'n Clix



      We're on a different island,not an alternate timeline. It zooms out from the black hole at the start to show a nebula and then turk walks on a puddle which was reflecting it. It's not an alternate timeline, it's a totally different island.

    48. ya Perez

      Fortnite me tienes harto to solo quiero jugar fortnite pero no puedo porque tengo un samsung s6 edge Estoy cansado😭😭😭😭😭

    49. Matt

      i was at school watching this while my snack time was going on lul

    50. stevios 06

      Add the bandage bazooka back

    51. Callum Chappell

      If this vid was age restricted it would have no likes

    52. Veronica Beatriz Campoverde Sanchez

      Déjame descargarte fortnite eres mi juego favorito pero no tengo mucho ram para descargarte por favor épic Games bajarle el ram tengo 7.01 de gigas

      1. Veronica Beatriz Campoverde Sanchez

        Estoi en mobil

    53. Brandon Butler

      Que pasara con el mapa cuando sea capitulo 3?

    54. Saokird ツ

      To Sucribers My Sucribers

    55. DomG TVV

      Best song theme for new season

    56. Altin Hoxha

      RIP Minecraft Kids

    57. Eymen 6716

      😭😭😭😭f**k you charter 2

    58. Joseph Medrano

      Epic por favor pueden en algún futuro agregar a la lista otros dispositivos para jugar fortnite desde que salió fortnite para mobile lo e querido descargar pero dice que no es conpatibke a si pueden meter más dispositivos HUAWEI COMO EL HUAWEI MATE 20 LITE PARÁ PODER JUGAR GRACIAS PORLEER ESTO Y ESPERO PARA PODER DESCARGARLO EN MI HUAWEI MATE 20 LITE :3

    59. Sinster Key

      Kid: mum get me some money Mum: why Kid: fortnite is back Mum: ahh poop here we go again

    60. Elisa Andrea Anaya Torruco