Former President Of Georgia Mikheil Saakashvili Seized At Kiev Restaurant And Deported | NBC News

NBC News

11 ათ. ნახვები5

    Law enforcement agents took Ukraine’s opposition leader Mikheil Saakashvili by force and deported him to Poland.
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    Former President Of Georgia Mikheil Saakashvili Seized At Kiev Restaurant And Deported | NBC News

    გამოქვეყნდა წლის წინ


    1. André Rothweiler

      Don't worry is back and safe again

    2. Astra

      I love how some of ukrainians say bad things about saakashvili when they ABSOLUTELY don't know who he is. Note: I don't hate ukraine, I'm a big fan of ukraine, My friend lives there and so does my cousin.

    3. Zelim Uzhahov

      i met him hours ago here in warsaw

    4. J Vili

      I want that guy who grabed my President by hair! I need his name ...

      1. Michael Murphy

        your "president"would sell your country out to US interests in a second

      2. Khin Maung Maung

        That guy was supposed to grab him by the balls. He grabbed him by the hair since he wanted to save Saakashvili the expense of a hair cut. =))

    5. ExtrovertedCenobite

      I wish a long life for this clown. He is very entertaining in a cringe worthy sort of way. Imagine this clown being your father, son, brother or husband, how embarrassing would that be?

      1. Hesher

        Imagine your president is putin haha. nuff said.

    6. Mara kagol

      Misha konhini pidat mraz nilid xuiglot 😆😆😆

    7. marshmallowbudgie

      0:06 that guy eating alone, all the special forces guys want to sit down and finish the baked brie with him

    8. Nikholoz Qartveliani

      Saakashvili and his family in Georgia were corrupted and big liars. He is a Bankrupt politician.

    9. Mona Lisa

      Best politican man

      1. Michael Murphy

        @it's me exactly

      2. it's me

        us puppet

      3. Camille259


      4. Mona Lisa

        Lol thats funny :)) very very funny he is best reformator

    10. ross siren

      Should have been taken out in a body bag.....just saying!

      1. Duya Taksis

        It would be a waste of a body bag.

    11. BanKulin

      That much about US supported Ukrainian democracy.

    12. thegreendestiny

      Dragged like a petty thief that he is. Poor Misha, where does he want to be president now? Maybe Poland needs to be liberated too.

    13. Kyïv stuff

      Very funny - “protests”. There were 20 people max. Most of Ukrainians think that Saakashvilli is a scandalmongering clown.

      1. Michael Murphy

        he is an imperialist bootlicker

      2. Kyïv stuff

        D2 Arnaud Yeah, it continues, but ends abruptly on the eastern border ;)

      3. D2 Arnaud

        Hey mate, does the world in your country still continue, if so, then where exactly?