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    1. SAN 2134


    2. Kzow

      10:42 Josh : "this is actually really difficult" Me : what having kids later on?

    3. Golden Grenade

      3:08 got us in the first half

    4. Gryffinclaw - Fortnite

      HELLOOOOoooooo Harold Christopher George Lewis

    5. Rémi Beaudry-Chabot


    6. project zorgo member Roblox

      He only uploads on the kick town channel now

    7. Anne Hichens

      IM COMING to the 02 in january

    8. enzaka 310

      song at 8:41

    9. MaRcO tUrZo

      The sidemen should do a video of them in the football challenge arena

    10. Gh0st S3c

      Can we have a moment of silence for our fallen soldier... 14:12

    11. ALEX_2521 _

      13:05 exei to shma ths elladas

    12. shadow blade20339

      @ 3:48 fifa 13 memories

    13. Timur Mambetov

      Who are from Russia?

    14. silver foxy

      I live you

    15. Slip Brickgaming

      No one: Harry: Vamos a la playa

    16. Ardi Kasniqi

      If harry uploaded every day he woukd have more subds then jj

    17. Elger Reyes

      Please score again hazard :) halamadrid

    18. David Kaczak

      Where is kick town:1 like if you want to know

    19. moon mm


    20. Arielle Bronston

      His voice at 15:38-15:40

    21. axeninja

      the edits r so good

    22. Ghana finest cocoa

      8:10 harry has a fetish for kicking balls at people

    23. sqmux

      Porco Dio βτω

    24. Charlie Smith

      Wait so instead of Harry making videos on this Chanel he will upload them in this other one 😂😂😂

    25. Water Melon

      When they were trying that car trick why were they alone in the mall

      1. Sunil Joshi

        Water Melon To avoid hitting people with stray balls - they needed to be there when the O2 was closed. That’s literally the main entrance way - people are going past all the time. You say how Harry kicked and a ball went on the stairs - that could have hurt someone.

    26. Zappedgamer315

      1:20 what song

    27. Shariq TechST

      This is how much we love harry in numbers 👇👇

      1. Myszkaedzio


    28. A Face Without a Name

      When she says she’s home alone and ready to smash: 4:32

    29. Arthur Lavin

      Why did harry play endgame music when he scored that free kick 😂

    30. David Young

      Love clitbait😑😑