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    1. Bay Osborn

      on ME. FOR A CHANGE. about time . focussing on dreams and a past that was just a dream health. wealth. and a quality woman id die for

    2. Don't GIVE Up

      Amazing content keep it up!!

    3. Soulaiman AIT HAMID

      like it, thanks

    4. Aqua ladybug

      Damn! Great video! Needed this. Thank you.

    5. Ryan Bentley

      who is this guy maybe the person who made this video should have his name and profession displayed on the screen

    6. DroneWolf Media

      Excellent video, thank you for sharing! 🤜🤛

    7. sarthika senthil


    8. NemTeam

      If you habe time check my chanel

    9. Elhadj Diallo

      One day if i become wealthy i will make sure to help needy and poor folk for the rest of my life even after my demise .... Love y'all.....

      1. Gerard B Reyes

        Why wait someday when you can do it now?

    10. No Name

      I wake up every day and when I wake up the first thing I say to myself- "Today I'm going to be the best version of myself." I crawled out from a hole no one thought I would get out. I cant describe how much have I changed. Life is beautiful. I used to cry every Day for a 1,5 year. Now I have came to a point I cant remember when I last cryed. I smile a lot, and am positive. Positivity attracts Positivity. You all are beautiful and I believe in all of you! Past doesnt matter. Matters the present and the future!

    11. Hustle&GetMotivated

      Love your videos,it is very inspiring. It allows me to productive,so I've decided to share something on my channel on how to achieve success.Check it out if you don't want to miss something. @

    12. Shavel Tv

      I will love myself.. I will inspire others. I will help others. God put me on this earth to do good. To make a change. I have the power in me to make a difference, to make someone’s day a little better. I will be successful. I will accomplish all the goals God has set up for me. I will be happy and have a wonderful loving healthy family of my own. I will be a successful nurse. I will be financially wealthy in the name of Jesus. Today Jesus, I ask you, is this what you want for my life and if it isn’t, please direct me in the direction you want me to.. I pray everyone who comes across this video feels better when they leave this video. That they find peace and joy. And most importantly find their purpose that you have for them. Love always.


      SELF-CARE DOES NOT EQUATE TO selfishness!!!!

    14. Mixedtwice 101

      To unlock your self to find who you really are to conquer self

    15. Donny Lawson

      So right sir.

    16. Natasha T

      Like his voice. Similar to JayZ. 🐝

    17. Keshab Bhattarai

      Must watch, know the truth

    18. Rich Value Creation

      Beautiful. Food for thought

    19. Austin Fedeler

      Imma be a father to my son that doesn't leave like mine not letting him be homeless and hungry because of a drink imma give him the childhood he deserves a good and positive family

    20. Bethany Anne

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="397">6:37</a> may have changed my life Wow Powerful outlook and motivating factor

    21. Dante Daniels

      I WILL get my Real Estate license and become one of the most successful realtors that ever lived!

    22. Gwen White

      Must believe. In you're self. Is the first step

    23. Stephanie Alencastro


    24. Sven Michalwski

      #Fussball Motivationsvideo von #SvenMichalowski Best Motivationsvideo.


      My reasons are bigger so my standers are higher !! Wow yeesss !! Thankk youuu 🔥🔥🔥🔥🤩🤩🤩

    26. Chosen Evolution

      Thanks for these teachings"the most I can do in life is live life with courage and be passionate about what I believe is in my heart....the hard part is dealing with fear but the beautiful part is destroying that energy with the power of confidence!!!!!!!!!! Stay strong think positive and be positive and the universe will repay you!!!!!!!!!BUT YOU HAVE TO BELIEVE IN A HIGHER POWER🤔🤔🤔

    27. Carmen Montoya

      We all cross the finish line at the end of our lives. Which ever path. Nobody will make it out alive. I just wish for peace at the end of mine.

    28. Phil Mundara

      yeeup, I am worth no barking dogs x 5 saw 1 owner n had to report 2 it n ended in a fist fight, and I am hated by the others, yeup, if I tolerated it then there is no worth and yeup what you are worth n tolerate you bring into your life ... good one dickhead . some of this is ok, dunno why I am here, just surfing yet this dude got under my skin.

    29. joela trending

      good advice..yes its true when you made mistake learn from your mistaked not to ignore that

    30. Mastermind

      Stop being an idiot: 1. Stop trying to help others - Help Yourself. 2. Stop trying to show off - Be real. 3. Stop being distracted - Get real.

    31. Melody Sample Library

      Life will be hard sometimes. But if you focus enough , not only the conscious mind, subconscious mind will somehow leads you to where you want to be.

    32. Kiryn Flynn

      ᗹÊ 𝑌ᴏՍ𝙍ʂÊ∟Ŧ

    33. Nascent Naomie

      ‘Let your progress speak for itself”

    34. Sandasi Ranasinghe

      What Im saying maybe does not belong to this video but its okay.So I never talk like other students in my class,and I do not have much friends.But thats when I understood who friends are.A friend is someone who comes to fill your lonliness,but a best friend is some one who can change your life in a better way.Dont ignore others because of the way they look or what they have,because then you will never know what they means

    35. Shila Komane ,a new motivational channel in need of your support and feedback and hopefully we may be GEsels friends and partners in the future

    36. Penny Badgley

      Fantastic anything is possible, awesome truth . Hell to the yes ❤️💫🙏


      Consistency, patience, discipline the 3 important rules for life

    38. Katrisha Gibbs

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="194">3:14</a> mark. That hit me in the chest

    39. Chief White Buffalo

      Really really really this a joke right hahaha real joke hahaha no life no freedom no feelings nothing dead empty

      1. Slayr225

        Chief White Buffalo you aight?

    40. tiffany bittman

      Love your videos. 1 question who are all the speakers????

    41. louise Bernard


    42. suraj amom

      Thank God 🙏

    43. The Victorious Driven Life

      I needed to hear this today, thanks so much for this great video 😊👍

    44. Truckingit

      Focus on others

    45. Anika Ayadi

      Who is the guy at the end ?

      1. Gerard B Reyes

        Mugsy Bogues

    46. Lana Freeman


    47. Tyra Hunter

      Phoenix Rising

    48. Valeriu Popovici

    49. Dale Desroches

      ‘Can you handle the truth’ great statement 👍

    50. kwon._.

      Im going to be a nfl football player!

    51. Butt Head

      Thank u i always been trying to better then my teammates but I need to be better than myself thank u for this truly

    52. ADVANCE TWE Entertainment Borneo Motivation it is

    53. Ichinose arah-chan

      I am Going To Love Myself, mah God help me and guide me through my journey FIGHT FIGHT FIGHT SELF

    54. AcmeChess

      Whos that last dude in the video?

      1. EPN LIFE

        He looks like Mugsey Bogues the basketball player

    55. Mrs


    56. Jennifer Schmidt

      Ed Mylett is the speaker at <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="200">3:20</a>

    57. Aron Bii

      Do what you can do at a tym don't rush to decisions

    58. Jonathan Mobley

      Thank you so much this helped me a lot.thank you so much 😁 I feel so much better now.😃

    59. Take the first step

      The only one you should compare yourself to is you. Your mission is to become better today than you were yesterday. You do that by focusing on what you can do today to improve and grow.

    60. Hg Tudor

      When yku die you die.when you go you go.when it's your time its your time.

    61. Eatingtricky

      Keep striving

    62. Christa Doty

      You cannot talk butterfly language with caterpillar people. 🐛🦋🦋🦋

    63. INFO Corner


    64. Kileigh Nichelle

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="200">3:20</a> who is the speaker please

      1. Jennifer Schmidt

        Ed Mylett

    65. Jessica Henderson

      This was much needed today I will focus on me and where I want to be and how to get there being honest with myself and allowing myself to feel the pain of my current situation will empower me instead of hindering me from taking action. To god be the glory for today

    66. East Cappalotta

      Stop typing what you are going to do in these comments and just do it. Prove em wrong and make ya name something people speak about. Go from average to phenomenal. I hope everyone’s 2020 is going as well as mine. I hope everyone is chasing and pursuing they dreams. I hope everyone can maintain a positive attitude day in and day out. Be appreciative of the small things now so the small things become big things in the future.

    67. Laci Davis

      One bible study we just had was not to covet, and my deacon was so cool he basically said the current day term of coveting is hating. If you think about it when people covet they want something else someone has and when they don’t get it they get mad sometimes which turns into hate. It’s deep actually if you study the Bible they have different sayings of modern day things we say, such as concubine today in this age is referred to a side chick.

    68. Samax 999

      I’m going to win and I believe in Jesus Name!!!🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽

    69. spiritual hope

    70. Rasheeda Marsh

      Comfortable being uncomfortable ❤️

    71. Nick Daaanty

      What's the song around the <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="240">4:00</a> mark?

    72. Matt Hartig

      What’s the last speakers name

      1. Gerard B Reyes

        Mugsy Bogues

    73. Armand Cox

      Great video to start your day, learn from your mistakes, correct your actions into a new habit.

    74. Ni Ta

      Idk when I start listen of these videos I start strong in a minute...

    75. AbstractZero

      What’s the second half background music

    76. Given Family

      Great video!!!!

    77. EverLopezTv

      Good Morning! Day 1 of watching.

      1. EverLopezTv

        I just got a notification from someone liking my comment so I’ll be honest Day 2 of Watching..

    78. Patty Swan

      Find your why.... nothing will happen without it

    79. Nick Oxley

      Every single day I tell myself I will succeed.. I’ll literally do anything possible, I will sacrifice everything I freakn have so I can achieve my dreams. I hope god gives me guidance, and I never stop moving. Mark my words people will remember me. Love u all and wish every single person on the planet success and happiness ❤️

      1. Nick Oxley

        baby aw you’re amazing, you made my day ❤️❤️. I believe in you too, u have this !!!!

      2. baby

        Nick Oxley i believe in u 💗

    80. Tony

      No amount of "motivational success" videos will change the lives of weak people - which sadly make up most of the public.