Fleischer: Mulvaney made a 'terrible mistake' by contradicting Trump

Fox News

Fox News

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    Former White House press secretary Ari Fleischer says OMB Director Mick Mulvaney went too far in trying to explain the intricacies of foreign policy regarding Ukraine. #FoxNews

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    1. Alex N Mburu

      Hahaha, good try fox. Video is edited!!

    2. Shawn McManus

      The defense for the most powerful man on earth can't be "they don't like me"

    3. Skippy 2468

      He was even asked again about it and repeated that the Biden thing was part of the quid pro quo. Are you Trump morons still defending this clown and his circus of fools?

    4. Jarod Farrant

      Bye trump it’s not been fun knowing you!

    5. Jarod Farrant

      (Grabs popcorn) well I’m going down in the comments wish me luck!

    6. Dinahsoar

      @Al Clark You are the brain dead person...the President of the United States is the Chief Law enforcement officer..it is his duty to investigate this and he'd be remiss not to...Biden effectively forced Ukraine to fire the guy that was investigating his son's business ...and you know full well he was protecting his son using tax payer dollars. You apparently can't hold two different thoughts in your pea sized brain at the same time. You may hate Trump's guts but Trump is not the one who abused his power in THAT situation and Biden needs to be held accountable...you dem fools love to say non one is above the law...well Biden is not above the law...so get over it.

    7. Dinahsoar

      How could you investigate Biden's 2016 quid pro quo without mentioning his name? Trump is the chief law enforcement officer and it's his moral duty to investigate this.

    8. Larry V

      Fox News: "Quick let's say something to fix our story and be on the side of trump and our supporters" Fox News defense : "Democrats never like Trump and we have to focus back to Hillary's emails!" The intellectuals : 😂😂😂 such a weak defense.

    9. Joshua Dyer

      Not the stuff of impeachment? The Republicans of 1998 would beg to differ.

    10. Kevin Harris

      You can twist and deflect and attempt to throw this as an attack on the Democrats. However Mulvaney admitted quid pro quo and that is the end of this. Attacking the Democrats is not going to get Mulvaney out of the mess he created.

    11. Secure Administrator

      Commie lovers. Never thought I’d see the day red blooded Americans would be down for this.

    12. Cliff Hanley

      On the plus side for the Trumps; Melania's boyfriend has been re-elected in Canada.

    13. Blue Line Tactical Solutions

      Even Fox cant spin this one.

    14. Maureen Davis

      "Are the dems trying to spin his words more severely than they are supposed to?" By doing what? Repeating exactly what he said back to him? We can all hear exactly what he said. How come the only repeated sentences the republicans can handle without throwing a tantrum are their own rehearsed lies and crap that's fed to them by their cult leader?

    15. person with a brain

      All these people care about is money. They would sell their own mother for a dollar!!!!!!

    16. Felix Carpio

      Stupid Mulveny and tRump talk about the mythic DNCserver as if it were the Holy Grail of the Anti- Christ, that must be found to deactivate its curse. If "found" the server is just a piece of hardware that proves nothing, and if it exists most likely the info there has been erased, it can be erased in two seconds! Those rants of Mulvy and tRump are just to keep stirred the low instincts of the bunch of deplorable tRump voters, who don´t care for reason and reality.

    17. person with a brain

      Why are all these idiots so loyal to the guy that shows no loyalty to anybody. You had better Jump ship before it sinks because it is going down....

    18. person with a brain

      Fletcher is a huge dissapoint. Way to sell out what little integrity you had left.....

    19. person with a brain

      He is going to be impeached it is impeachable. Get Over It.......

    20. person with a brain

      It is not normal. This guy has to go

    21. Michael Observer

      When will Fox News be sober and report what is really going on?

    22. Alexandra B

      Fox news still trying to keep America in ignorance. You think we can't understand what Mulvaney said? This government is falling apart and Fox still supports this corrupted people.

    23. Gerard Smadja

      Giving (or selling) arms to Ukraine does not help Ukraine in any way: Ukraine is under no threat whatsoever, unless the US wants Ukraine to reactivate the war with its eastern regions and/or with Russia in Crimea, with the prospect of more deaths in the area. It did help Poroshenko enrich himself as his factories were supplying the army with military equipment. So it is hard to see how Zelinsky could be hostage to such a blackmail attempt.

    24. HJ

      NATIONAL EMBARRASSMENT. ABSOLUTELY LAUGHABLE. RIGHT UP THERE W/, "WHAT A GREAT DAY FOR THE KURDS, THE BOMBING ATTACKS ARE ONLY SPARSE." BTW HOUSE DEMS PASSED OVER 250+ BILLS FOR THE SENATE TO TAKE UP. AND HOUSE REPUBLICANS ON THE INTELLIGENCE COMMITTEE ARE GIVEN AS MUCH TIME FOR QUESTIONS AS DEMS. It's Faux Fox that FaweX (all emotion, no facts; three at most an hour, but they're all half-truths) YOU UP & OVER, MISINFORMS and MAKES FOOLS YOU. UNFAIR TO VIEWERS, CONSUMER PROTECTION, AND YES, REGULATION, WARRANTED. NOW. That NEWS icon doesn't belong in the corner for guys like Hannity and Tucker, who, as Ted Kopple used to say, "do a terrible disservice to this, our country." Get a second and third sources; figure out the REAL picture -- FIND the TRUTH -- for yourself.

    25. Mike Skor

      Better defence for Mulvaney: "Hillary Clinton injected me with truth serum before I came out."

    26. NK Maze

      Grandma trump should be locked up and his supporters.

    27. Donnie Darko

      Its a spin ,but then again im all for withholding money if country is corrupt.

    28. N S

      Mulvaney's confession showing impeachment is necessary.

    29. Marimilitarybrat

      Too bad we didn't expect absolute perfection from Clinton and Obama like we do for everyone in the trump White House. Obama invented the phrase, "I mis-spoke". What he intended to say was that he had lied. No one ever shook Obama or Clinton down after they or their staff mis-spoke.

    30. michael kikon

      C'mon FOX NEWS!!! WHAT??? You think we are stupid!! We've seen the footage too... Love from INDIA

    31. Scott Anthony

      State Media trying to normalize such behavior. Sad. What happened here, is that Mulvaney was prepped for a news conference centered around the G7 Summit. He got sidetracked, and accidently told the truth.

    32. Lenny Taylor

      Here we go - throw him under the bus

    33. Johanna Fath-Koziol

      Good Lord, Ari Fleischer, I actually… always thought you had SOME brain. What you produced there.... how can you look in your children´s eyes? Best education: showing them how to lie?

    34. Johanna Fath-Koziol

      This is absolutely correct: *Its time for the lying and corruption to stop !!* Now guess, to whom this sentence is spoken to. :-)

    35. jorge liranzo

      Mulvaney: “Get over it”. Meaning, we will keep breaking the law.

      1. Dana William

        As long as the recession holds off until after the election, trump is guaranteed a landslide reelection victory. Warren and Sanders are promising to redistribute working class dollars to people who don't feel like getting out of bed in the morning. You may as well get used to it. Don't be surprised if the trump rips up the constitution and declares himself supreme leader for life.

    36. Alexei Voloshin

      Article 2 gives POTUS gives almost absolute power in the way POTUS conducts foreign policy. So this is a nonstarter.

    37. jorge liranzo

      He is not contradicting trump.He admitted the trust And then tried to take back. This criminals won’t even be on the same page when comes to their lying and their crimes

    38. Don Cornell

      Dishonest editing. Shame on you fox

    39. Eric Le Bert

      fox=propaganda! you don't show the complete video in sequence! the real sequence is more like that: "What you just described is a Quid Pro Quo" "We do that all the time! Get over it."

    40. saffron wetter

      Does anyone feel like Their eating the Democrats for Breakfast Dinner and Supper??? Dosen't that make you want to puke them up???

    41. Shanga Mcnair

      GOP cares more for Trump than the country. Fox cares more for Trump than the truth.

    42. Jose Carrillo

      Spin. Spin. Spin. Not this time Fox.

    43. Scarlet Cartt

      We all heard it, State tv and Fleischer spinning the truth again.

    44. Hänsel Dämpfel

      So if contradicting the president as a guy in the white house is considered a terrible mistake? Well... what to say about trump? He is contradicting himself over and over... latest example: "Kurds = friends = not friends" Trump 18/19

    45. Johnny Rotten

      Fox is a cesspool of liars. Mulvaney said the truth. Now, Fox must immediately begin to spin their web of lies in order to fool all the Trumptarded zombies into believing in a lie. Sucking Donny' rectum.

    46. Johnny Rotten

      Mulvaney admitted the truth. In Trumptard land, this is unacceptable. Truth, in any form, will not be tolerated! Now the white house blames the media? What a crock of ....

    47. A

      Truly terrible mistake. The true conservative mentalities know that you never tell the truth, and you always justify yourself with lies, deciet, and manipulation and end your justification by implying or saying that everyone lies and cheats, just get over it.

    48. Jameson Magdaleno

      This is right up there with Giuliani's "Truth isnt truth." DAFUQ?

    49. ReinventTen

      thos ""magic words " are defined as facts for the non-fox viewers

    50. ReinventTen

      Thank you Mick Mulvaney!!!

    51. Bryan Quinto

      One honest person in Trump’s administration 👍 Thanks Mick

    52. sean jourdan

      Republicans are such shifty liars. This man is saying that Mick should have just back the president and repeated the talking points. He doesn’t care about the truth as none of them do. Just stay on message and repeat the lies. Dirty MFs

    53. Brandon Blackshear

      Give it a rest Democrats, Trump is not getting impeached lol smh

    54. dandagod official

      Fox News: *War is peace* *freedom is slavery* *ignorance is strength*

    55. dandagod official

      Tired of winning yet? 😂😂

    56. dandagod official


    57. dandagod official

      Ctfu “he didn’t mean it” 🤦🏾‍♂️💀💀💀

    58. dandagod official

      Come on now Fox News 💀⚰️⚰️🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣🤦🏾‍♂️

    59. Unicorn Catcher

      I hope you both got a good price for your souls.

    60. batavusfietsbel

      Yes indeed, mickey mulvaney, we will get over it - we'll get over and past this corrupt presidency! Tick-motherfuckingTock! Your time is up!

      1. dandagod official

        batavusfietsbel Lmaooo 🚫🧢