First Look at Nintendo Switch Lite: New Addition to the Nintendo Switch Family


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    A new addition to the Nintendo Switch family will arrive on 9/20. Nintendo Switch Lite is compact and lightweight, making it easy to take on the go! This dedicated handheld device lets you play all Nintendo Switch games that support handheld mode. It will be available in three different colors.
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    გამოქვეყნდა 12 დღის წინ


    1. The Furry With no money

      "Nintendo switch family"

    2. Cupofcoffee205

      The Wii U 2.0 or the new 4DS

    3. Drew Draw's

      It looks like they are trying to make the original switch look outdated or old and the lite as the new better version. Is that just me?

    4. FluteBoy

      If you don’t have a case for this rip.

    5. Bosscj07 Videos

      I wonder if they got them for free

    6. loe milk

      OMG it's been there all along!? 5:28

      1. Swords N' Violets

        Yes and until now I just thought it was useless

    7. TVG28

      So does this mean we're gonna get JoyCon with dpads?

      1. Swords N' Violets

        More like a Wii U gamepad but for Switch games

    8. Kawaii Female blueberry muffin

      It cant be a switch without red and blue and the detached joycons!

    9. snl 64

      If you want a nintendo switch lite just super glue your controllers to your switch

    10. Axocro

      actually bout to get this

    11. Gavin Campbell


    12. three0two

      So, no pro model this year?

    13. Rei Plays Pokemon

      Cool I Will Buy It

    14. Op14

      Is it me or is there more disliked then usual

    15. Go Weegee

      I don't get the point of this tbh

    16. Marth The Great Awesomeness

      sooo a wii u pad?

    17. Mr.Pikachu the Sayori fan

      The Wii U 2.0! Now sales are actually happening!

    18. GD Cv10kxd

      Nintendo Switch Lite The same thing but you can’t share it or play games on your tv I T S A L W A Y S F U N W I T H M O R E O P T O I N S

    19. TheLegendarySN

      My birthday is in sep 24

    20. Cheese Senpai

      Aww poor dude...he was the only one who brought a switch

    21. victor hugo

      Add fortnite in nintendo switch lite plssss plssss

    22. Monsterosity

      The gayest this I’ve seen in a while, just buy a psvita if you already have a switch

    23. Lamp Lamp

      I have a question,If you already have a previous Nintendo Switch Can you transfer it’s data to the Switch Lite?

      1. Swords N' Violets

        You'll probably have a Nintendo account for both, and they must pretty much run the same OS, so I am guessing so

    24. YBK JuJu

      I’m still waiting for the Nintendo 3Ds Xl Lite

    25. Raste Osman

      You can even play in Space!?!? Woah. This must be the first switch you can take to space!!

    26. Camden Pohl

      *_i love going to space with my Nintendo switch lite_*

    27. MaxhaDE 1234

      Bitte mah das gleiche wie super Mario olese nur der Andere karakter ist Luigi.

    28. ModernMilkshake

      Ok um. If y'all get offended easily it's best not to read this or reply to my comment. I'll remove all comments that hate or argue my opinions.😜 Ugh this makes me mad. Y'all removed all of the features that made the nintendo switch unique. It's still handheld, you don't always have to have it plugged into the tv. The removable controllers were quite shocking, and made me want to try the console out. The motion controls made games i love easy, and the controller rumble made the experience feel more real. And nobody really cared if it was small or not before? I've seen so many kids at my school use it without trouble. I don't know.. I'm kinda mad that you're selling a different version of the already top-selling system (or was). It's dumb

    29. Alex Da JaguarMan

      So, basically, no I don’t want it.

    30. MaddVentures

      people: Area 51 raid or switch lite hmmmmm let’s get a wii u

    31. Shu Kurenai

      What’s the point it’s the same but in a different color but the joy cons can’t detach

    32. Duper_irius Player

      Okay, so the console idea is great, but I think is better to lower the price.

    33. Adrian Gayagoy

      Will the switch lite have unlimited battery


      So its good for teens or students huh

    35. TOMZ STUFF

      Where is the Nintendo switch light all I see is a Wii U

    36. Red Chaos 173

      Iwata looking over Koizumi on how proud that the company is doing great! 4:24

    37. mariogamer

      pls add mario rpg legend of the seven stars to the nintendo e shop on the switch so i can play it anywhere instead of only being able to play it in the same room as my wiiU

    38. Scrub_ Playz

      Nintendo pretty please add legend of Zelda wind waker HD and legend of Zelda ocarina of time 3D we would all appreciate it please

    39. Jamir Lipscomb

      Can you add Hazuna miku to Super Smash Bros please ?

    40. RickityRaccoon

      Can they just make the regular one have a half decent battery life?

    41. iZinoq *

      I can FINALLY buy the Nintendo Switch Lite!

    42. ACE_Stealth

      He snapped himself away

    43. Biljana Jeličić

      Can you play fortnite on it

    44. William Wins It All

      Does it have HD support?

    45. chio and lala productions

      Nintendo:presenting the wii u portable

    46. rune thomassen

      I like Playstation more than Nintendo switch

    47. Ahnaf Nibir


    48. Юмористичный Марк

      Perfect trailer and music!!!

    49. IcognitoDude31

      When Nintendo Switch and PSP married, thus appears

    50. Just a normal dog

      Nintendo switch: Who are you? Nintendo switch lite: Im you, but without the switch