Film Theory: We SOLVED Rick and Morty Season 4 Episode 1!

The Film Theorists

The Film Theorists

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    The Rick and Morty is back! The season premiere, "Edge of ToMorty: Rick Die Rickpeat", left me with so many theory ideas and I couldn't wait! This episode showed us a side of Rick and Morty we haven't seen before and I LOVED it! In fact, I think that there was a life lesson hidden somewhere in all the jokes and violence. What was that lesson? What did Rick mean at the end of the episode? I'm here to explain it all to you!
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    Writer: Matthew Patrick
    Editor: Yosi Berman and Danial "BanditRants" Keristoufi
    Assistant Editor: AlyssaBeCrazy
    Sound Editor: Yosi Berman

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    1. The Film Theorists

      So glad to see so many of you liked this more "laid back" style. It helped us get the episode out same week, rather than weeks later after all this was relevant! That said, seeing a lot of comments about the green screen, lighting, and background, so quick note: I had to film while traveling, meaning stuff was a bit rougher than it normally would be. Shouldn't be a problem in the future!

      1. Memalistic

        The old style is better than this new one

      2. Richard Bauer

        Hey matpat my gf and I are huge fans of Rick and Morty and in both the new episodes we've seen at least one glitch throughout the show, maybe it's something, maybe it's not and our cable is just messed up, but it'd be really cool to see if it turns out to be something crazy like you did with the fortnite theories a while back

      3. alex jackson

        The lesson: always wear gloves when handling reactive crystals

      4. Darth Wampa

        Yo matpat. Most obvious and lazy greenscreening ever.

      5. Omar Ehab

        Dad please come back home.

    2. Mattiehond

      Does anyone know where you can see the premier

    3. Chanthen Nene

      That's the thing tho I live my life in pursuit of making others happy making society's life better

    4. Marcus watsham


    5. Sulaiman Rahman


    6. שחר א.

      I loved the absurdity of avoiding something in order to gain it.

    7. William Schroeder

      This was dope! TY Theorist crew.

    8. Sweaty PorkSword

      Jared-MatPat crossover?

    9. Diego Spinola

      Please read "the Selfish Gene" (dawkins) on how altruism emerges from pure selfishness (rational egoism) using evolutionary stable strategies...

    10. TimePeace 49

      like new style

    11. kgamer

      One of my life philosophies is just don't be a dirt bag.

    12. Black Lanner

      This episode did confirm the theory that Meeseeks are actually converted Mortys. He said it a couple times. "Yadda yadda, I seek death."

    13. Daniel Tan

      love the laidback style, very informal, very friendly :D

    14. yeethaw

      I was irritated the whole time because matpat was standing in front of a green screen and he was darker than the surroundings were I like that style but as for me matpat has to be phisically in that room You weren't even using that green screen effect too often so why even bother

    15. Andrew Bath

      Awesome episode dude!!!! Love the new style

    16. joe gooch

      I live in the UK and can't watch the episode until Wednesday.

    17. X_Zodiac_Killer_X

      Why does matpat look like he’s going to cry

    18. RewindTime69

      How have you morphed from a skinny nerd to a nerd that looks like Tom cruise

    19. Kyle Kinkade

      Inaccurately talks about Objectivism through the terms of Egoism... ...then uses Ethical Egoism to accurately describe Objectivism... Then inaccurately sums up Ethical Egoism.

    20. Just Another Skeleton Dude

      Ok boomer

    21. Scrambled egg

      wow is this my TOK presentation

    22. Markus Brunner

      I think I speak for a huge amount of your viewers if I say that I would prefer some random background instead of this green screen you have, the bright room with the dark person doesn't fit at all.... Even if it's just you sitting on you desk with some r&m on the computer screen in the background or on your sofa.......

    23. Diego Spinola

      Woah... Ends justify the means HAS ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to do with Objectivism ...geez...

    24. Rob _psy

      Mat have a Pickle rick tattoo

    25. Brandon Fitch

      Why does it look like you are greenscreened into your literal live stream room?

    26. Jennie Miller

      Dug this laidback version

    27. Addison lach

      I loved it I felt very chill 👌😀

    28. Calvin Quallo

      I like the old style better, my man. But appreciate you trying new things and your channels in general.

    29. kali King 7733

      It was awesome

    30. JGamination

      I loved this episode but maybe more visuals next time? I love the animation style more 😂

    31. Carter Lewis

      ur green screen is bad get a less reflective one and put the lights behind you to improve

    32. Dane

      Anyone know where to stream R&M online free?

    33. j1. flamez

      I like both styles U should alternate styles depending on the siriousness and other factors of the vid

    34. asta

      Uk gang 😭

    35. Some British Guy

      I have no way to watch it, feck

    36. Red_Delta

      not a big fan of the greenscreen

    37. ATAT doggo

      I absolutely love Akita man

    38. Lolnu 39882

      It was a nice change

    39. Ivan The Great

      MY OPINION ON THIS TYPE OF STYLE OF VIDEO: hi mat I’m a big fan of your videos and always will be wetter I like it or not haha but if you see this message I’d have to say this style was actually more interesting to watch like don’t get me wrong I loved the edits you’d usually do but you speaking to the camera was really entertaining to watch and felt like you were talking more to me the audience compared to me listening with edits. I liked it and it was really well done so I’m not saying all videos in the future should be like this but it should be a bit of both cause this style was as good as your other ones and different but in a good way. Keep making videos btw! I’ll be watching and learning

    40. Jaime Ruiz

      The lesson in that episode is that bread should be toasted if and only when you have pickles in your pocket.

    41. iiMaGinENation

      That's some shitty green screen editing

    42. OJSonny Osu

      What’s the background music from 6:55 to 9:47

    43. Christopher Medeiros

      enjoyed seeing you instead of some much editing!

    44. PKRockinOmega

      This laid back style was pretty good matpat.

    45. anzamna

      Ye the laidback style is nice as well

    46. Black Lanner

      MatPat has a Mr. Meeseeks tattoo with the caption, "Lucky you!"

    47. Kevin Spee

      I like the laid back style, but in the past I stayed for the full 20 minutes BECAUSE of the high pace style. Then again, I guess I just learned not to live in the past, so knock yourself out

    48. Sage

      kinda like wise crack

    49. Kaden Wegner

      I like it a lot, the laid back style is a lot better

    50. az zahar

      I miss JPEG Matpat

    51. Colby du Toit

      Seeing MatPat move like a human for minutes straight instead of a twinged image of him makes me feel almost uncomfortable

    52. MrDwax

      I love it !

    53. Dušan Stanojkovic

      you look liku you havent sleept since last rick and morty episode

    54. Ethan Winter

      I want to *squanch* my family

    55. Post Carbonite Love

      As always entertaining and well done. Miss the old format but do what you like, just make more.... more.... MORE!

    56. Mojtaba AlKhalifah

      I really like the new video style. Although I think the green screen job needs a little more tuning especially in the A-roll.

    57. CryptiAssassinMC

      I think it’s great

    58. Malachias Traum

      Nice....but what is Jared from Wisecrack supposed to talk about now???

    59. Bruz Wein

      Also, talking about W. A. S. P. s figuring out things the old school style, that's a very cool meta joke.

    60. Papan Ureta

      nice laid back analysis! appreciated how it tackled a lot of ideas over potentially forcing a theory just for the sake of the brand. also surprised it got out so soon which was greatt. keep doing you matpat!!