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    This was our most requested video yet so we had to do it.
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    1. diana garcia

      Been binge watching u guys and this made my night ❤️😂

    2. Sydney Jade

      5:43 I CANT BRETHE😂😂😂

    3. oofer nuggets

      The sound from the ice is very satisfying

    4. Lillian Larner

      Ok but the video is called figure skating challenge and they’re using hockey skates 🤣 But I’m also the one watching this in July 2019 soooooo🤣

    5. Didi Soyinka

      I literally had to keep repeating the amount of times Ethan was too funny hahaha

    6. Are you feeling it now Mr Krabs?


    7. Elena Minkov

      I actually couldn't at 5:49 to 5:58 really this is the best timestamp

    8. Elena Minkov

      the way Ethan looks at Grayson he looks at Emma...

    9. Aiko Bacon

      8:36 Ethan talks about insecuritys Ethan again GIVE THIS LIKE A VIDEO! Anyone else here 2019!?

    10. Malaysia

      Gray: WhO pIcKeD tHeSe?!? Ethan: hAhAhAh ... E:Who's going airborne?? E:WhY dO i AlWaYs HaVe To ThE hArD pArT!!! 🤣🤣🤣 I love them sm 😅❤️ (All the frost on they're backs tho 😂😂)

    11. Livi Hall

      At 5:50 I was looking at gray but when I looked up at Ethan I died😂

    12. Viktoria K.

      I’m late but as a figure skater I’m hella triggered :) It was a good and funny video but next time at least wear figure skates 😂

    13. veronica m

      I miss their older videos :/ especially 2016 videos

    14. Chelcie Meadows

      5:48 the amount of editing put into those few seconds 😂

    15. Grace Jiang

      Try not to laugh at 5:48😂 Like if you laughed ⬇️ ⬇️ ⬇️

    16. squishy the turtle

      "Give this like a video"🤣🤣🤣

    17. Mercedes Benz

      They switched hairstyles

    18. Natalie Ortega

      this whole video is like a stupid blooper reel

    19. Natalie Ortega

      5:47 What the fuck is Ethan doing

    20. XXXOssium

      5:48 Ethan tho 😂😂😂

    21. Calista Gupton

      OMG This was so funny because I ice skate and they were wearing hockey skates

    22. Myself Yourself

      ethan got a little scared because grayson 😂 0:37

    23. Sarah Britt

      ok so like i love them but as a figure skater i cringed so hard when they called them tricks and how they were wearing hockey skates😂

    24. Esmerelda Marais

      Soooo aaaaa soooooooccer chaaaallenge PLEAAAAAAASE

    25. CaT V

      Asmr watchers must be loving their lives rn

    26. gamergeckos 2014

      5:48 Ethan is now the leprechaun from the Simpsons

    27. jozephine valencia

      " Grethan was made for this " ❤️❤️❤️

    28. jozephine valencia

      2019 ?

    29. Eva Williams

      I bet they were sore for a few days

    30. Son NATSU

      this video is hilarious

    31. Kelly Teague

      #1 adorable even when failing #2 the way gray looked at the camera in 2:48 was like oh hell nah

    32. Olivia Montout

      Oh man that made me almost pee in my pants! The meatball ravioli was awesome! 😭

    33. Sherrie Sandy

      why in this vido grayson hair meakes him look like a frEaK?

    34. Frida Renco


    35. Frida Renco

      Pause on 5:19 they were both like 🤚🏼

    36. Tegan Holme

      6:48 for more replays

    37. Tegan Holme

      6:49 6:49 6:49 6:49 I I V thank me for the replay

    38. Tegan Holme

      5:51 Ethan: *Me on first day of school* Grayson: *Me during testing*

    39. Elizabeth Cortez

      Idk wby but I love the look of dudes in sweatshirts

    40. justine. nel

      Well atleast you guys can ice skate😂 I ripped my pants ice skating and almost broke my butt😂

    41. Lmao Vlogs

      i’ve never laughed so hard.

    42. Gracie Is Odd

      You cant figure skate with hokey skates wth 😂

    43. Roxanne Tate

      I literally laughed so hard my belly hurts all while losing my breath and crying all at the same time😂😂😂

    44. Just Trinity

      5:48 Grayson and Ethan are my two moods during school

    45. Just Trinity

      5:48 when my period comes right before a pool party

    46. Amy Nguyen’

      ASMR on ice

    47. Addison Costello

      5:49-5:58 I can't stop laughing!!!😆😆😆😆

    48. aracely

      Nobody: Me:ok I don’t know to skate

    49. Tea And drama

      2:26 E: “you need to shape your act up” G: “I’m not gonna shake my a$$ off” E: “I didn’t say that Grayson stop talking back to me” 😂 I CANTTTT

    50. Maddie Clough

      5:52 was the funniest part 🤣 ur welcome