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Dolan Twins

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    We basically play charades but we look really stupid I guess bc we are tho
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    1. The Psychos _

      6:38 I’m crying 😭😭

    2. eva diaz

      Every single time I watch this I never fail to laugh-cry lmao

    3. eva diaz

      Their apartment neighbors must be like wtf y are they yelling sm

    4. Kim B

      0:40 graysons laugh 😍😍😍

    5. A for Ani

      who else actually kissed the like button ?😊😂😏😏

    6. Balaji Santhan

      ethan's a great actor tbh

    7. Panda X kh

      2:18 his dance tho

    8. shrek

      6:36 he looks like a fish HAHAHAHA LMAO

      1. Grace Jiang

        shrek maybe Gray looks like a fish because he ate too many goldfish. Now he’s got a animal that he represents like Ethan does! Graybae= fish Eteeweetee= turtle Weird because they both belong in the ocean 🌊 😂😂😂💕

    9. Delia Enya

      omg this is the funniest shit i've ever seen :)))

    10. Jaylynn Lee

      tell meee the at name im to young for twitter

    11. Arianna N M

      @ 6:36 literally momo is SHOOK

    12. heyyitshayleyy

      appendicitis dolan lmfao

    13. Monia Nani

      They can make good wolverine ethan d hair and appearance gray d aggression

    14. chafai amina

      4:30 im-

    15. Edits For Kiera

      1:55 💀😂

    16. Dance_life_ Hockey girl

      7:00 “I don’t have abs cause I eat so many goldfish” -Grayson Dolan

    17. Machiato Pineda

      ethan: can u pick me up? grayson: *picks him up* 😍😍 soooo cute!!

    18. Ræna Grace

      In the intro they said “person” 12 times 😂😂

    19. Lyliana Petrova

      2:18 😂😂👌🏼

    20. Emily V

      I miss Grayson’s floppy hair...😔✊

    21. Paris Goss

      I love their laughs during this😂 2019 anyone? ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

    22. Sparshita Sahu

      Who ever had the name @dolandancemoves deserves an award because we saw an amazing dance 😂

    23. Alivia Care

      sees 6:35, screams

    24. Lily heckenberg

      Ethan so good at this omg 🤣🤣🤣🤣

    25. Kawaii Potato Queen

      that tan line tho

    26. Lily heckenberg

      I love how Ethan tried to pick Grayson up 🤣

    27. kookoo kakak

      take a shot everytime they say @name

    28. WhereAreTheFreshAvacados

      "werewolf dolan" 😂

    29. Cristal Landaverde

      Ethan is the dumb one by the video where they see which twin is the smart one remember

    30. Millan Sisters

      Hey just wandering Is it just me or if Grayson is broling at 6:19

    31. Katy Sue TV

      aPpEnDiCiTiS DoLaN

    32. Alexa Rodriguez

      1:55 me when my teacher explains what a condom is

    33. Emma Xo

      What did Ethan change greysons @ to?

    34. savanna ryniker

      Omfg appendicitisdolan😂💀😂💀😂💀😂💀😂💀 IM FREAKING DYING TBH😂

    35. Melissa Garbade

      Go n

    36. tejaswi dharmesh

      5:50 that face will always be iconic

    37. Melis Isik


    38. Jolene the bean

      6:36 makes me die every single time 😂😂

    39. Lydia D.

      2:32 hhahaa the most fantastic moment😂😂😂😂😂

    40. Katy Sue TV

      Grayson 🙏 is 🙏 not🙏 dumb🙏

    41. Ashley

      5:50 🤣🤣

    42. Celina Le

      6:33 - 6:42 is the funniest 😂😂😂😂😂

    43. • âløhâ kâli •

      @spankmegrayson wtf 😂

    44. Aisha Saleh


    45. Samantha Juarez

      I think Grayson won cause he's the one that guessed it

    46. Just Stop.

      Who’s here after they hit 10 million yay!!

    47. Ava Jo Marchesan

      I live in Australia so Dolan twins Tuesday’s are actually Dolan twins Wednesday’s

    48. Crazy Tube

      anyone here in 2019 and wants to know what his @ name is?? one.......okay

    49. Jenny Rollins

      Ethan: “This is not fair, Grayson is just stupid.” Also Ethan: wins the challenge

    50. Peyton Elliott

      Grayson: *shows abs* Also Grayson: “i don’t have any abs right now cause i eat so many goldfish!”