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    1. Yusuf aydın

      I agree this makes no sense

    2. Booti

      I still remember this era of GEsels.

    3. YSX dark

      Why do he look like that

    4. RainMan :D

      "be family friendly"

    5. Lennon Thomas

      You know there's a video that I saw I think it's been demonetised it was called Mickey Mouse rapes (ropes but you get the idea I watched it it's literal rape without nudity just a door with stop it and let me go with bubbles with those words in) Minnie Mouse

    6. wait wut?

      Omg dancing mermaid Mickey Mouse my little pony makeup suicide killed by hair strand is sooooo good

    7. The dog puked in your sock drawer

      That mouse fetus thing has scarred me for life. Good job, Fun Kids Smile

    8. Snoc the eggnog Extras

      Perfect finger

    9. aysun topuz

      Title: Minnie mouse pregenant suffering suicide Comments: the best cartoon ever!!!🍏🍇🥦🥜🥦🥦🥕🍋🥒🥬🍇🍠🍳🤨😔😬😕🧐🙂🙃😝😜😔🌺🌸🌷🌹🌷🌺

    10. Call meh izzy YT

      *perfect finger*

    11. Yeetimis Maximis

      0:18 if you look closely at their banner mickey is dressed as spider man *SNEAK 100*

    12. reverse 15

      i just realized what he meant by the perfect finger comment omg

    13. Taqueria Cinco De Mayo

      Nobody: The crappy Mickey Mouse kids:almost die in an explosion that killed 500 people The crappy Mickey Mouse parents: *laughs* you dumb sh#ts need to be careful next time Also the kids:but it was that... Me:*softly* don’t or you won’t get out alive next time🤫

    14. Zahra Syed

      That channel ur telling us about should be on new and should be a debate

    15. Chara Dreemurr


      1. ღ Rainycat ღ


    16. Guest Boi

      This is brother finger 👦🏻 HEY! YOU LOOKED AT THE MIDDLE FINGER!

    17. Shrek Jesus

      Imagine all of the r/youngpeopleyoutube comments in all of the videos.

    18. VexialHexOfficial

      next vids are: mickey mouse baby has war flashbacks from the Vietnam war! mickey mouse baby dies in hiroshima nuke! And mickey mouse dies in 9/11!

      1. Harry Foley

        VexialHexOfficial or Mickey Mouse babie abducted into concentration camp by Thomas the tank engine! Or Mickey Mouse babie dead in ww3 bomb! Caused by crackhead goofy!

    19. Teabasu OwO

      Fuck This Video -- > 2:11

    20. Willboy tom

      It’s the Mickey Mouse club house come in side is suicide it’s the Mickey Mouse clubhouse

    21. The noob-e YouTuber 444

      If all kids videos are “educational” then what is school used for?

    22. Raquel Garcia

      F**k you fun kids smile

    23. W0RSER _

      I have trypanophobia and 2:06 just hurts idk Lol

    24. poopy peeper

      micky mouse babie dead in gas explosion is my favorite video, wym?

    25. Erased Radiation.

      Goofy: *baby delivery looking like a fighting move* Me: (silently thinking of a jojo stand punching the shit out of something)

    26. Legendary Noob

      He is gay | V

    27. Mamba The King of LA

      *Miky mouse Cries over Dead babie and Minnie kills him*

    28. Los tres chiflados AAC

      Parent: Hey what are you a wachting? Kid: *Minnie Mouse Pregnant Suicide and it's really fun.*

    29. Puggy Campany

      this is actually disgusting not gonna lie

    30. Dio

      I hate family friendly crap

    31. vomit the pirate

      I'm surprised there isn't a video called *baby*

    32. I don't have a darn name UwU

      Those kind of videos creep me out *LITERALLY.*

    33. Drew ARCP

      GTA is more family friendly than these videos

    34. naeem Fraser

      Why even are people watching yhis

    35. Scp Furry Wolf


    36. Sphinx_games

      Micky and his mandem

    37. Harrison Korotki

      Mickey saville 🤣

    38. buster b

      So funny 🤣😅⚘🌹🥀😏😰 for kids 🥵🙁🤢😒😞😥😫😂😔😡😣😐🌽👏👌👉💧🤬🤺🖕💦😀

    39. Millicent Blair


    40. Rocket Airsoft

      RATED R GEsels VIDEO OF A HOW TO How to out pizza the hut

    41. A C

      It me o t

    42. Bloopy McScooty

      oH nO

    43. Lea Soliman

      Once a i saw a video and the thumbnail was himkio toga which is a anime villain doing sex with deku both of them were characters from my hero academia

    44. The FBI

      People only care about sex and not the child in these these videos and even reality. YOU HAVE SEX TO GIVE BIRTH TO A CHILD IDIOT

    45. XWinterXZ

      I laughed

    46. April Tran

      I think I watched Minnie Mouse Girlfriend Pregnant Suffering Suicide when I was five.

    47. Seth Swallow

      Sees thumbnail These are already gonna be weird

    48. Nightmare Studios

      What is that stupid gore shit fucking video???

    49. Steven Perez

      Just relized that the first villain was dressed like chucke cheese why give chucke cheese a bad reputation

    50. Logan Matechuk

      I was very hesitant when I saw the thumbnail

    51. ImATaco213 -

      Those titles sound like jaystation titles

    52. Krisztina Dommer

      Mom mom mom! Can we watch Mickey Mouse dies deadly shot please

    53. Kazimierz Święcicki

      Name of the game?

    54. ollikolli 708

      what can i say WTF

    55. Aisha RADWAN

      Omg forget Netflix I this is entertainment and for free I can’t wait to see Minnie Mouse suicide while cheating on Mickie mouse gas explosions kidnapping children ( for kids)

    56. i dont care hi

      2:42 gift thick

    57. Windows 8

      The Thumbnail tho And Also Coppa ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) But boi WHY WAS THIS IN MY RECOMMENDATIONS

    58. Niko Kowalik

      My sister liked to watch this when she was younger ;-;

    59. Sophia Miuccio

      And memeulous the funny part is my three year old cousin actually watches some of these smh😂

    60. toby Vlogs en GAMES

      this is stinky gesels.info/video/video/eNyXf5Hal2qfxXc.html