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    We're phobic about small holes, tight spaces, and chewing so watch us face it I guess?
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    1. Caleigh Stander

      I'm claustrophobic and have a phobia of elevators

    2. Hannah Sheridan

      How's is Ethan going to have sex???

    3. Mel. Aguilera

      My stomach started hurting on the first phobia

    4. Mel. Aguilera

      Trypaphobia grosses me out

    5. Anna Herrera

      I also have trypophobia, and I freaked out during most of the video.

    6. Amber Creech

      Ethen could have KILLED Gray from the cooler and it’s not funny and don’t leave a hate comment plz I am just a little kid.

    7. Chantal Mateo

      The ending killed me more than the video

    8. victoria flores

      I'm claustrophobic

    9. isabella cortez

      *when u have to skip half the video cause u have really bad trypophobia*

    10. Maggie Wilkinson

      9:30, ethan still doesn't fuck with that dairy

    11. Lucy Luffingham

      Ethan has trypophobia but the coach has little holes on

    12. McLaren Booth

      I have all three phobias and this was so painful to watch

    13. Charls N

      Most uncomfortable video ever

    14. Yadira Nieves

      I have the same phobia

    15. Tamarie Mangum

      ASMR BTW

    16. EmsXoXo

      Grayson is hot asf, lol I’ll meet em one day

    17. Rachel Bowers

      I have mesophonia. For me, it’s metal objects scrapping against things. Ex: fork scrapping against teeth, plate, pottery, etc.

    18. Liv Eisenhauer

      I just realized that Grayson could have gotten his claustrophobia from being stuck in his mom’s belly for 20 min without Ethan. I love you guys!!!💜💜💜

    19. Miranda Wells

      I can’t believe he puked 🤢

    20. Nevaeh Hyson

      ethan if you read this, you're not the only one that hates people chewing I started crying and threw my laptop because of his chewing.

    21. Claire Lindy

      The only reason Ethan threw up was because he was gagging himself

    22. Claire Lindy

      Does Ethan have a problem with the purple couch

    23. Janiaya Shinglette

      Honestly he’s not over exaggerating cause my phobia is trypophobia and I react the exact same way

    24. Diamond Brandon

      18:40 anyone trying to describe me

    25. Delilah Hernandez

      What about the microphone🤣💀

    26. Marta Elena Olivas Zubia

      Im trypophobic

    27. xX_SoLuxy_Xx 1

      I hate looking a honeycombs, I got really uncomfortable

    28. Nakiera Hughes

      I was ok until the feet

    29. ThatGirl

      Literally felt like crying when Grayson was in that box

    30. Servhin Aparici

      Greyson sorry if I spelled his name wrong, but at 4:49 he said, it’s an urchin............. urchins don’t have holes on them. They have spikes on them....... like if you agree, it would make me feel better because my grandma past away 😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😭😭😭😭

    31. T 2 fly

      I'm trypaphobic and claustrophobic too😭

    32. Grace Linnett

      That someone is me

    33. Lola Cherry

      6:24 Ethan: Holyy Me: hahah whole- ly

    34. Isabelle Grigg

      If he has Trypophobia is he scared of The purple coach 🤔

      1. Erinn Engels

        Omg I was thinking about that to

    35. BOSS !

      I have trypophobia as Well I hate it

    36. Lenia Pratt

      i have trypophobia and i iterally die

    37. Dalvin Luzon

      Claustrophobic gang

    38. Grace McKee


    39. Jj Bob

      I have four phobias fear of snakes, fear of spiders, fear of heights,and mesophonia

    40. Bayla Greenwood

      I have all of Ethans fears and a fear of being lost and a fear of being in a room with a lot of people

    41. Fred Donkers

      9:08 Ethan: that’s okay to you? Grayson: it’s just peanut butter with fucking holes in it😂

    42. Lexy Homes

      I have phobias of spiders, red lights, being lost, mesophonia, and some more. This video was very uncomfortable😂🥵

    43. Becca Van Tongeren

      this video made me trypophobic.

    44. Fresh Fries

      I have all these phobias lol 😂

    45. Fresh Fries

      My Trypophobia is really bad i get light headed and then i pass out 😐

    46. Aqua Unicorn

      I have spiderphobipar and I’m clostaphobic


      7:58 on replay 2019 😂😂😂😂😂

    48. Mary Braun

      Is Ethan afraid of Braille

    49. Jana Hume

      Thats funnny

    50. Sara Unicorn

      I am afraid of small places to literally every time for no reason i got anxiety