Dolan Twins

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    Yeah we play hide and seek still
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    1. Emory Hall

      casper is a whole mood

    2. Freya

      “I keep thinking I found him but it’s just you” - Caspar 😂

    3. Balaji Santhan

      grayson won a challenge for the first time

    4. Balaji Santhan

      casper is such a mood

    5. hehe army

      whats up guys, WE'rE bAcK!!!😂😂

    6. sienna ang


    7. Ariii _Peters

      He said sum: *"which one are you"* ...oh your grayson😂😂

    8. Allie Benson

      1:40 I thought he said I have a dick I was like ofc u do

    9. Ella Beckwith

      how am I only seeing this now..

    10. Lexi Garza

      Both twins

    11. nana the robot

      caspar running is me in gym class 2 minutes in

    12. Molly Havens

      Is it just me or does Caspar look like Louis Tomlinson from one direction??

    13. Riley Hataway

      2:03 gray is soo cute

    14. Elizabete

      "which one are u?" *Looks at Grayson's ears* "Ah, Grayson" Such a mooooood

    15. Boka Stark

      5:04 Grethan confirmed

    16. Maddie Hall

      0:05 holyyyyyyy 0:37 4:07 4:41

    17. Rayann Joyner

      0:38 is so me😂😂

    18. caspar annoying the twins for 7 minutes and 51 seconds straight

    19. Savanna Malm

      5:26 “ this is like a horror movie i don’t know why i’m so nervous but i have two idiots coming for me” i’m dying 😂😂😂😂

    20. Dorian Flores

      Casper: wait which one are you * looks at earring * Casper: oh Grayson

    21. dessire ddolan

      2:45 Grayson looks so beautiful and 6:47 Ethan looks so beautiful 😍

    22. Kalli Tiedt

      Anyone else think Gray looks like a whole FOUR COURSE MEAL in the vid

    23. Drayasmiles Lynch

      0:40 ....that was soooo gay Casper!!

    24. Finn W.

      Grayson looks extra fine in this video

    25. Abby Hutzell

      My brother walked up behind me as I was watching your vids and he said there so gay. So me being me I said yeah they have had children not realizing what I said

    26. Moises Diazbarriga


    27. Moises Diazbarriga

      EXTREME HIDE AND SEEK ft. Casper Lee

    28. Moises Diazbarriga


    29. Nelly jean

      this was the most random collab like casper lee and the twins lmfao i still love it doe so lmao

    30. Maddie Taylor

      Why was Grayson so beautiful in this vid 🥵

    31. First Noel

      2019 anyone?

    32. It’z Steph J

      Is it werid Grayson looked really good going down that pole

    33. Leah Pearllove

      I don't like Caspar. He acts like a 10 year old

    34. Nina Thurnell

      he’s six years older than them, how are they 17 here?!

    35. Hannah DeSilva

      1:18 me watching them for the first time

    36. Hannah Million

      2:48 Grayson’s eyes 😍😍😍

    37. Izz Tanii

      am i the only one who heard "i have a d***" at 1:41 heheh

    38. Who Cares

      I love grayson and ethan!!! The most appreciative, grounded, sweet, adorable and funniest youtubers!

    39. Jade Dudley

      Grayson has 2 moles on his face and Ethan has 1

    40. Olivia [] Besson [] Dolan

      1:18 which one are you? Oh- your Grayson

    41. Oprah Winfrey

      Pretending to take a photo of someone else then flipping it onto selfie mode like 6:32

    42. Bagus Alfarizky

      Why casper lee look like autism or idiots people

    43. Marie Moore


    44. Aaliyah Khan

      “I wanna get punished by 2 twins” Me to Casper,me to

    45. Dwwweee Twwweee

      Omg they were 17...... holy shit

    46. Ashley Renee

      “i want to get punished by two twins, wait you’re 17..... sorry” 😂😂😂

    47. Jimi Furman

      Casper is meeeee

    48. Klara Bilan

      2:45 omg Gray is so cute kdkndksksk

    49. Crap Bag

      5:06 ok grethan I see u

    50. Immy King

      When they pull the green screen out, the green parts of Grays top goes invisible because it matches it!!!